Friday, January 19, 2018

How To Handle A Shakedown

h/t Kenny

Entitled race hustlers and their shysters want some of Georgetown U.'s cash:
(WASHINGTON DC) One-hundred-and-eighty years after Jesuit priests sold slaves to save Georgetown University from financial ruin, a group of descendants is calling for restitution.
The university’s president has apologized for the sale, and the school has taken steps to make amends. But Georgetown owes its existence to the money made from the sale of 272 enslaved people,

I fully agree with this suit.

Everyone who actually picked cotton, and was actually sold into slavery by Georgetown U., should immediately present their claims at trial, including birth certificates and slave Bills of Sale. Then they can explain what law was broken in 1838, and under what legal argument they deserve compensation now.

Everyone else should be kicked out of the courthouse for lack of any standing, and expiration of the statute of limitations decades ago, hard enough that their asses don't hit the ground until they clear the steps.

After being assessed and fined for their share of defendant's legal bills.

Then the lawyers who presented the suits for plaintiffs should spend some time - we're talking some weeks, not a few hours - jailed for contempt of court, to contemplate the error of wasting the court's time with this kind of judicial horsesh*t.

Pour encourager les autres.

If they are amenable to waving their Eighth Amendment rights, I would accept having them placed in unsupervised public stocks in lieu of jail, for an equal period of time, on a 1:1 basis.
IIRC, it's a little chilly in D.C. just now, but they should have plenty to eat, what with all the fruit and raw eggs that'll certainly be coming their way.

If that proves unsatisfactory to them, all the plaintiffs should be presented with their share of damages for the civil manslaughter of 364,511 who died in the Civil War, payable at once, with interest.

All such claims to be discharged immediately if they drop their claims now and for all time with prejudice, and publicly say "Thank you" in open court, for the sacrifices which allowed them to live as free men in a free country, and never darken the court's doorstep again with this hogwash.

The lawyers still do the times in jail or the stocks, either way.

If the lawyers choose jail instead of the stocks, they should be required to pick cotton by hand until such time as the judge thinks they've learned the lesson. One squawk about either option, and disbarment proceedings for frivolous lawsuits are instituted immediately against the lot.


MMinWA said...

Apologized? Making amends?? Fuck that.

I'm with you. If I'm the Prez of GU, I'm not backing down a bit. Once you show the slightest fucking concern for the feelingz, it's game on. Nip that crap in the bud.

Anonymous said...

One thing that always amazed me about lawyers and judges...

Lawyers are by definition an "officer of the court" and as such their responsibilities include but are not limited to 1. their client (the accused if defense attorney or the state or court itself if they serve as prosecutor) 2. the LAW and of the Court itself.

If at anytime the attorney flagrantly violates one of their three responsibilities, the Court, the Law or the legal profession should reign them in (Or even all three at once).

Why oh Why does our courts, law and/or legal profession fail to smack one of these loony toons into next week whenever they bring such nonsense into the courts? It is clear to anyone who has managed to make it through middle school that this is as frivolous and unwarranted and unlawful as anything a SJW could hallucinate.

As an "officer of the court" a lawyer should restrain a crazy client and stop their nonsense BEFORE they trouble the justice system. Why does the judge not slap the lawyer with a contempt of court citation for wasting the courts time on such nonsense? Why does the judge not enter a decision (with prejudice) against the crazy client and charge the crazy client with paying the court costs for wasting everyone's time?

Just a few questions for our seriously troubled legal system. But considering the courts stopped giving justice years ago when the dingbat woman sued McDonalds for the crime of selling her coffee that was hot, and won the case.

Anonymous said...

I am way ahead of you on this. About a year ago I publically freed all my slaves, paid them $100,000 for each year of servitude, and further provided each with 40 acres and a mule. I further married each female slave that I owned and legally recognized their dozens children as my own. I sleep much better at night knowing that I'm now considered "one of the good ones".

You, too, should do the right thing.

George True said...

Anonymous: I am in awe of you.

Even though I know it is the right thing, I cannot bring myself to release my slaves yet. They are lazy, disrespectful, and anymore they cost me more than they are worth. But the feeling of superiority I get from being Lord and Master over them is hard to give up.

Is.there some kind of a twelve step program for this?

Aesop said...

I needn't free any slaves, as I live in a state in which it was never legal in the first place.

Still not quite sure how the 16th Amendment doesn't therefore violate the 13th Amendment hereabouts.

Anonymous said...

Bumper sticker spotted...
"If I'm gonna have to pay for it - then I want my slave."

loren said...

At least they were fully employed when they were slaves. Not so much now.