Monday, October 10, 2022

Road Trip

Money in pocket and time off conjoined felicitously.

Back......Wednesday. Ish.

Entertain yourself in the interim with the swell blogs and sites over yonder.-------->


idahobob said...


elysianfield said...

Regarding Russia's lack of success in (The) Ukraine...

Russia apparently, in the last 24 hours, has litterally blown a significant segment of Ukraine's base infrastructure to hell.

Perhaps the rules of engagement have changed? Is it possible that Russia was earlier attempting to gain their objectives "on the cheap", rather than destroying that which a subsequent victor would be on the hook to repair?

C said...

Well damn. BCE went dark.

Night driver said...

At yer convenience, could ya share where Big Country has been gulaged to????

Night Driver at

Anonymous said...

Looks like your buddy and close personnel friend, bigcountryexpatoriginal, has turned off his blog. I do hope everthing is alright.


Robert said...

Looks like the blog for Big Country Expat finally got purged for all that "wrong-think". The corporate-government censors are working their way down the lists.

I am enjoying this blog while it lasts.

Thanks, Aesop for all the articles.

John Wilder said...


Aesop said...


Vlad is incompetent, desperate, and throwing a tantrum that will backfire.

I have no personal contact from BCE. I just checked. He's a kindred soul on the 'net, we've never met, and only exchanged a couple of e-mails. Best word I saw today was via Divemedic's blog, that Big Country's blog got nuked by Blogger, and he's working on a replacement site, amidst all his personal affairs.
With the custody battle he's in, that disappearance may be a blessing in disguise.
We wish him the best, when he has the time and energy to get something back up.

And frankly, the news moved us to download another update to this blog, for the day when our own time comes from the censors at Blogger.