Friday, January 5, 2018

James Woods: Comedy Legend

h/t Xenophilic

This is master-class stuff right here.
This guy and Dennis Miller are on the sidelines, and the libtards have a plethora of awful unfunny talentless hacks doing late night.
Woods & Miller should be doing a nightly Fox News Huntley/Brinkley show.

The IQ of cable would go up 50 points, even on Fox.

And I'm soooo stealing "Liewatha". Once I clean off my screen.


loren said...

Miller is an obvious smart dude. Woods, who's IQ is north of 160, kind of just sneaks in some really good work. I do wonder how either managed to stand being in the entertainment business. You'd think they would had a hard time starting any conversation with that old SNL skit mocking CBS's 60 Minutes. You know the one where the guy goes "Jane you ignorant slut"

Anonymous said...

The oldy but a goody from old fauxahotas was when she doubled down on her indian lie and contributed stolen recipes to a native american cookbook titled........wait for it...............pow wow chow.

You can make this stuff up but it'll never be better than what these smucks "dish out" on their own. Sorry, had too.


MMinWA said...

"Fox News Huntley/Brinkley show" What a great idea.

Like I catch last evening's Tucker and Hannity on today's youtube, that would be #1 on the list.

reltney mcfee said...

there's still late night tv? Who watches? I have better things to do. If I need a reminder that Trump Is Literally Hitler (c), I can read a paper I pick up off a bench. Without commercials.

Anonymous said...

Likewise; my TV's good for watching movies on DVD. Gotta say though, a Miller/Woods show would tempt me sorely...

Anonymous said...

I suggest "Princess Summerfallwinterspring" for this phony Wagonburner. Anybody remember Howdy Doody? _revjen45

The Gray Man said...

I would love to see Miller and Woods on TV.

It would ALMOST be worth getting cable at my house. Almost.