Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Good News, America Last Lunatards!

North Korea supports Russia's annexation of Ukraine.

Thank God. Vlad was afraid only Syria and Belarus were coming to the party. 

And Kim's surprise support, coming on the heels of the Norks' 72-year quest to ratify their "annexation" of South Korea, is a total shock to experts.

So all those heroic keyboard commandos bravely taking a firm stand for guilt by association as a perfectly logical rationale in standing against globohomo now have a firm new ally in the fight to warp reality.

Now all you need are Xi and Ayatollah Imawannajihad on your side, and you've collected the entire 1991 Legacy Edition set. Well-played!


Joe in PNG said...

Who would have thunk that people supposedly on the Right would basically become 30's era Comintern Fellow Travelers (or useful idiots)?

Anonymous said...

Aesop, would you be down to debate Matt Bracken on WRSA on Ukraine/Nordstream? Both of you have naval backgrounds (yes, the Marines count) and well-read.

Aesop said...

Short answer, sure.

Longer answer:
i) it would be difficult (but not impossible) to arrange, between a three-hour time difference between us (opposite coasts), and me being on a nighttime schedule 50% of most weeks
ii) It wouldn't be much of a debate, as we agree on 90+% of things, and he's been a commenter on this blog more than once, so even being 180° out from each other on this topic wouldn't likely prove much, except that reasonable people can disagree
iii) I doubt either of us would sway the other, but more importantly, I doubt either of us would sway anyone in the audience/readership, since most people's minds are made up, and not very many of them want to be bothered with facts from any quarter, then or now
iv) At the end of the day, the fact is there are literally dozens of dozens (not a typo) of candidates for the acts, if they turn out to be sabotage, with the technical capability to carry it out. Including non-state and corporate actors.
The rationales for deciding on one over the other depend on how much one weights the motives of those possible suspects, times the real-world likelihood that they would and did do it, all of which is relatively subjective. We've both made our cases already, and at this point, the governments of Germany, Britain, most of Europe, and the U.S. all think Russia did it.
Russia and half the internet would like to pin it on the U.S. And a fraction think that any 57 other candidates pulled it off. Poland. Ukraine. Arabs. Jooooos! The Chicago Cubs. Whatever. Whoever.

If anybody is undecided at this point, they should blame Bill Gates. He's rich enough, he doesn't care what you think, and most people already hate him, so do whatever helps you sleep soundly at night. You're going to need a good night's sleep before this is over.

Anonymous said...

Good enough for me. I’d say reach out to Matt/Concerned American (I assume you’re on Gab?) and give it a try. :)