Sunday, January 21, 2018

"Accidental" My @$$

h/t Kenny

The irony, it burns: "One more time to kill the pain..."
(LOS ANGELES) — Rocker Tom Petty died last year from "multisystem organ failure" caused by accidental drug toxicity, the Los Angeles County Coroner said Friday.
An autopsy found that Petty had several drugs in his system including fentanyl, oxycodone, temazepam, alprazolam, citalopram, acetylfentanyl and despropionyl fentanyl, the agency said.


"Accidental" my ass.
He didn’t intend to die, but he did everything possible wrong to get high.

Acetylfentanyl is only a homecooked street drug.
All three versions of fentanyl are typically used to boost the high from opiates, in a 1 + 1 = 37 sort of way.

And he was on 2 different benzodiazepines.
I’ma take a wild guess that he got no more than one of them using a legit Rx, and the rest of his cocktail was supplied by amateur pharmacology delivery specialists.

And he was on so much of so many drugs, his body organs failed, and it killed him.
Speaking professionally, that takes a pretty monumental and dedicated effort.

This was about as "accidental" as juggling lit road flares in a wading pool full of gasoline, and "accidentally" dying in a flash of fourth-degree burn agony.

So rockstar killed himself because he was a stupid drug fiend.

Another pharmacological genius. Color me shocked.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

That goes double for jackholes on sites like Daily Sheeple trying to pin this on "Big Pharma".
This was an addict, getting an addict's reward, and the Big Pharma cartels in question have HQ in Bogota and Mexico City, and distribution backstage at the Hollywood Bowl in Petty's entourage.
Well-played. They killed the goose that laid the golden eggs. By the goose's request.


Sarthurk said...

Yeah, OK, just watch yer 6. Some folks ain't gonna like what you said. The truth hurts, and some snow flakes will get bent, but whatever...

Anonymous said...

Xanax should be banned, like heroin.
Benzo's and alcohol or narcotic is a possible death sentence.
had an intervention for a nephew this week.
We need to eliminate drugs. But our society wants more. Legalize!
There is no hope. Get fucked up, do what you want, it's all good. Until it isn't and our society collapses. Sooner or later.

Aesop said...

Ban Xanax?

You mean like cocaine, heroin, and acetyl fentanyl are already?

If Petty's family didn't want the ridicule, they probably shouldn't have released the coroner's report as though it didn't say exactly what it said.

It's also notable that, unlike with Michael Jackson, no one's suggesting going after a doctor or doctors for prescribing any or all of that cocktail to Petty, because likely everyone knows he wasn't anyone's patient, and was scoring most of those drugs on his own.

Andrew said...

Oh, pshaw about Xanax. I was on that stuff, and amphetamines, for various issues. When issues were cleared up, I stopped taking both. Did I suffer withdrawals? No. Was I phsycologically or physically addicted? No. Even though I was on them for over 5 years, I quit cold turkey. But then again, I wasn't a turd-brain about the drugs. I took them on schedule (okay, missed some, I didn't ever overtake my meds.) I also checked for drug interactions with other medications, and I didn't do alcohol.

People who abuse Xanax are the problem. Not the drug. Over-take it, and drink a 5th of alcohol along with it, and poof, there is a problem. And in this 'blame other person' environment we live in, it is never the addict's fault, it is always the drug or the doctor or their family or school or evil unicorns farting toxic CO2 gas or some other bullscat issue.

Drugs, done sensibly, are good. I personally prefer the newer generation of allergy drugs over the evil crap I had to take in the 60's through the 80's (I still have some side effects of those drugs, but the drugs were better than drowning in my own snot.)

And that's another thing. I have yet to have a doctor or a pharmacist not tell me any bad side effects of drugs that I have taken. So these dumb-butts are popping stuff they have no idea about for the fun of it? Screw them. Let them die.

Here's my solution to the problem and it's harsh. You get caught with crap that's not yours, you immediately are forced to take all of it at once. Empty the bottles. Bottom's Up. And no heroic measures by EMTs. No NarCan or Epy or anything. Die, you wastes of human flesh. Quit screwing up my world and my access to stuff I and others need.

As to Tom Petty? Gee, would have never suspected that he was a drug abuser, other than the fact that his voice started sounding like Bob Dylan's voice (not a compliment, by the way) and that he was trying to surpass Jagger or Tyler as the ugliest rockstar ever. I called it when he went Tango Uniform, and got ridiculed for it, here in Gainesville, FL, his home town. Ha. I win.

Mikey J? Oh, so innocent little Mikey, not knowing what his little doctor buddy was giving him? Bullscat. He knew what he was doing. Farking turdburgler.

Same with Carrie Fisher. Dumb Bint killed her mother. I was not surprised that Princess Cokehead died from all the drugs she was supposedly clean from (and fresh amounts, not long-term damage.)

Screw it. I am over caring about addicts. Let them die. And then the nation can move on.

Anonymous said...

I would have picked Petty as a pothead and the occasional cocaine user but not as a hardcore pill popper or IV drug user. His dedication and enthusiasm for his intoxicants of choice were certainly impressive. I've known more than a few drug users, from recreational users to hopeless junkies who ended up assuming ambient room temperature in their teens and can usually spot them pretty well. That's quite the cocktail he had going there. I've been told by opiate aficionados that illicit fentanyl is very nasty stuff and scares even hardened heroin addicts.

Btw a heroin addict not something to aspire to boys and girls. A fucking miserable existence and your chances of living long aren't too good. I've known precisely 1 long term heroin addict who made it to retirement age. He is an oddity, a professional person who instead of playing golf or whatever takes to his old school oriental style opium den in his attic and spends his weekends smoking and stoned out of his gourd. His community is gonna be in for a hell of a shock when he finally croaks and they find out what he does with his free time.

loren said...

"Xanax should be banned, like heroin."
Yikes!.....oh wait, My bedside pills say Zantac. Had me worried there.

MMinWA said...

His body, his life, his choice. We're the same age and knock on wood as tomorrow is promised to no one but my life style is a 180 from that shit.

I enjoy a little red wine on occasion, very rarely(like once a year) a couple fingers of bourban with a cigar but thank the Lord, just never saw the need to blitz my fucking brain out.

My favorite high is climbing into bed after putting in a solid 12+ in my studio, beat and drifting off.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Andrew! I'm over the drug addict thing, too. Ban Xanax? Why? I take one occasionally to sleep. I have a prescription. I don't abuse them, don't share them, don't mix them with alcohol. But on nights I can't sleep, I'm thankful that I have them. Same with all the opioids people want banned. As Aesop said about TP, "his body organs failed, and it killed him." THAT is exactly what is left out of all the reports of people overdosing! It's not the opioids themselves, but the toxic amount of acetaminophen or ibuprofen that many pills contain which destroys livers and kidneys and when those organs shut down, people die. Or, when people take strong opioids and mix them with benzodiazepines [and / or alcohol], your respirations are decreased significantly - often to the point of being non-existent - you stop breathing and you die. Some of us have debilitating diseases that require strong narcotics to alleviate some of the pain to just exist. Those of us who do are being punished and treated like criminals because a part of society cannot be responsible. I can't imagine what my day would be like without the drugs I take! I don't want to imagine. I have a hard enough time as it is. There's NO euphoria for me oxymorphone I take. I'd be thrilled to get the feeling of warmth, happiness, not a care in the world... Nope. Instead I feel tired and lethargic and to counteract that, I have prescription methamphetamine [Desoxyn] that I take. There are studies that say that the opioids kill your dopamine and the amphetamines replace some of it. However, in order to be prescribed such "awesome" medications, you'll need to diagnosed with something like RSD. They don't call RSD the "suicide disease" for nothing... I'd absolutely positively be thrilled to give up all of the medications I take if I could eliminate the RSD. Never in my life did I imagine that a botched knuckle replacement surgery would result in RSD! BT in SC

RandyGC said...

" just watch yer 6. Some folks ain't gonna like what you said."

Someone might go after Aesop, either on the interwebz or meatspace.

yeah, good luck with that.

I'm getting the popcorn out for just such a contingency

Aesop said...

"Settin' 'im up for ya? That's like bringing the pigeons to the cat." - Col. Trautman

Anonymous said...

Just another talented junkie throwing God's gift away.