Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Russian Transmissions: Two Forward Gears, and Twelve In Reverse


Meanwhile, back in the actual war, Ukraine continues to beat the Russian Army like a rented mule, pushing them out of town after town in a month-long counter-offensive that hasn't stopped yet, and attempting to completely encircle some 20,000 Russian troops and cut them off from any hope of Russian resupply or help. Bummer.

But it's okay though, because the World's Foremost Experts assure us that the Ukes are going to collapse any day now, certainly long before they take Moscow, definitely before they get to the Urals, and Putin has all those elderly recycled conscripts coming online. In a few weeks. Or months. If they can catch the hundreds of thousands of military-age males (which is now 60 in Russia) lately seen bum-rushing the borders to neighboring countries, like Mexicans at the Rio Grande, to avoid Putin's latest military levee.

Any day now, the Russian military powerhouse is set to spring their Sooper Sekrit Trap on the Ukes as they recapture more of Ukraine. Any day.

No one is sure how Russia will manage to equip their replacements, but most sources report there will be plenty of Ak-47s and -74s lying on the ground waiting to be scooped up.

Good times.


John Wilder said...

And today was a disaster for them.

Allen said...

russians will get rifles, uniforms, and everything else from china. in paymet china will take part of it in heavily discounted oil and gas, and the rest will be a high interest loan.

it won't be long before china owns russia lock stock and barrel.

Pat H. said...

Like it or not, your anti-Putin OCD notwithstanding Aesop, the Russian Federation are the good guys in this conflict.

Aesop said...

I've seen nothing whatsoever that would lead me to that conclusion, Pat.
Putin's the same guy who was simultaneously KGB and E. German Stassi at the height of the Cold War.
There are no KGB good guys, and the Russian troops' reactions after getting to Ukraine is proving that they aren't fooled either.

The only good guys in this are average Ukrainian who refuse to be subjugated by imperialist Russian ambitions.

Anybody besides them can ESAD as far as I'm concerned.
But as Putin started this all on his own, he should go into the woodchipper first.
Ideally, feet-first.