Thursday, September 1, 2022

FYI: Retard Test Run Retreats In Failure


Visit erasure and active editing went on yesterday from about 1:50A PDT to about 17:00P PDT yesterday. For their trouble, and despite holding visits to near-zero numbers for 16 hours, something this blog hasn't experienced since about early 2009, the day's final tally ended up being 10% higher than recent normal. Which means, factoring in what they tried to erase, their efforts probably doubled the blog audience for the day.

And to be clear, this was no software/hardware "malfunction"; we watched recorded visits erased, and numbers reset to 0, multiple times, in real time, for hours yesterday. We'd come on, see X00 visits, then refresh, and watched them march backwards in subsequent refreshes until it was 2, 1, or 0. Over and over again.

This was Goolag fuckwits deliberately monkeyfucking the tallies.

Our entire meme collection - 3500+ examples - is still shadow-banned from all Google image search results.

So now we know EXACTLY what's giving them the biggest dose of the red-ass. Expect our output on that front to increase commensurately, and on other platforms.

Well-played, commie fucktards.

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BigCountryExpat said...

Yep... the ratio was still happening when I woke up... giving it another 12 hours and then see whutsup...

John Wilder said...

Google has 91% of the search engine traffic. I get twice as many hits from DuckDuckGo. There's your ratio - at least a 10x if not a 20x turndown on my results.

Mike-SMO said...

And the address still shows " .blogspot." . OK.