Thursday, October 6, 2022

Equal Time For Equal Idiots



Michael said...

And good times were had by all

Who says bad leadership cannot sink the mighty US.

Aesop said...

I've been telling you the economy's got no place to go but off a cliff for years.
The question is always "When?"
The nominees for "Why?" are a conga line stretching around the block, twice.

John Wilder said...

"Is Jackie here? Where's Jackie?"

He actually had called her family to express condolences, yet forgot she was dead.

Michael said...

When it does Aesop the petrodollar is toast, all imports (and from the COVID supply chain disruptions that's quite a lot including military parts) become scarce and expensive.

The two main tools America uses to get obedience across this globe is bribery with the petrodollar and military force.

I had to laugh when the State Department today was quoted "All Options were on the table about OPEC+ chopping production, lowering prices to Europe and RAISING our oil prices.

So, what are going to DO, eh? "All Options" has for decades been diplomatic code for military options, maybe sanctions.

"How did you go bankrupt?. Slowly then all at once"

Hemmingway the Sun also Rises

Anonymous said...

The Euro is suddenly worth less than a Dollar.
The Japanese Yen is at a 30 year record low to the dollar.
Everyone in the World (and their money too) are fleeing to the Traditional Economic Safety of the United States of America. Except this is Biden's transsexualized, diversified, nude green eel of America.

What happens when they realize Senile Scranton Joe's America is a hollowed out shell of the old USA?