Thursday, September 1, 2022

Anytime Emperor Stumblefuck Poopypants Is Talking:

Be a patriot: Dissent.



Night driver said...

In ref the Emperor, I wrote this as a response to a query from a friend (who spent 10 of the last 20ish years) as the chief librarian for the USSF School House and taught in a couple of their classes. (Doz is the abbreviation of his handle I use)--::

Doz, CLOSE but no declaration of war (though it would have fit in Paris or Berlin in about '37-'38-or EARLY '39.
What he DID was lay the WHOLE foundation for imprisoning all of the folks who consider MAGA or being "Deplorables" as GOOD.
If I were plotting the movie, I'd give this a few days to settle, get someone in a red MAGA hat to drop a grenade in the center of Grand Central Station, and run off a few mags of .556.
Then pick 3-4 major transportation hubs for PASSENGERS and every 4th or 5th day blow one up.

This gets you to the end of Sept and gets another speech making MAGA and republicans WORSE than 1939 Jews.
And 1-2-3 Oct the declaration of non-personhood and the roundups.

Because understand we are dealing with a slow-burn Kristallnacht in the Blogosphere right now.

3 and a half weeks from now you won't recognize this country. If someone thinks that niggers have been shoved down in the last years will be SHOCKED at how depraved and terrifying MAGAs will be by the end of Sept.

You taught this for a living so you know PRECISELY how this plays out!


And that is my estimation of the carp that was spread out so liberally tonight.

BTW, that schedule above would be where I went if I were working for the Regime de Biden.

Offered in hopes y'all have more places to share it than I do.

Night Driver

Bigus Macus said...

“It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

John Wilder said...

Emperor Stumblefuck is (generally) his own worst enemy. The people who count the votes, though, are his friends.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have an update on Big Country?

Aesop said...

BCE says his site is still being jerked around.


That sword cuts both ways. Anything they can do, we can do better. They're going to find out in a very unpleasant manner "The enemy always gets a vote."

BubblePuppy7 said...

Bring “Irish Democracy” to the USA.

Termite said...

And 1-2-3 Oct the declaration of non-personhood and the roundups.

I don't see how that works with the sheer numbers involved. Especially when after a few days, word gets out. With an armed populace.