Monday, January 22, 2018

About Damned Time

(ANAHEIM - GREATER SHITHOLIA) Sheriff's deputies and public works crews descended on Orange County's largest homeless encampment along the Santa Ana riverbed Monday, hauling away trash and advising people who live there to start packing their belongings as authorities start the process of clearing the camp.
The operation was described by county officials as the first step in a lengthy effort to clear the encampment.
Here's a YouTube video from a week ago of the problem area in question, if you'd care to take that trip:

Nota bene that countless local businesses, and the well-taxed residents of the $200-400K condos directly adjacent to this not-built-in-a-day Shitholia have been complaining to TPTB about the blight, graffiti, public urination and defecation, drug sales, drug use, litter of drug paraphernalia, public intoxication, lewd conduct, 24/7 fights and altercations one would expect of a legion of crazy/drunk/stoned wastrels, and the attendant petty theft, burglary, and worse, for years, while civil authority shrugged its collective shoulders and said "What do you expect us to do, actually enforce all those laws or something?" Even a cursory look at the video shows that much of the construction material used to build this dystopian hellhole is stolen goods and pilfered items, and things like the designated "garbage collection sites", underline the lengths to which cities and the county have gone to cater to the maintenance and continuance of Shitholia, rather than its immediate curtailment and removal.

Maybe, just maybe, the 400K+ views in a week, and a few thousand phone calls, finally got the ball rolling.

The county, after years of deliberately ignoring its duties, has finally recognized that a thousand-person transient camp that was a magnet for crime, drug use, and rampant shitholian public health catastrophes waiting to happen here, as it has in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Frisco, finally had to go.

An earlier clean-up in the south end of the county discovered acres of discarded drug use needles on the ground, a dumped (likely stolen) firearm, and over 800 bicycles, likely clearing the stolen-bicycle theft reports of the entire county for the previous 5 years.

No clue otherwise on why now, of all times, the jackholes in county government finally came to their senses and cleared out Shitholia, but it's a move long overdue. Once the responsibility was firmly fixed with the sheriff's department, instead of all local cities playing "not my problem, but yours" seems to have had some small role.

Another could be that this section of Shitholia lies adjacent to Angel Stadium, the Pond hockey/event center, and the OC Sheriff's shooting range.

Now, if they'll just keep pushing these waste-of-skin-and-oxygen douchecanoes right out of the county, the surrounding counties (particularly Lost Angeles' Skid Row), where they came here/overflowed from, can start to deal with the problem they created in the first place.

At this point, my main gripe is that they didn't do the removals with a flamethrower, as they should have done.

There are agencies falling over each other to help those that legitimately want out.

The long-term homeless are mentally ill from years of alcohol and drug abuse and/or the other way around, and stay on the streets, because shelters and halfway houses make them give up their dope and booze. If they could follow basic societal rules, they wouldn't be living under tarps and cardboard along flood control channels and under bridges.

They're trolls by choice, and finally the county is treating them like trolls, and moving them out.

And dollars to donuts, if another such Shitholia springs up, the residents will cut to the chase, and the housewarming wine bottles that will be delivered will be filled with 87 octane on Day One.

Because as a disinfectant, sunlight is vastly inferior to gasoline, both in terms of speed of action, and long-term effectiveness.


James M Dakin said...

By the standards of southern California, my location is tiny. A speck on the map. We still had homeless ( in the high desert, through the winter ). They are simply animals, bare assed savages. And that is knowing many of them who were nice enough guys but unable to decipher reality. They were sterilizing vast areas of plant life by covering the ground under layers of discarded fecal soiled clothing ( the food bank kept giving them more to wear ). The city finally designated one area Tent City, their only cost maintaining a couple of porti-potties and the occasional patrol through the area. The cost of prevention is so low it is criminal more places don't take these simple steps ( of course, in their greed to prop up property values, no one wants to chip in taking one spot off from being developed, and are strident NIMBY's ).

Anonymous said...

you shall not pass! go back to the shadows.
Here in Montana, we have the libs thinking they can cure homelessness with more money and free things. For every one that removes head out of ass and becomes a productive member of society, 10-20 more show up from other counties and states. I also bet the ones that become productive would have done so anyways with out the lib's interventions. They even hold a yearly vigil for the homeless that die during winter. Here is good rule of thumb, if your not prepared for the cold and 1000's of Geese are flying west overhead, maybe you should head natures warning and start heading west. mother nature in MT, that bitch will kill you dead. then the birds will pick you clean.

RandyGC said...

Remind me again how our current system is so much more humane and good for society than the bad old days of institutionalizing those that can't function in society and imprisoning those that won't?

Oh, yeah, because the solution to reports and of abuse and neglect in the institutions was to outsource the response to the general public and dispersed jurisdictions rather than actually enforce standard of care and all the regulations that go with it.

This is soooo much better!

James M Dakin said...

Dispersing/diluting the problem is the solution now. Criminals from New Orleans, sewage into the ocean, fuzzy foreigners to every town and burg. Makes you wonder if the closing of mental hospitals was a test case or just BAU.

AB.Prosper said...

My little hole here in Cali is overrun with homeless though running them out won't solve the problem. They all float down here

A real solution requires spending a fair amount of money on shelters and on Johnny Law. If someone can't keep their shit together, nail them for vagrancy

We need to help and spend money on it but they either get sober or take meds or both as needed and get off the streets or we lock them up till they do.

Also no section 8'ing them off on working class burbs unless they stay medded up either.

Good luck with that though, Red states aren't going to spend the money and while Cali might they prefer the "civil rights" of homeless crazies or illegals over the citizens society