Monday, January 29, 2018

One, Two, Three, Four, I Declare A Meme War...

More thoughts after a great response to an earlier post at WRSA.

1) Thanks, CA, that was one of the best comments on the OP, and I’m glad you up-featured it.

2) mtnforge nailed this: It’s ALL agitprop.
That’s its entire reason for existence.
In the current hyper-politicized reality, agitprop is like money: there’s neither good nor bad, there’s simply agitprop that’s yours, and agitprop that’s not yours.
The goal is that everyday, “all your internetz are belong to us.”
Make the other side wish shitposting was never invented; then, hold their faces down in it awhile longer. Then tomorrow, do it again.

3) Work on quantity. The best way to learn is by doing it. Look at anyone. Learn from others’ mistakes, and steal winning TTPs from the masters.
In case no one told you, none of the renaissance master painters woke up one day and started cranking out masterpieces; they apprenticed by doing scut work for their betters for years, and learned to ape the best of the best. Then they surpassed them. The point is to make your mistakes, until you don’t make mistakes.

4) This is fun, not work. You’re kicking hippies in the mangina and cock-punching them. Smile, laugh, and let your Inner BFYTW out to play.

5) Commit to the comedy. Sometimes, something isn’t funny until you go way too far, then go farther. Bear in mind, sites like The Onion are getting their asses handed to them, because the reality of SJWs makes it harder and harder to parody them. The opposition is not only more bat-shit crazy than you imagine, they are more bat-shit crazy than you can imagine. 95% of what you think is a stretch today is something they’ll be doing with gusto on their own, next week, and unlike you, they’ll be serious.

6) Hit it and quit it. Take your shot, post it, forget about it, move on to the next one. If you nail it, you’ll find out quick enough. Your goal isn’t to make one Ferrari meme and bask in the glory, it’s to make a thousand Camry memes.

7) Pay attention to the ones that catch your (and everyone’s) eyes, because you keep seeing them. Take the same words and find a better picture. Or take a great picture, and find some better words.

8) I use Imgur, just because it was easy to jump in and get posting. use whatever works best for you.

9) Bonus: If you post a jpg or other item by linking, if someone pulls it from the internetz (because it’s sucking their bandwidth, or because they’re from a different political/social point of view) your image dies, and you get the black-x-box of death of a pic that doesn’t open. Ever.
If you save a great pic in your computer, then upload it to Imgur, it lives forever (as long as Imgur, or whoever) hosts your account. If you have a blog, the pics don’t go dark. If you want to re-use the image with different words, the original unadorned upload is always on your account page, ready for re-use.

10) Your goal is to make friends. And to make enemies. What happens, happens. But if someone agrees, you’re building momentum for your side.
And if someone’s head explodes, the time they’re getting all butthurt raw with you is time they’re not out butt-raping the republic, and pissing on something else. The people who write the most scathing comments are gold nuggets; treasure the fact that you made their ass all chapped.

11) Meatspace, meatspace, meatspace.
As the host here regularly notes.
See a great meme?
Created a great meme?
Welcome to the tech revolution: Make that thing your new color handbill.
Or postcard. Or sticker. Or bumperstriker.
Take it out for a walk.
Be Deplorable, dammit: Put it places you shouldn’t.
Print things – like Bracken’s Quiz, above, on postcard sized cards.
Mail them to the local branch of Deep State. The mail is the message.
Everybody from your mailbox to the person who gets it reads it.
(Don’t lick the stamp, use a sponge. Unless you want your DNA in a federal
Too cheap to get a stamp?
Go to local stores that sell postcards.
Put yours in the rack at eye level.
Free advertising for you.
(Who knows, someone may buy it and send it anyways: bonus mileage for you.)
Was it strictly legal for Sabo to post his creations all over L.A.? Hell no.
But who gets national notice, and free publicity that you couldn’t buy if you sold all your family’s kidneys?

12) Let your imagination run wild. Don’t just post a meme. Or even print one.
You’ve got a computer, so 3 to 1 you’ve got a pagemaker type of program.
So…print coupons for 25% off the day rate hire of an illegal alien.
Insert several dozen of them individually in a stack of the daily sale fliers at the front door of Home Depot, Lowe’s etc.
Print up coupons good for half off your next abortion, courtesy of NOW, and leave them in a rack at the local post office.
Next to that, leave an official-looking stack of “Applications For Legal Citizenship for Illegal Aliens”. Specify a P.O. Box that’ll have them end up someplace fun, like ICE, or the White House. I swear to Buddha, people will fill them out and send them in.
Got a Dumbocrat Congressweasel? Leave some fliers letting folks know that he/she/it still has some free Obama phones left over at their office; drop the fliers off at local Laundromats and such. Let Rep. Gibbsmedat’s staff deal with the problem.
Make iron-on transfers of some scathing Shrillary pic, etc. Iron them on some new white t-shirts. Take them to the local Goodwill/Salvation Army thrift store, put them on hangers, and walk away.
Somebody’s going to buy them, and wear them.
I repeat, be Deplorable.
What if you were the guy to have t-shirts made that said
I was molested by Harvey Weinstein“, etc.
And you were selling them in Hollywood or in NYFC on the street, or at the local movie theater?
And you had your buddy snap some photos, and post it on the internet?
(Warning: you could get told by the cops to move along. You could also end up being the next mogul of screamingly funny t-shirts. Oh, and in front of a tourist stop like Grauman’s Chinese Theater, etc., you’d probably sell out of them in five minutes. And make a profit. Go for it.)
If there’s a local swap meet, rent a space, and get a hobby. For cash income too. Online may get you views. But the swap meet/flea market gets you eyeballs in person, and maybe even some $. Take a smile and a thick skin for the Usual Butthurt Suspects, and maybe meet some Like-Minded Individuals in your local area.

13) (Just a coincidence, I swear.) Go Full Deadpool:
Make fliers advertising a Muslim matchmaking service. Make the address the local kindergarten or grade school. Put them on cars at the park on the weekend.
Leave announcements that the monthly Islamic LGBTEIEIO meeting has been moved – to the roof.

The other side has spent decades dividing the world into over-sensitive warring factions.
Your job is merely to ensure that they now get to cash those IOUs in for what they deserve.


The Gray Man said...

This is a great post. We have way too much "DO something" posts on a lot of blogs (mine included) without the requisite "DO WHAT" answers. This is something that we can get out and actually do in the real world. I've recently changed job locations in order to have more free time for family and other things.

This actions described in your post is "other things". I've got notes here with me with a ton of ideas for actions in my area, and most originated at RR. Thanks.

Hope you're feeling 100% after that illness. Our hospitals in my area are still feeling the crunch. Major shortages of supplies and medications due to the disaster in Puerto Rico coupled with the flu outbreaks have crippled us. Imagine an ER in the 'hood with NO DILAUDID and rationing of morphine. Yeah, that's us.

Tactless Wookie said...

Five, Six, Seven, Eight... Get knee deep in the HATE! :-)

Love Aesop. What a bloody awesome set of ideas.

Anonymous said...

Righteous set of how-to's! Thanks brother.

Aesop said...

As noted elsewhere and by subject-matter experts, Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield is a thing.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! T shirts at Goodwill--wow!