Sunday, October 9, 2022

Sunday Music: Magnet And Steel

Shortly after joining the Mac, Lindsey Buckingham co-produced the second solo album (Not Shy) for a young artist. While working on it, the artist met Stevie Nicks. Years later, he admitted he was "smitten" by Stevie (understandably; in the mid/late-70's, who wouldn't have been?). But not knowing the real story, he figured she and Lindsey were a solid couple, so he wrote the song to her as his only option to express how he felt, and let it go as a dream that would never be. The artist was Walter Egan, and this song was the effort. Stevie sang as one of the backing vocals (not in the video though), unaware at the time she was the inspiration for the song. It was Egan's biggest hit, peaking at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1978.


Anonymous said...

"Smitten", aye. Back then anyway. Though a close friend who worked security for her in those days told me "She's not an airhead, she's STUPID" which took some of the bloom off the rose. Call it a personal failing, but some level of intellect has to accompany physical attraction for me.
Boat Guy

Hey Booms said...

Even sappy pop from the 70s is better than shizit you hear today.

Aesop said...

She's not stupid. Music people are Snowflakes, Highest Order (even movie people consider Music People to be a special kind of weird and unrealistic, which is like being in the psych ward, and having the other nutjob patients tell you to "watch out of for Jimmy, he's crazy!"). She's just never done anything outside of music, and was rock royalty by her late 20s.
That always f**ks with people's heads.

And that's before we get to the drugs.

Taylor Swift and Mariah Carey are (as far as anyone knows) not raving drug addicts, but by all accounts, they're certifiably batshit crazy IRL.

Keep the fame, just give me the checks.

RandyGC said...

Another fine choice that I spun on the turn table at the radio station I worked at in High School. Thank Aesop.

John Wilder said...

Ha! Had no idea that was what inspired this song.

Aesop said...

But wait! There's more!