Monday, September 19, 2022



Official Inflation is 8+%/year. Actual Inflation is more like 28% or 38%/year. (Wait until you see food over the next 12 months.) So, who got a 38% raise last year? Not you either?

When inflation is 0%, the interest on the ginormous national debt is nearly 0%. When interest goes up with inflation, the interest on the debt becomes untenable. That's when economies and governments collapse. And then wars start, because everybody always wants their money, and people don't quietly and obediently starve to death after they realize they've been rooked for decades, and paid in funny money that's worthless. You could look it up.

TPTB and their media wing minions are still frothing about arresting Trump for taking home paperwork he's allowed to declassify on a whim, but they couldn't see why Shrillary's 30,000 federal felony counts of destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice were a problem, and they can't see the problem now either.

Flipping onto CCPBS This Week for a couple of minutes before I was looking for a firearm was rather bracing, in regard to the full frothing delusional psychotic moonbats - talking to each other as if they were completely normal - on display there. Having turned all that horseshit off years back, seeing it in full bloom now has me in a mind to load some more magazines, and then buy more ammo and magazines, so I'll have more to load.

I felt like Murphy in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest suddenly thrust among the really crazy, and seeing just how batshit nuts they all are, right up in my face.

Worse, nearly half the country thinks this is fine, and The Way It Ought To Be. With absolutely zero self-awareness of what total fucknuts they are.

There's a great but unappreciated scene in the beginning of The Eagle Has Landed, where Anthony Quayle as Admiral Canaris describes a meeting with Der Führer and his minions, where he realizes he's working for outright lunatics, and he wonders aloud "...what must I look like to them?"

The screenwriter got that right. That's how it happens.

Look at the vilification of the last president, who is increasingly looking like The Last President Ever, and anyone who thinks, speaks, or votes even remotely similarly.

If the Left had no brakes on their behavior, the roundups, boxcars, camps, welcoming showers, and ovens would have started two years ago. Or more.

And I'm speaking literally, not metaphorically.

That's exactly what they want to DO. And they're not even afraid to say it, out loud and publicly. If that doesn't scare Hell out of anyone sane, they're a moron. When someone says they want to kill you, they're telling you the truth.

Well, fair enough. Sauce for the goose, lunatics. "You magnificent bastards, I READ YOUR BOOK!"

If anyone hasn't clued in to that reality by now, they're cannon fodder for what's coming like an  express freight train with no brakes.

You aren't going to persuade, you aren't going to vote, and you aren't going to have your day in court. If you're really lucky, there's one box left for you to influence your future, and the sooner you wrap your head around that undeniable truth, and plan appropriately, the better off you'll be.

Not just cash, but money. Tangible assets, not ones and zeroes, nor cryptofiatbux, or paper ones. Food. Food for a long time, for more people than you think. A reliable perennial water source. Medicine and medical supplies. Arms; guns and ammo. More ammo than you can imagine. Spare parts, cleaning supplies. Tools, traps, and toys. Energy. Comms. Everything from Sat phones to carrier pigeons should be on the menu.

If you think you're going to dig a deep enough hole and hide for a decade, forget it. Odds against that working: too high to mention.

You're either going to stand up and fight for your liberty, to get it back, or you're going to give it away, never to enjoy it again.

It's that bad, right now.

All you're going to get going forward is watching it get worse, and wondering how you ever let things get this bad to begin with.

But what's done is done. And won't be undone until you start doing it. You and anyone you can find like you. Find them you will, and find them you'd better. And you're going to have to dig the problem children of society out like a hog looking for truffles, or like any cancer, they'll just keep coming back.

Get it right the first time. And get yourselves ready for the day.

Things are too far gone to be set right casually. It's going to be work. Bloody, bloody awful, work. More than you can stand. As if you have any choice.


Grandpa said...

Ouch. However, sadly accurate.

Plague Monk said...

I continue to be amazed by the level of support for the Pedo Prexy in both the meatspace and online areas where I spend far too much time. I was up in central Ohio last week for a very short gig, and I stopped at a gunstore looking for another toy. No one else in the store, so the owner was very chatty. He wants gun control because he figures that he'll sell his semi-autos that he overpaid for a while back. He had some nice stuff, but for some reason I kept my wallet in my pants' pocket until I got closer to home.

Client was liberal, natch, although the HR rep was quite physically attractive. She didn't like my pro gun bumper stickers and frowned whenever she saw me after the first morning. My co-workers also think PP is the 2nd Coming and the two guys from Florida let me know that DeSantis is more evil than Trump. I resisted the urge to wear my "Come Here, Heretic" t-shirt from Warhammer 40k, but my monitor background was from an Exterminatis video.

Lastly, the Church. I no longer attend, having lost my faith about a year ago. My wife still attends what is allegedly a Pentecostal church. For this very conservative denomination. the mantra (that reminds me of the Hairy Krickets when I was regularly flying out of NE US airports in the late 70s and early 80s) is to obey the government in all things, no prepping, NO GUNS; just pray. My wife isn't too brainwashed. but she's not at my level yet. I'm probably a little radical, as I am a fan of Silverdeth, White Rabbit and Co over at Gab.
I do think it is going to get very bad, NLT mid-November.

Online Neighbor said...

For Plague:

Why throw out Christianity due to heresy? Baby/bathwater?

Jeff Durbin at Apologia counsels SpecOps, is a 4th dan black belt, intellectually rigorous, and hard reformed Protestant. Here is one vid on the kung flu shots:

He has others on arms and the use/scaling of force

Given the thruth Aesop writes, the only thing to save us from the abyss is our faith in and follow of Jesus Christ.

Aesop said...

I don't think he was throwing out Christianity. But there are more than a few wolves in sheep's clothing, including no small number of milquetoasts.

jadair04 said...

Damn shame what the US (and by extension many of 'the west') have allowed to happen.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Big difference between Christianity and many churches these days. The fact that I don't use an interlocutor doesn't by any means subtract from my belief.
Once again, Brother Aesop is spelling it out.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

I tend to follow the "Resistance to tyrants is duty to God" Christianity of the Black-Robed Regiment preceding, and during, the opening up of the 1776 America-Britain rifle range. Passive Christianity is not Biblical IMHO, however it is appealing to those who only want to sit in a pew on their 4th point of contact and rely on someone else to do the job. Find a good Church with like-minded men and start your own study group - time is short and studying/meeting/organizing among Christian believers for the upcoming unpleasantness is critical.

June J said...

Tens of millions, possibly hundreds of millions of people inhabiting North America will perish in the coming years, regardless of how well they are prepared.
The globalist de-population wet dream is that 90% of earth's people will be killed off leaving the golden 10% in control of everything and everyone who is left.

As far as Christianity, indeed there are many wolves in pastor's clothing, bowing their knees to the dictates and whims of governments, as well as their many sheep who embrace and encourage their pastor's weaknesses.

Night driver said...

Your closing meme was GREAT----BUT (there is ALWAYS a "BUT")

Rule 5 NEEDS to be finished, so it means something to folks not familiar with "Graham Combat's 'Kill House Rules' "

If you just leave it "Always be working" without the "on your position" the new folks don't know WHAT to be working on, and it needs to be transparent to them that they need to be doing SOMETHING every Hour-Day-Week-etc to improve where they are standing and delivering from.

link to the complete set of 5 rules written a TAD more verbosely:

These are good to be reminded of, daily.

Night Driver.

JustinR said...

If God is all powerful and controls everything, then he's an asshole for inflicting enormous pain and suffering on the kindest, most caring, and most religious people I know.

If God is not all powerful, but instead omnipresent, he's an asshole for creating us, then watching us destroy ourselves and cause each other pain and suffering while he watches. For what? The ego of wanting to be worshiped and see who is redeemable?

I'm not an atheist because it would be the height of human arrogance to assume no god exists because we don't yet understand him. I also have had experiences in my life, and know of other people that have had experiences that indicate to me there is more to this world than is visible.

But God isn't coming to save us. The asshole of the old testament that flooded the world, turned people into salt, etc, has no intention of saving us from ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Zulu

Sink all floaters


C said...

"I was up in central Ohio last week for a very short gig, and I stopped at a gunstore looking for another toy. No one else in the store, so the owner was very chatty. He wants gun control because he figures that he'll sell his semi-autos that he overpaid for a while back."

Can't stand these people. With friends like this, who needs enemies? Aesop is right about not being able to hiding in a hole and waiting it out. The bulk of my supplies are going to the war effort if the fight starts. We can all hang together or we'll all hang separately.

pyrrhus said...

In my experience, most people don't like what's going on, so they pretend that it isn't really going on and get on with their lives...the awakening will cause mental breakdowns in many people, especially older people...I am personally sanguine, having my faith and having accepted that I probably won't survive a major collapse, but hope to help family members survive...

Yankee Terrrier said...

Very good column! I have been doing most of the recommended items and's costly, the consolation is the money I would save will likely be worthless anyway.

Aesop said...

Just because God can do something, it doesn't necessarily follow that he must do something.
Trying to squeeze him into a box will never work. If one imagines a God that can't do what he wants to do, then one isn't thinking of God.
And clearly you've never considered that God may allow bad consequences to teach what can happen when some go their own way. And when they don't. Consider that Job's life was a lesson for Satan himself.

prayerman said...

I feel badly for those who in their pride and arrogance denounce the One who paid the price for our sins . Who took those stripes for our healing . I am sorry that he has never been flooded with grace and mercy as I have in my life . There have been many times and many things I have not understood but it has always been my ignorance and pride that kept me bound . Might Justin one day repent and receive grace and mercy . He gave me beauty for ashes !

JustinR said...

Oh I don't assume that God must do anything. I'm just saying that inaction is also a choice. I've watched two of the best people I've known, my mother and her middle sister, both religious, church-attending school teachers, who care about everyone, can make friends with anyone, would give the shirt off their backs to a kid in their class without a shirt, endure hell. My aunt met a good man and got married to him after a bad first marriage, had her first child at 40, who is now a wonderful young woman. But my aunt developed breast cancer, which eventually spread to her brain, and after years of fighting it with every means available finally passed. My mother had a botched foot surgery and developed RSD, then breast cancer, them lymphoedema after chemo, and rheumatoid arthritis. She is in pain every single day. This is the reward she gets for being a good person in god's eyes? Suffering and pain for the last 30 years? If it's God's inaction, he's an asshole. If it's due to humans polluting our environment with chemicals, microplastics, radiation, and poor foods, then God is just sitting there watching as we kill ourselves off, and he's an asshole. I have zero faith that God cares about the suffering of anyone down here, that's all I'm trying to say. I don't mean to insult or say anyone else's faith is wasted, because we are each our own person and entitled to our own beliefs. I just don't expect God to come rescue us from this mess that has been created, nor would I bother asking Him.

Aesop said...

I feel for the pain you've witnessed, Justin.
But two things stand out.
1) Nobody is a good person in God's eyes.
2) You think God's job is to stop everything bad that ever happens. Why should that be?
Should God also stop planes from crashing too? Or prevent people from driving off cliffs? What about from killing each other?
Why or why not?

You suffer (and I mean that, literally) under dual (at minimum) misapprehensions:
The nature of man.
And the nature of God.
And because of them, what you see happening isn't what you expected.
People have sat exactly where you're sitting for at least 6000 years.
In fact, this exact set of questions and answers about man and God has been asked and answered so many times, it wears a furrow through all philosophy and religion, since ever.
Human suffering has been around since nearly the beginning of time.
If you really want the answers to your questions, they're out there.
Dig deeper.

Anonymous said...

"I felt like Murphy in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest suddenly thrust among the really crazy, and seeing just how batshit nuts they all are, right up in my face.

Worse, nearly half the country thinks this is fine, and The Way It Ought To Be. With absolutely zero self-awareness of what total fucknuts they are"

GOOD GOD SIR WE ARE IN AGREEMENT!!! Well said as always, your deftness with a pen is like a surgeon with a scalpel.

Anonymous said...

Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said Sir!!!

JustinR said...

"Nobody is a good person in God's eyes."

Everyone is a sinner, everyone needs to ask forgiveness for their sins and be genuine in their repentance, I get that concept. And supposedly, God accepts those into heaven that genuinely accept salvation. But is being a little envious about a neighbor's house really the same as murdering thousands? Someone that does horrible things their entire life just expects to repent before they die? I would suspect sincerity in ones heart would play a factor. But then what motivation would man have to live a wholesome life if his life in totality was not taken into account during judgement?

"You think God's job is to stop everything bad that ever happens. Why should that be?"

No, I don't, not at all. I believe we have free will, regardless of how it came about. We can treat each other as well or as poorly as we chose. My beef is that God appears to choose to treat (or doesn't do anything about random chance) those that are most penitent with the worst suffering. What a kick in the teeth. That's not a creator I feel the need to go to church every Sunday for, nor bother asking anything of in prayer. If he isn't going to answer good people, he sure as hell (pun intended) isn't going to answer me.

Marty said...

This, all this, plus the covid injections and the fallout from them haven't even begun.

Anonymous said...

JustinR, it's called "free will". He gave it to us so we could choose to love Him - or not. Folks used to understand that. Many today still do, others will stand before Him one day, and think "oh shit, it was all true". And, no one is coming to save you, the One who did come to save you, also came to save us all, a couple thousand years ago. He also gave you free will to accept it and believe, or not. At this juncture, the choice is yours. Pro tip: practice repentance, you acknowledge that there likely is a deity, and I am confident He does not appreciate being called an asshole.
Original Grandpa

Anonymous said...

amen, Aesop. For JustinR - He has even told us "when you seek Me with all your heart, you will find Me." You are deceived by the world's enemy, who has you looking at the creation not the Creator. I am confident saying that many of us are praying that the veil will be lifted from your eyes.
Original Grandpa

Sean said...

The pain we suffer in this life is as a second of time compared to the eternity that awaits. I have been in pain so bad I have blacked out, several times, and G*d did not appear and make it all better. I have chronic pain daily now. G*d did not create robots or automatons, but people with a free will, and hopefully an understanding that He is G*d, and we are not. The awful things that happen in this world are mostly a result of man and his ambitious sin. Can't say or judge about people, good people, who get horrible diseases, and who suffer long times before they die. It is all G*d's Will, and we won't know why until.......... Aesop, as usual your penetrating wit and guile have lent us to what we need, and that is understanding. The news is bad, yes, and you're not withholding how bad it is. You're one of those people who tread heavily, but speak the truth. Don't know how your batting average is going to hold up re Russia X Ukraine, but, skins in the game will in the end figure it out. Please keep holding forth, as a lot of normies are still sound asleep out there.

stormsailor1981 said...

Prayer and Faith are important, but without works achieve very little.

There are millions of us out here thinking the same thing, when will be the time for us to go on the offensive, I've thought a lot about it and I know I'm not by myself.

I've come to the conclusion that we should keep preparing for something 100 times worse than our imagination can fathom, and like firewood in a cold camp, you always need 10 time more than you think.

I have Faith that God will tell us when to go, some will think it's an arbitrary time, or a line that's crossed, but I think it will be gods signal to stand up as his warriors.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that he would not trust a God who never wept ..and Jesus did weep when he saw the sorrow a family friend went through .
It's also understandable God himself was in the tlesh like you and me...was tempted at every point like every person is but he suffered...when you are tempted and not give in..that is what is called God is able to understand the human pain, anxiety, God would know how the bite of hunger feels, as he also once was hungry, lonely, being mocked and bullied etc