Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Pay Attention

h/t Kenny

If you're really lucky, all they'll do is hurt you.

Non futuis nobiscum. Words to live by.


Anonymous said...

I was told as a young man never to get into a fight with an old man, he knows all the dirty tricks and he's got nothing to lose.

Mark D

Anonymous said...

The version I heard went something like, "Don't eff with old guys. If they're to old to fight back and too slow to run away, they'll just shoot you."

Anonymous said...

Beware the quiet man. He's already killed you ten different times in his head.

Anonymous said...

Having achieved a "certain age" I can confirm the preference not to fight, the absolute refusal to quit or fight "fair". My fighting instructor said " Don't mess with old guys, they're pissed off at their wives, their kids or their jobs or something else and they're only too happy to put some of that anger on you"
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

I must confess to belonging to that class of 'gentlemen' ...
I have instructed several young men that I am acquainted with, that , 'they should never be deceived into believing that youth and vigor will ever defeat experience and treachery...'