Saturday, May 19, 2018

Operation Un-Person

h/t Old NFO

Under the expediency argument that "Something Must Be Done!", we note that the correct approach is that the correct "Something" must be done.

There seems to be some misguided sentiment for infringing on the First Amendment, by passing legislation to forbid the naming of mass murderers in every new shooting spree.

Sorry, but that idea's a First Amendment hard stop.

(It'll also be thrown out of federal and/or state court on its ass so hard and fast the first time it's brought there, it won't even hit the steps on the way to the street.)

The correct answer is for the president, every member of the Cabinet, and the entire Republican caucus in both houses of Congress, to start chastising the media out loud and at length for dancing in the blood of children, and glorifying mass murderers.

Rub their noses in it until they finally get sick of hearing it, and stop doing it.

Make it the #YouToo movement.

If the White House also started yanking press credentials and access from non-compliant agencies over this, Sarah Sanders' daily briefings would get awfully lonely.

If the press wants to martyr themselves over glorifying murderers, let them do it, and hand them the nails and hammer to begin pounding their representatives onto their own crosses.

Trump & Co. going after the media is a win-win, for him, in perpetuity.

It's an easy rule: mention the name once after the first 12 hours, (you want the name out initially, so they don't try hiding black/Muslim/anyone else's f**ktard culpability, but once that's established, that's it) or show their picture - anyone anywhere in your organization - and you go to press Siberia in perpetuity. Like there aren't 4000 other organizations waiting in line for every open seat at the WH Press Room.

They will police themselves in about a minute, and shut up so fast it'd leave skidmarks.

Call it Operation Un-Person.
George Orwell would be proud.
Shooters would go down a permanent memory hole in a New York Minute.

Game over.

And it's not a law, it's simply government policy.

The media is free to disregard it. And wind up out on the curb, looking through the fence, while they get scooped forever by their colleagues, who will knife each other in the back for a byline or headline since ink and paper became a thing.

And then, once and for all, rescind the asinine federal Gun-Free School Zone nonsense, forever, and restore the Second Amendment to being the inviolable law of the land.

Schools will stop being victims when they stop being federally-mandated volunteers for the privilege.

IDGAF if Texas lets teachers pack .44 magnums, while NYFC puts cops into the schoolhouses; both approaches will suffice to end the bullshit.

When these murderous motherfuckers start getting shot in the face in 0.2 seconds, shooting up a school will become about as popular as trying to shoot up a police station, or an NRA meeting.


Dan said...

There are some 20,000 laws on the books in America that are in DIRECT VIOLATION of the Second Amendment. I won't lose any sleep at all if we pass ONE LAW that makes it illegal for the media whores to publicize the name of spree/mass killers.

Lets call it a bargaining chip.....if they want us to respect THEIR 1A rights then ALL THOSE LAWS in violation of the Second Amendment go POOF and disappear. Sounds fair.....I mean after all, it's not as if the commie left actually BELIEVES in the concept of rights or ever intended to obey ANY PART of the Bill Of Rights.

Aesop said...

I see.
So now, two wrongs would make a right?

And once you've become what you hate, how does one reclaim their forfeited character?

If there's no difference between us and the "other side", there aren't two sides.

"We had to burn the Constitution to save it" simply will never play in Peoria.

Tactless Wookie said...

While I agree completely with the desire to enact what you suggest. I just don't see Trump and Co. Or the RINO led GOP bothering to do anything to fix this.

I really would love to see it all happen. Jim ASScosta sitting on a bench along Pennsylvania Ave would be spectacular.

But I can dream.

CW Buff said...

Although I certainly agree wth you, the problem with your proposal starts early in your assessment with, "the president, every member of the Cabinet, and the entire Republican caucus in both houses of Congress."

After all the chances they have had to actively support Constitutionally guaranteed rights and have failed to do so, it is obvious they are all complicit in the problem....

CW Buff out...

Glenda T Goode said...

The problem with this idea is that there is so much media already stored out there that presents every school mass shooting event that has happened in the last 20 years. There are even movies about it.

I agree that it is the media that is making schools unsafe for students. It is not the lack of gun laws. As has been said a million times, a person who is intent on causing violence will find what ever it is they need to do just that. Laws do not stop gun crime incidents. If they did, there are plenty enough on the books already so that we should not have them anymore.

Every time media does its imitation of a piranha swarm around a mass murder firearm incident those who are the most active in our society in terms of online activity; a.k.a. teenagers; are there to suck up every little tidbit of gossip, theories,falsehoods and occasionally facts. We are not the target of the media frenzy; the young impressionable minds are.

This war upon the very fundamental fabric of our nation is not aimed at a specific right. It is a calculated process of bending and twisting and erasing various portions of those things that make America the nation that it is. By whittling away at the fabric, eventually the nation will fall apart.

James M Dakin said...

Of course, any easy solution would be to yank your kid out of school. A lot of folks with bigger balls than us fought for home schooling and died for it. You can at least honor their sacrifice by voting with your feet and taking advantage of the new permissiveness. But, you are not going to do this because Bitches Be Independent and it is better to work than care for your children and school is a day care you already pay for. Teach your daughter to sacrifice her future children for the corporate good. Hell, she can vote for more illegals so she gets paid even less for being a crappy mother. People be retarded, yo.

Aesop said...


IDC about what happened last month or last year.
The point is to end it going forward.
Cut off the supply of media attention, and you'll lower media whoring motivations, to N>0 certainty.
It breaks no laws, costs nothing, picks no one's pocket, nor breaks their legs.
It just breaks a big broomstick up the media's collective tailpipe, and attaches a penalty cost for their brainless virtue-signaling.
Stupid should hurt.
Start throwing agencies out of the White House for this nonsense, and they'll stop doing it, at the speed of light.

That's been the power of the presidency since Teddy Roosevelt coined the phrase "bully pulpit".

You spank the kids you catch, pour encourager les autres, not to achieve perfection.

Dan said...

Got a newsflash for you Aesop....the Constitution is dead.
It's been dead for a LONG TIME. I believe the ONLY "right"
the government hasn't savaged is the third
know...the one about quartering soldiers in homes. And if
they decided to park a platoon in your guest bedroom you
can bet your ass they wouldn't let a little old thing like
an Amendment stop them. You are acting as if the rules matter.
In fact the GOP/Right/Conservatives have been making that mistake
for DECADES.....playing by the rules. And then wondering why the
hell the commie left has been successfully destroying freedom for
all those decades. And I'll tell you why. Because to the left
there is ONLY ONE RULE. JUST WIN BABY. As long as we play by
the rules and they don't WE LOSE! ALWAYS. FOREVER.

Aesop said...

If you're pining for anarchy, for which I have no use whatsoever, then you've come to the wrong shop.

(I won't even undertake to dismantle the myriad wrongs in what you so compactly mis-diagnose and misinterpret.)

If anyone's entire philosophy is that of Al Davis, they should expect the welcome actual pirates and brigands have always gotten since the dawn of time. And the same end as well.

And lacking anyone's example of acting on that philosophy, I submit that even your own heart doesn't practice what you preach, nor believe what you express, as does no one else's either, save the truly sociopathic.

The world has already had a kakistocracy ruled by nothing but selfishness and sociopathy once. Most of it ended on ropes outside Nuremburg circa 1946.

Because when it comes down to it, no one fights to the death solely for anarchy.
When you kill the rules, you kill yourself, and any cause you would advance.
There are things in the world greater than mere men, and have ever been.

Meantime, I've you've found something better than the Constitution, by all means, lay it out for all to see.

To date, no one's been able to come close, not once, not by within miles, but there's always the bare statistical chance that someone out there is wiser than the aggregate wisdom of 150 or so of the greatest political philosophers in the history of the world, to date.

Put up or shut up, is how I believe the traditional challenge to that sort of assertion goes.

Because if one can't top it, anything offered must, of necessity, be a second-rate object than the genuine article.

Good luck to anyone shilling for that.