Sunday, May 6, 2018

Another Gem Out There

This one on ruck march training by JCD over at Mason Dixon Tactical.
Getting from point “A” to point “B” with a heavy load on your back, has been a requirement for everyone from the military and hunters, to hikers and refugees. Understanding how to do this as efficiently as possible, is in and of itself an art form, and you can usually tell who’s been doing it for a while, and definitely, who has not! In the end, you just “Gotta suck it up and do it.” because no one is gonna carry it for you, right?
There have been plenty of good suggestions across the blogosphere on everything from the correct way to pack your gear, to ways to get yourself to the point you want to be at, from a physical fitness standpoint.

We'll get there. At any rate, you'll see this material again.
There's a reason MDT is on the "recommend" list of training over in the top of the right column.

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