Thursday, January 18, 2018


Apparently Newsweak is all butthurt by this accurate piece of copy from Spike's Tactical (purveyors of AR-15 toys), and Pipe Hitter's Union apparel.

1) Kudos to Spike's Tactical and Pipe Hitter's Union for sponsoring the art.
2) Spike's has apparently doubled down, told Newsweak to get stuffed, and essentially suggested they apply some Butthurt Cream to that.
3) No one's heard a peep from Antifa, as they've only been seen on milk cartons since their Nov. 8th yawp to the heavens failed to dislodge Trump, just as all their violent agitation served only to harden the Right's resistance to their childish tantrums.

Regarding the copy, 27 firearms companies in North America could learn a lesson.
Starting with getting their nuts out of the jar on the shelf, and putting them back on.

As for Newsweak's whinging, three words:

When the Leftards can get their superheroes of anarchy to set down their cocoa and get up off of mommie's couch,

Antifa, off duty and between gigs.

they may find the rules have swerved a bit against them, and this isn't the fight they thought it was going to be.

And when you can't even carry off a socialist rant in the city park in Berzerkely, Califrutopia, without getting a PR-24 shampoo from the local tame cops, it's Game Over, pussies.

You should have stayed in the basement playing WoW.

And those of you who were worried about this pustule of Leftism amounting to anything serious should be a little ashamed too.

This punch was educational. She hasn't been to a protest since.
And for the record: this is when it's okay to punch a Nazi.


Anonymous said...

Wonder when the NC anthropology professor who proudly posted using a weapon built on a Spikes lower to drive the driver in C-ville will be indicted?
Might be a good time to channel Kurt Russel's line in Tombstone " I see a red bandanna, I kill whoever's wearing it! "
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

You know I've been debating on the next aluminum lower to buy. Spike's Tactical just sold me one. Fukkit-two.

Anonymous said...

You know, every time I see Ms. Dreadlocks get her dental work re-arranged it does my heart good......

Mark D

Paul said...

Not much of a punch. Should have been some blood. Anytime I have punched someone like that the nose would let go a fountain. Need to practice some more I would guess.

Anonymous said...

Love watching ML get getting her knuckle sammie. Yay for women's Lib fat heads