Friday, September 16, 2022

Putting the Z in Bazinga!

h/t Sixbears

The fortunes of war turn on a dime. And may again. 


C said...

On a completely unrelated note. Aesop. You're made of tougher stuff than I am. How you've managed to do so many years in an ER is beyond me. Three years into it, and I am done. Every ounce of empathy and compassion has been wrung out of me. I support your idea of a penal colony for bums and junkies if you were emperor for a day. Only one suggestion though. No uninhabited island. Let's go for a penal colony on Mars.

Baja said...

Ha, needs and wants, ahhhhh…

Aesop said...


21 years in the ED as of last Monday. 27 years as an RN next week.
If you don't really love the job, no amount of money is worth it.
For some people, a year is too long.
For others, after 40 years they're just getting into the groove.
Find something you love to do.
I swore as a student I'd never be one of the bitter old burnouts I met who hate everyone, and suck at the job.
But remember, some people need compassion manifested as tough love, not as fluffy bunnies.

Anonymous said...

Well said Aesop

C said...

Construction is what love to do. Getting an apprenticeship or helper position at a decent pay rate. Even after you land it getting a raise after a year or two is like pulling teeth. $9 an hour what most guys offer. Only place anybody could live with that pay rate is an hour away. Every factory around here is offering double that. Promises of $40-50 in 5-10 years don't pay the bills this year. Then the same guys bitch about not getting reliable help and tweaker help stealing their shit. Considering going back to school and going out on my own after. I've done enough of the work to know that I like it more than dealing with bums and junkies.

Reltney McFee said...

Aesop: sage advice ref Nursing. I let my RN license lapse this year, after 43 years: still working ft as a mid-level.

Part of C's dilemma might be working for assholes: Crom knows, I have worked for assholes on my time. Maybe, working in a place not populated by assholes would let C *NURSE*, and not feel beaten down.

Or, maybe not. Either way, I wish C the very best.