Friday, May 18, 2018

Leftism Is A Mental Disease

h/t Gun Free Zone

If you think you're going to argue and reason them out of this position, which they did not argue and reason themselves INTO in the first place,

rather than eventually have to end up shooting them in the face, I have a bridge to sell you.

We're dealing with madness in rabid dogs.
That always ever has only one recourse, of unfortunate necessity.

What you tell yourself at night, to get to sleep, is your business.
Cold daylight realities are liable to be another matter entirely, unless contrary to all available evidence, they start shaking off their rabid delusions for good. As it is, they show every sign of wanting to stay rabid, right up until the Ultimate Surprise about the community's sensibilities crosses their mind at about 3000fps.

Now do you understand the last two years? Getting the picture yet??


Anonymous said...

Oh, I think I understand the last two years; they are a Gift From God. I really thought these last two might be the Last Two. I hope I've used the time well.
Every day that we haven't gone hot has been a gift. I hope tomorrow is one as well; if not...well I guess we'll see who wins.
I aim to misbehave if necessary. I expect it will be.
Boat Guy

brinster said...

Keeps getting worse, doesn't it? Would they have preferred Trump calling MS-13 pieces of dog excrement? THAT would be calling them less than animals. The fuse, as long as it once was, is getting shorter rapidly.

Anonymous said...

Calling MS-13 animals is an insult to animals. They do some heinous shit. They are pure evil and it ought to be an open season with no bag limit.