Thursday, October 6, 2022

More Vlad Wisdom

And he's proving it every day, while all Czarlet's fact-spinners and gainsayers can't undo that reality.


Anonymous said...

Ah, C'mon, man!
Putin's a strategic genius, and he'll be running Ukraine in just two more days, right after he finds those Nazis. The Ukrainians will collapse any day now. Any day. /s

Joe in PNG said...

This reboot of "The Eastern Front 1917" has been pretty interesting so far.

Pat H. said...

Well, look, another Battle of the Bulge funded by the US taxpayers.

Still, Russia WILL NOT LOSE, take that to the bank. No matter how many years it takes.

As an aside: The US government lost over 4,000 aircraft in the 10 years of Vietnam.

John Wilder said...

It is amazing how much Russians suck at war. Saw a vidya on the T-34 last night - consensus was that it was every bit as expensive in dollar/manhour terms as a Sherman, but horribly unreliable and made with characteristic Russian quality.

Things never chance.

Aesop said...

Couple of points of order, Pat:

It's not a Battle Of The Bulge until Russia can find a George Patton to cut it off. So far, Vlad can't even find a Will Patton, nor even a a Patton oswalt.

They can do the odd deep air strike, but they can't co-ordinate it with ground assaults to gain territory. Still. After seven months of combat. They're not getting better at this, they're getting worse.

And of those 4000 a/c losses in VN, most were helicopters that were salvaged, and shot down 3, 5, even 10 times, before they were too broke-dick to fly anymore and finally written off.

I flew on Marine CH-46s in the mid-80s that had Russian 12.7 holes in the fuselage from 'Nam, patched with SVN Ba Mui Ba beer cans cut open and turned shiny side out, riveted on, and repainted OD green on the outside.
The aircrew took pride in pointing out the heritage of their ancient whop-whop, which was older than the pilots.

Russia doesn't have 4000 aircraft to lose. Any more. (Maybe they did back in February. Now, not so much.)

Jonathan H said...

The Russians overwhelmed the Germans with sheer numbers and better handling of winter conditions.
Their official death toll was 6 million soldiers; it wasn't until the 80's we found out the real toll was 28 million.
If we had pushed after WWII we could have taken back Eastern Europe.
They assumed we would push back when they closed off Berlin - they were shocked we didn't force our way to Berlin in 49 because they couldn't have stopped us if we did.

Anonymous said...

The Russians didn’t win with sheer numbers so much as with trucks. The German army was a mass of dismounted infantry marching on foot, so once the Russians were motorized they could drive in circles around the slower German units. Practically all of those trucks came from the USA.

The 28 million includes civilian casualties. Lots of death due to massacres and deliberate starvation of prisoners.

In 1949, America was in an isolationist mood and the Soviet spies/5th columnists had effectively disarmed America. Hence why task force smith went into Korea with equipment that was obsolete in 1945…