Sunday, May 6, 2018

ENOUGH! I Repeat: Fire The Sonofabitch, For Cause...

(MORDOR ON THE POTOMAC) According to Sara Carter, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes revealed Sunday that Congress will hold Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt for refusing to turn over classified information the committee has requested, he stated in a phone interview with Fox and Friends.
If Dopey Jeff cannot or will not gain control over a longtime rogue law-breaking cabinet agency, it's time for Pres. Trump to call him into the Oval Office, and tell him point blank "You're fired!", for contempt of Congress, and actionable and prosecutable violations of law.

Ideally, he should do it at a press briefing in front of the assembled media, and announce at the same time that he's firing every Obozo left-over and deep state foot-dragger at DoJ at the same time, and then start with the most senior official left, now the acting AG, and keep tossing them out until he finds one that will follow orders, gain control of the department, and restore the rule of law to the Swamp. And arresting everyone culpable for the ongoing fiasco there since time out of mind. Gitmo is nearly empty, last I heard, but putting up tents inside a chain link pen on the National Mall or in Lafayette Park guarded by federal marshals would do as well.

NLT 9AM EDT tomorrow morning.

There was a time when I would have countenanced shuffling Big Ears over to run ICE or something similar, but this sort of half-stepping in the face of outright treason and law-breaking requires he be dismissed, publicly, rapidly, and with extreme prejudice.

If we're looking for candidates to fill the vacancy, Anthony Napolitano doesn't seem to be doing much these days, and Ann Coulter's been out of federal service for a while, but I'm sure she could slip right back into an assistant AG role like a duck taking to water.

It would be worth it just to see the sheer panic on the morning talking heads shows next week. The line for people turning state's evidence would be three-times-around-the-Justice-Department-block long by Wednesday morning.

If that suddenly puts hundreds to thousands of long-time hack DoJ lawyers on the streets unemployed, or even all of them, and puts the fear of God, the president, and the rule of the people and respect for the written law back into the hearts of any survivors and potential successors, it would be one of the greatest blows for liberty by any sitting president for a century in either direction of time.

Pres. Trump should then order the acting AG to direct special prosecutor Mueller to show cause for the direction of his investigation, explain and release any information leading him to believe there is anything indicating an articulable actual crime within the actual scope of his designated mission has been committed, and inevitably failing that test, should then be compelled to explain publicly why he should not be released for long-standing, deep, and intractable conflicts of interest in any such case, going back to before Day One.

His pending status as a co-defendant in the Uranium One caper would probably give him other things to worry about in short order anyways.

Then he too should be discharged for cause, and the endless and pointless slow-step witch hunt ended immediately.

There is one chief executive in this government, and it is not the bureaucracy at the DoJ, nor is it a political hack trying to birth a functional national coup d'etat into being, slobberingly and breathlessly aided and abetted by the Democrat PR wing, also known as the national press.

The fastest way to do that is also the correct one.
Start swinging the axe, and collecting heads.

Announcing the indictments of everyone violating the law at the Clinton Foundation, starting with Felonia von Pantsuit herself, Shrillary, can wait until Tuesday. Then they can seize all its assets immediately under the RICO Act. There's enough on the record regarding her serial felonies to keep her indicted and in jail or court right up until the pending but inevitable conviction for multiple felonies, including but not limited to compromising national security, official corruption, and potentially treason. 80/20 Fat Bill goes down for good to, and Chelsea is probably going to be doing time in a jumpsuit as well for receiving stolen goods. So much for the First Family Of Crime. Benedict Arnold was getting lonely in the Museum of Treason, so that outcome should boost future tourism there.

(Then we can start on reforming the DoD, and so-called "military justice", WRT traitors and deserters. I expect a lot of the JAG Corps in all services will be similarly and unexpectedly unemployed after being cashiered, probably following courts martial, in batches.)

If the Demoncrats don't like the facts of the 2016, they can run someone again in 2020.
Until then, treason and sedition should be treated as such, and law-breakers should be rounded up and tried in batches, and fed into the same legal machine into which they would cheerfully feed the president, feet-first, an inch at a time, and have attempted top do non-stop since the morning of November 9, 2016. 

Inevitably, the media lapdogs of the DNC will start yapping about the Monday Morning Massacre. That's fine. Have Sarah Sanders start pulling press passes, kick them the f*ck out of the White House proper, and let them file reports from the Ellipse outside, in perpetuity. Washington D.C.'s usual heat and humidity are lovely in the summer, and they would have a chance to interact with the pubic, not least of which the homeless and some of the shadier residents of color with long legal history with the local authorities, for which the District is so famous.
The press getting egged and pelted with rotten produce daily by tourists would be an ancillary bonus worth its weight in gold. And it would free up the vacated space for re-opening the indoor pool under the former Press Briefing Room.

It's time to cut the bullshit, and restore the country to the rule of law, a standard of behavior so long absent from the capitol as to seem an idea foreign to American government.

Drain the goddamn swamp!


Phil said...

Right this minute there are over 25,000 sealed indictments waiting to see the light of day,with more coming.

It will be very interesting to see what they hold.

Aesop said...

Unseal them, serve them, and begin the round-ups.
One year sentence reduction for every co-conspirator you roll over on, except for anyone at the SES-level or above.

Tactless Wookie said...

I cannot tell you how much I pray for what you've outlined Aesop. Sadly I think the swap is too deep and the creatures too strong. I genuinely hope I am wrong. I'm not going to hold my breath. Instead I am hardening my life, my soul and my preps. Your recent postings are ringing loud and clear in my world.

God bless. Pass the ammunition.

The Gray Man said...

Trump's been in office for almost a year and a half. He's over 1/3 through his first term. It's time for the draining to explode into the forefront of politics and for the backstage workings and setting-up to be complete. If they're not ready to really get it started now, then they never will be.

Holder. Lynch. Jarret. Abedin. Podesta. Etc. Etc. Etc. They're all as free and clear as they would be if Hillary had been elected. And of course, we don't seem to be any closer to going after that bitch.

I'm not going to pretend like I predicted the future of every cabinet member Trump picked, but I will say that I was underwhelmed from the beginning with the Sessions pick for AG. If Trump was planning on draining the swamp, then would he not want a bulldog for an AG? Sessions isn't one, and he never has been.

I hear a lot of people saying to trust Trump, and that there is some sort of 4D Chess going on behind the scenes, and to that I say "BS". Behind the scenes crap is why we are where we are in the first place. It's time for the most transparent administration in history to be exposed for the opaque shit show it was. If Sessions can't do that, which I suppose he can't because he recused himself from defending against the main Deep State attack, then he needs to go. Get an AG who can stomach the fight.

Get Trey Gowdy. He's basically powerless in Congress. He sits at his bench and hoots and yells at the government scum they parade in front of him, but at the end of the day, he's got no power. The Justice Department has POWER. Put Gowdy in charge of the DoJ and let's see what he can do. Could he do less than Sessions? Is it possible to do less than nothing?

MMinWA said...

Gowdy is part and parcel of the Swamp. Until Rudy's recent mumblemouth horseshit, I would've liked to see him as AG. But now? I don't know. Napolitano has always come across as articulate, I like him. One bulldog that would send shivers down a whole lotta spines is Joe DeGeneva. He's got the cred and experience.

You couldn't be anymore succinct when you say there is one person that is Chief Executive. If acting like he is the Man is gonna give a bunch of REgressives the vapors, too fucking bad.

One thing is for certain, well two, there ain't gonna be another chance like this, so get to it President Trump and once you do, you are a liplock for 2020 and the midterms are in the bag.

loren said...

I live in a remote corner of the US and it feels like 1965 here. When I leave and have to interact with the folks at a major airport it's a different world. Libtards say it's "what America looks like now." Like that's a good thing. Surveillance, security, fat, obnoxious no with 75 IQ's.
Think we're screwed big time and it's only a matter of time till it all comes tumbling down. Trump is just delaying it a bit and none of us will change a damn thing.
Buy ammo and stay away from crowds.

Anonymous said...

Ain't gonna happen Aesop.
I wish it would, but the swamps too deep.
I was hoping Sessions was just playing 4D chess and waiting for the right timing (around the election cycle, maybe?), but the elections can and will be won this year by Trumps accomplishments alone.

brinster said...

The 30,000 deleted or missing emails seem to have disappeared from conversation. I think those emails are so incriminating,and so heinous that the government would have to reopen Alcatraz to accommodate that drunken fat broad. A corner cell with a no-view.

watsonrg said...

DOJ's IG report was said to be released in January. Then february. Then March. Then April. Then May.

Tick tock.

Papa said...

Sessions acts like a timid, proper, unassertive, old man.
He's fixated on weed smokers while Swamp creatures run amok.
His inaction doesn't seem to be part of the 4D MAGA chess plan.
He is ether a timid old far, or part of Swamp Inc.
I lean more towards him being an old far isolated in an office.