Friday, January 26, 2018

But...WHY Is The Rum Gone?

The last post got some wide notice (my thanks for the link-love), and one private query:
Why focus on soft tactics?

Let me explain it thusly:
According to the specialists employed with your tax dollars in how to defend or subvert a given political system, there are some 17 levels of preparation involved before you get to "sporty".
Slitting throats and blowing shit up are at Level 16.

You, and anyone you've ever heard of, are no farther developed than Level 3.
Cogitate on that.

And bear in mind that unlike anthropogenic globull warming, Dunning-Kruger is a real thing.

See below:

Building A Resistance Movement. (This embiggens).

This wisdom is excerpted cheerfully from a little book on doctrinal subversion that many of you have heard of, and some of you have studied, in a hands-on sort of way.
It's known colloquially as The Bible, and officially as FM 3-05.201 Special Forces Unconventional Warfare Operations, April 2003.

You should look it up.
In fact, you should probably download that pdf, print it out, and spend some goodly time dedicated to absorbing the wisdom therein, both for the intellectual exercise, and because there may be a practical exam at some point.

But despite any interest in leveling up, you're not ready for that, I'm not ready for that, nobody you know of is ready for that, and the proof is right there above, before your lying eyes. The fourteen layers of foundation missing between now and then are what everyone who imagines otherwise is missing.

That lack is the sort of thing that gets you nonsense like Bunker Hill, Harper's Ferry, and the First Battle Of Bull Run.

It gets your ass handed to you, wastes a lot of scarce manpower and material (not to mention goodwill), while gaining you ridicule, doubt, and disdain from exactly the people you'll need at Level 5. Recall, please, for the historically impaired, that without France, we'd be celebrating the Queen's Birthday, and not the Fourth Of July, and that without Britain and France's support, the South would be just another Lost Cause. (Oops, too late.)

This is the same reason Maduro and socialismo are still kicking Venezuela's ass; until they get their opposition sh*t in one bag, no one is going to send them the help they need to send the commies packing, in a hanging-from-streetlamps sort of way. Mind you, it should happen, and probably will, but they're going to have to get to that point before anyone will risk the shrieking condemnation for helping them help themselves. Or, they'll just wait until everyone's too weak from lack of food, and eventually people will die, and something better may spring up indigenously - in a generation or two. Or, not. (cf: Norkistan.)

So, a propaganda war is what you're in for (and what you've been in since at least 1929, whether you knew it or not).

Hence the call to finally wake up and smell the coffee. And the covfefe, for that matter.
The beauty is, there's some miniscule chance to affect things, even yet. Not by purely voting at the bastards, certainly,

but every thumb you can put on the scale - and in the Left's eyes, both figuratively and literally, when opportunity presents itself - before things degrade to open conflict is to your advantage. Undermine the hell out of anything you can on the Leftard side, especially while it's easy and cheap, let alone not something that'll get your head in a noose, right? It's helpful, it's a zero-sum (every one of them you convert, or simply demoralize, is one less you have to fight), and hell, it's FUN.

Learn lessons from history: starve the beast. The US Cavalry was purely ancillary with our Indian problem in securing the frontier. The business-end was the hunting out of the buffalo. You could look it up. So if you find the Leftards' buffalo herds, and turn them into rugs and burgers, you'll have a much more harmonious outcome.

By the by, there may never be any Great Cataclysm. Or, it may not happen in your entire lifetime. But how long and how gradual the slide into oblivion is may very well depend on how vigorously you kick them in the teeth as the trolls of collectivism and anarchy try to climb over the walls.

Life thus far hasn't been about shooting anyone in this country, by and large for nearly two centuries. But there have always been one helluva lot of hippies out there. And heaven knows, they aren't going to punch themselves.

Hence the exhortation to get busy.
Be happy in your work.


Anonymous said...

Spot on and a great excerpt from "Reference a".
Not sure I put "Bunker" Hill in a class with First Manassas fully; true it was a lack of sufficient powder that finished the colonials but it was a very near thing otherwise.
Still hewing to my preference to avoid state 16 as long as we can. Greatly appreciate the advice in the previous post and I have taken it to heart.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

I did have a thought as to your last comment/meme;
"Row Well And Live" from Ben Hur
It's an analogy I'd prefer to the railroad building, personally

Papa said...

Thanks for this post, and the previous.
Great reminders to use our minds, to reason, to think.
Don't go half cocked with emotion.

Papa said...

Is there a meme made for "row well and live"?
I love that scene, as well as the "be happy in your work".
Both speak volumes.

Anonymous said...

I commend both authors and have gained from their guidance for years. My two cents in an inflationary world. These two posts will produce more benefits than most of the others if followed. Beware of the man who only owns one gun. Get your "one gun" foundation settled (figuratively and spiritually) and move up the chart. I created two charts a while ago and mapped out the progress up the chart our enemy has achieved, then I used the second chart for our progress in an us vs. them sort of way. "Behind" is a word that doesn't even get close to what your realization should be. Behind the eight ball is more like it. "Winning the war without firing a shot" is what they are about to do. "Fighting the last war" IS what we are currently doing. You don't want to be that crazy guy who lost it. Humiliating for you and your family. Being good at the latter is a given in my circle (the size of this period>). As for the former, we are not liking the taste of the suck. It makes our "skills" seem weak and certainly ineffectual at this critical time. As the Bible says, Seek understanding first, without there is no wisdom. Proverbs fellas. Step out of the comfort zone. "Pack light, sleep cold".

Thanks again men. RR

I am beyond personal injury.

Anonymous said...

It appears the left is well aware of the diagram and has been building toward the surface for a long time.

We're behind, way behind.

Thanks for these two posts. The pdf is downloaded and a dead tree version purchased.

Lost_Dog said...

Anonymous said...

I did have a thought as to your last comment/meme;
"Row Well And Live" from Ben Hur
It's an analogy I'd prefer to the railroad building, personally

January 26, 2018 at 8:06 AM,

How's this?

Anonymous said...


In concurrence with the point of your post (as well as trying to "get understanding" per anon@9:46), I have a question regarding current events in the ongoing "Collusion" now morphing into "obstruction" coup narrative. (I want to be able to converse as intelligently as possible about what I think will be an upcoming issue.)

In my understanding the following is true:

POTUS as Chief Executive is also the chief law enforcement officer.

AG, as a Cabinet Officer, is a "deputy executive" who serves at the pleasure of the Chief Executive. He oversees the DoJ for POTUS.

DoJ is a subordinate inferior Executive branch entity (I do not hold to the nonsense of "independent" agencies.)

Any federal prosecutor (special or not) is an employee of the executive branch, answering in turn to the AG and POTUS respectively.

Two questions:

How can a superior (POTUS) "obstruct" an inferior employee who serves at the will and pleasure of the Executive?

Is it not within the full discretion and authority of the Chief Law Enforcement Executive to direct the existence, scope and course of any law enforcement proceeding?

Aesop said...

Both POTUS and the DoJ serve the laws of the United States, which represent the will of the people.
POTUS is not an elected king, and obstructing (the people's) justice is outright tyranny when practiced by POTUS.
If the president fires a subordinate for prosecuting him, he will rightfully be impeached, thrown out of office, and then prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
As Nixon what happens when you try to crown yourself emperor.

US attorneys are officers of the court, and POTUS can fire them, but they may cheerfully report the circumstances and scope of the investigation, at which time a special prosecutor will be appointed, and once again, interference with same because it is investigating him leads right back to impeachment.
See above.

Where POTUS is on much firmer ground is when
a) he directs the AG to re-visit investigations unfairly terminated as a result of collusion between the former AG, DirFBI, and POTUS to conceal a criminal conspiracy by a former cabinet member
b) terminating a special prosecutor that has wandered miles afield from his mandated investigation, which demonstrably has no merit whatsoever, and/or because he's hopelessly tainted, and never should have been appointed in the first place due to clear and crippling conflicts of interest
c) he terminates the leadership of the FBI down three to five levels, starting with everyone implicated as part of a secret cabal to influence the last election, and directs the US Atty for DC to begin grand jury proceedings and return indictments for everyone violating any one of 60K federal statutes
d) he directs the AG to have US Attys in multiple cities to begin grand jury proceedings against mayors and governors of states and cities attempting "sanctuary" policies that are clear violations of US criminal law, and has them all frog-marched into federal court to answer for those crimes

Trump could do any or all of those things, and provided an untainted and unconflicted special prosecutor was appointed to replace the tainted one, he'd be immune to any charges of obstruction of justice, and pretty much guaranteed throngs of cheering citizenry for the next 7 years.

Anonymous said...

Thank you sir.

Anonymous said...

3-5 levels at the FBI sounds like a good start. Along with disarming the Dept's of Agriculture, Education the IRS and essentially everyone save the Marshals
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...


Revisiting your point at "b) terminating a special prosecutor that has wandered miles afield from his mandated investigation, which demonstrably has no merit whatsoever, and/or because he's hopelessly tainted, and never should have been appointed in the first place due to clear and crippling conflicts of interest"

It seems, at least at face value, that Mueller et al might not even have any legal grounds for existence.

The predicate for appointing a Special Counsel requires a specified crime to investigate. "28 CFR 600.1 The Attorney General, or in cases in which the Attorney General is recused, the Acting Attorney General, will appoint a Special Counsel when he or she determines that criminal investigation of a person or matter is warranted..."

It does specify "criminal". There is no crime of "collusion", and cointel is not within the statutory purview of a Special Counsel.

So, as addressed in your point, not only does it seem that Mueller is off the reservation; he was never on it.

Ominous Cowherd said...

Infiltration of institutions, foreign support, recruiting a resistance cadre ... the Left is around step 5 or 6, while we are strung out along steps 1-3. Fortunately our side has many bow-tied writers of essays promoting civility, moderation and restraint.

Paul Bonneau said...

Just so we don't get too depressed about the current situation, being behind is pretty normal for a population that is concerned with the daily needs of earning a living and caring for a family. It's no call for being hopeless; after all we are still heavily armed and our opposition is not. Not only that; since we ARE earning a living and taking care of family, and since many are "Jacks of all trades", we are much better positioned for a sustained effort than the opposition, who are more like "Don't know Jack shit".

Our problems are continually the need to open eyes and question corrupt institutions. The vast majority on the right still have their children in government schools, for example. This is madness.

As to gaining understanding, we need to re-cast our efforts. It is not really left vs right so much as it is globalists + ruling class vs peons. One example that could bring vast numbers of garden-variety liberals to our side (or at least remove them from the opposition) is the adoption of the framework of Panarchy. Need for opposition decreases when liberals have their own polity and conservatives have their own also. Even some liberals are starting to see drawbacks in Muslim immigration, or the need to arm themselves (gun control is dead). We should encourage their questioning rather than attacking them mindlessly.