Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Be Still, My Beating Heart...

Apparently, after the two-time defeat (and still pending prison term) of the two-faced multi-millionaire crime queen Felonia von Pantsuit, MAsshole senator Elizabeth Warren has decided that the time may be ripe for her to make her bid for the presidency in 2020, because the one thing her wandering group of bickering interest groups can unite behind is a rich white woman who pretended to be an American Indian to get a cushy gig teaching at Harvard, who can truly identify with the welfare-class schmucks sucking the teat of government dry, and get them from the ghetto vote plantations to the polling places in droves.

WTF is it with delusional MAsshole politicians thinking they're relevant anywhere outside Baahstun? Do they really never get out of the state of Chappaquiddick, or is it just that they never flip to a channel that isn't giving their ilk a tongue-bath 24/7/365?

At any rate, here's hoping she goes through with this.
We've seen this sort of candidacy from MA before:

Skip to 3:30 on the video...

We, and dozens of professional stand-up comedians and late night talk show hosts, can do nothing but look forward to pending candidacy of this most famous member of the Schmohawk tribe for the presidency of the US, with anything but barely disguised glee for the world-record-sized comedy reserves of withering satire that can be mined out of her 2020 trainwreck candidacy, all before she ever even opens her stupid mouth.

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Anonymous said...

Yup. The Party of Evil needs to run anther rich lying out of touch white broad; it worked so well for them last time.