Friday, January 12, 2018

Good Question

Trump 2020. BFYTW.
So, we've gone from a president who spent his first year in office calling America the shithole, to one who puts that shoe on the right foot.
I'm looking for a downside.



MMinWA said...

Legitimate question-WTF good are millions of low IQ, low or no skilled people? Why do they merit more then yaknow, actual citizens?

I especially like how when you think REgressives can't have even more hair on fire, it spreads to their armpits.

froginblender said...

Trump said what we all think, but some of us -- knowing that as replaceable cubicle drones we would get fired for saying so -- rush to denounce the truth-teller, hoping to curry favor with the so-called elite.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. The U.S. cannot sustain unlimited population growth. The U.S. population in 1958 (60 years ago) was 175 million. We are close 330 million today, nearly double in population, with no increased land mass. More housing - infrastructure - roads - jobs - indigent care. Just MORE OF EVERYTHING.

There will always be a need somewhere in the world - the U.S. does not have the resources to accept EVERYBODY who wants to come here.

So how many is enough ?

Anonymous said...

Last Sunday, I told a lady in church, life is good. Every day I get to see the President yank the liberals chain. She, in turn, thought he isn't very Presidential at times. I told her what he says needs to be said.

loren said...

The one and only reason these places are shitholes is the people living in them. The only difference between some poor schmuck getting chopped and the guy chopping is who's currently on top. They then transfer that crap to us. Google Melbourne Australia and African gangs for a recent example. And we fucking not only don't learn but can't even talk about it.
Except for one guy. MAGA

Anonymous said...

The only potential downside is those jackass RINOs on the Hill possibly wheedling some kinda "deal" on amnesty. If they wanna shut down the IFG for a while; let them; nothing's gonna "stop" except possibly paychecks to guvmint droids.
Yes they come here BECAUSE their countries are shitholes; we need to send them back and see if they can do something differently. If so, great; if not, too bad.
We can sustain "population growth" if it means productive people having children. We can sustain immigration of talented, skilled, moral people who will contribute and most importantly do so legally - with a sponsor. We cannot and should NO LONGER accept an invasion of unskilled, semi(at best) literate criminals.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

A hundred years ago the US COULD (and did) take in large numbers of illiterate (at least in English) immigrants, there was LOTS of manual labor to be done, and no one cared what language the guy shoveling horse shit off the street spoke at home. They came here for opportunity. The important point was that the horse-shit-shoveler became AMERICAN, assimilated into the American society and took on American values. So the people who came here as adults wound up speaking English with an Italian/Norwegian/Spanish/Irish accent, THEIR children spoke with a Brooklyn accent. Most of the immigrants counted the day they became citizens among the proudest days of their lives. Oh, the horse-shit-shoveler? He didn't keep shoveling his entire life, pretty soon he started supervising the shovelers.

How do I know this? My grandfather came here from Norway as a boy, his first job was cleaning the toilets at the local ship yard, by the time he died he was the carpenter's foreman at the same ship yard. He and my grandmother raised ten children, all of whom went on to become productive citizens.

Mark D

Anonymous said...

What a difference a century makes. The most important point above is the "became AMERICAN" part. in those days we didn't have ballots translated into 23 languages; and we didn't "Press 2 for English". The other important distinction is that nearly all of THOSE immigrants were legal.
Until the Hero of Chappaquiddick turned our immigration laws on their head; we took in people who wanted opportunity, had skills and in nearly all cases have become and begot productive AMERICANS.
We still need those people. We don't need a permanent underclass selling their votes to the Party of Evil in exchange for "free shit" that WE pay for.

Anonymous said...

These "countries" will stop being considered shit holes when I see Americans lined up at their embassies applying to emigrate.


Jim Scrummy said...

Every day I wake up and have a smile on my face, knowing that many of my communist neighbors and supposed "co-workers" hate PDT. Life is freaking AWESOME!

James M Dakin said...

3:49 said it best. We have too many darn people. We can't let anymore in, regardless if they are parasites or top tier potential citizens. I'd recommend giving all illegals a free house in southern California, then giving the whole chunk back to Mexico. Probably southern Arizona too. And I have my doubts we need New Mexico. We can triage now, or we can let the Four Horsemen do it a bit from now. In Liberia open to paying immigrants? Might as well make some deficit spending worthwhile, besides enriching the Pentagon and the banksters.

George True said...

When some of my lefty co-workers started slamming Trump for being so 'mean' to 'immigrants', I hit them right between the eyes by asking them point blank : "Don't we have enough people here already?" It stopped most of them in their tracks. To the few who tried to respond with the usual PC boilerplate of 'having an obligation to help those looking for a better life' I simply repeated the same question, but slower, with each word emphasised : 'Don't. We. Have. Enough. People. Here. Already?" The only response this time was silence. In some cases their mouth was moving but with no sound coming out.

As for Presidebt Trump, as others have pointed out, he says things that most of us are thinking, but that no politician has the honesty and courage to say. And if he actually made that comnwnt or something like it, then I suspect he did it purposefully to stir the pot in order to get the conversation started amongst da peepul, and of course to play the MSM like a violin, which he does so adroitly.

Aesop said...

Why fuck up Califrutopia even worse than has been done for the last 50 years, James?

Why not gift all those states that made it a socialist paradise with a little payback?
Teddy Kennedy pushed IRCA of 1965 through, so let's send the MAssholes some love.
Marco Foolio and Lindsay Grahmnesty and John McCrazy want open borders, so let's send them some new arrivals to SC, FL, AZ.
Let's send TX their share because of LBJ and Dubbya.
AR gets some courtesy of the Clinton Crime Syndicate.
And it would be rude to overlook the role of WA, OR, NV, MN, NM, IL, NJ, CT, RI, DE, MD, and NFY in all this, so send them a horde or three too.
That's 18 and counting, just off the top of my head.

When you want to shut down all legal immigration for forty years, like we did in the past, and start forcibly deporting every single illegal from everywhere, and banning them from immigrating here for life, we can talk.

If we're going to carve out exceptions, my starting bottom limit would be a 110 IQ, $100K in assets, and English fluency, just to apply.

I'd probably make Alaska the designated sole port of entry and holding site until they achieved full citizenship.

Anyone who couldn't make it there for five years isn't US citizenship material, and oughta be shipped back where they came from.

The Gray Man said...

Mark my words, the outing of Trump's shithole statement won him a whole bunch of support from people who might not have supported him before.

My fairly liberal coworker agreed wholeheartedly with his statement.

loren said...

Grey Man
Yup, People continue to underestimate Trump. Thank God. Maybe, just maybe the swamp will get drained without AR's having to be racked.

MMinWA said...

Ahhhh, "Let's send TX their share because of LBJ and Dubbya."

You think we don't ALREADY have waaaaaay fucking more then our share? Surely you jest?

In the last 7 years, Texans have been the victim of felony level crimes of violence almost 700,000 times, REPORTED times that is, at the hands of illegals.

I do believe we're doing our part to keep the rest of the snowflakes safe(r) LBJ and W notwithstanding.

Aesop said...

MM, I feel ya, but realize I'm talking to people who don't get that currently, Assland, er Aztlan, seems to extend all the way into the Aztec tribal lands of New Hampshire and Minnesota, based on the demographics of illegal aliens just from Mehico.

Sometimes you have to rub the puppy's nose in the problem to get the point across. Mayor Vaughn from Jaws was an archtype: some folks can't grasp a problem until it swims up and bites them in the @$$.

lineman said...

Why should we give up anything...Like that has ever solved any of our past problems... They will just want more, parasites always do...