Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Kapitan Ahabski Demands: "Get.That. Whale!"


We have a banana republic fraudulent selectee who shits his pants and babbles incoherently.

Russia has a psychotic megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur. (Cue the anonymous butthurt poo-flinging monkeys in comments.)

Now he's trying the 800 lb. Gorilla Bluff, to buy his way out of the most epic politico-military miscalculation of modern history. Perhaps by the kiloton.

He blames the West for rattling the nuclear saber, when he himself has done it first, times beyond counting since December.

He's scapegoating his own forces' manifest total incompetence, and inability to prosecute what should have been a week-long occupation, onto NATO Nazis directly making war on his drunken bumpkins. He's forgotten that the only people in Russia who fought actual Nazis are 95 years or more old, or dead. Mostly dead.

And he thinks he can bluster this into a "democratic" solution amidst the war he initiated by annexing the Sudentenland and Alsace after a fake election or three, in which he'll win 137% of the votes. Yeah, everyone will fall for that.

He fiddles faster, while Rome burns. And his alliances of convenience with China and India are getting shakier by the day, right before his eyes. His own "allies" aren't buying the bullshit anymore.

Greatest probabilities? This ends one of two ways:

1) This asshole has no choice but to go all-in on his busted straight, and he starts a global thermonuclear war. (Because just what you want to do when your best troops can't handle a neighbor fighting at 1/10th your strength, is to get more countries wanting to take you on.)

2) He has a 9mm stroke through the earhole, his brains are scattered all over the desktop opposite him, the general with the smoking gun throws in the cards, and there's a sudden change in leadership in Russia.

There is no likely third way out that's anything but a distant hope.

At any rate, these are exactly the actions of a desperate man, losing his war soundly, not someone waging 47D chess against a puny upstart. Even those gargling his junk have to see that, and admit the obvious.

(BTW, the Ukrainian offensive, north and south, hasn't halted, merely slowed, and Russian forces are continuing to get their asses handed to them and/or retreat faster than they can stabilize their lines. How sad.)

And your entire future on this planet comes down to the sanity and circumspection of his senior military and political staff. The fate of the world now hangs on the wisdom and sobriety of senior Russian generals.

Oh, Greeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaat. What could possibly go wrong?

Got bunker?

This guy is Hitler in the bunker, ordering counterattacks by divisions that no longer exist, as the rubble sifts from the ceiling onto his maps.

Cue the rant meme videos. They'll be absolutely accurate.

And best be working on some underground habitat.


Putin has forgotten the obvious: No one negotiates with terrorists.

If he expects a diplomatic solution, Step One is to march all his dipshits back into actual Russia, and return to the status quo ante. Which, at this point, would probably include returning Crimea to Ukraine too, before any further discussions.

No? GFY. Enjoy the Grad Soufflé with Shrapnel Sauce.


Anonymous said...

Good God you are blinded by the western propaganda machine. Bless your heart Sir, you're brilliant, but so far off base....take another tack on the idea: if your assessment is the exact direction and distance the snooze media is telling you to be, that every western media outlet regurgitates, that every western goobermint tells you is absolutely positively the truth (despite no actual facts being supplied nor reported), do you think that maybe, just maybe, it might be a tad biased?
I mean, its not like the whole world of mainstream journalism has been caught lying to the entire fucking world incessantly over the last several decades at the behest of the west's government...
It could be excused if just ONCE the media told the truth about the government, but honestly, when was the last time?
For God's sake I know you are a very busy career man, but take in an opposing viewpoint for once, try broadening your horizon rather than simply re-affirm it. Read a couple times a week. Thank me later.
Seriously man, think about it: if your view of things lines up with treasonous lying dog faced pony soldiers, you really think you're on the right side? Queue the "we're the baddies" clip here.

Aesop said...

The Saker was and is a well-documented pro-Russian propagandist since...ever.
And has been outted on multiple sites and bloggers as exactly that.
Once KGB, always KGB.
WhoTF do you think invented dezinformatsiya, FFS?

So when someone brilliant disagrees 180° with your fundamental thesis, re-check your premises.

Putin is a jumped-up KGB thug, behaving exactly as anyone would expect him to behave.
He misses the Soviet empire, and is determined to re-create it, to the exclusion of all sane options.
Everything else is gravity, working.
His situation is what it looks like when you let delusional people do as they please.
My money's on the Kinetic Retirement Plan, which has long been a reliable Russian go-to answer to many of their problems, but I wouldn't rule out his fellow delusionals letting him immolate half the world before the penny finally drops.

Michael said...

Keep poking a bear and act surprised they respond badly.

Liberalism when thinking things through isn't an option.

I really hope you don't get a radioactive tsunami lapping at your ER's doors.

I guess the World Economic Forums goals of reducing Russia and the USA into depopulated cripples will come true.

Keep praying for that 9mm Aesop. Putin is the MODERATE in Russian politics. KGB Thug or not his ACTIONS over a decade have proven this.

Get yourself a good relationship with your creator before the razor-sharp glass and blinding blast hits.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Russia is what it looks like when you have a nationalist leader with that busted straight who decides that instead of getting color revolutionized and having his country and people turned into debt serfs a la Iraq circa 2003, it might just be better to meet the NWO on the field of battle and let the chips fall where they may.

Not saying it's the best course of action, but the NWO is not known for leaving people with a lot of options.

And from the POV in the USA where the two options are now to put off the insurgency house-to-house or wait for devolution to have its effect, I still find it hard to totally fault the Russian method.

There are no easy options left.

Quads rang said...

You are so so right.
I love coming here. Excellent commentary.
And just excellent insight. How do you do it?

Rollory said...

What I told a relative three months ago: they need a clear-cut military disaster before they take him out. That gives them cover for ending the war in a hurry; otherwise they'll be blamed for losing it, for taking out the one man who could've won it, etc etc.

Something disastrous happens on the battlefield first, then a group of brave servants of the Motherland jump in and stabilize the situation and all should be thankful to them for their quick action. Of course the "stabilization" involved mass evacuation of all Russki military personnel from the combat zones, and reforming in defensive positions around Belgorod, Kursk, and Rostov - maneuvers that were SO SUCCESSFUL the horrible nazis DIDN'T DARE INVADE - so clearly these are the saviors of the Motherland. Praise be!

And as for that one dude they had to take out, well, it was regrettable and we don't talk about him too much right now. Anybody wanna buy some raw materials?

That's how it's going to go down.

Funny / disturbing thing is, the more I look around, the more I see people on the right who really DO swallow the Putin line, hook line and sinker. It is conceivable that the likes of Vox Day and Karl Denninger are actively being paid by Russians (especially as they've both appeared several times on RT broadcasts) but I think there's at least a fair chance that there's an and/or; that they know their audience quite well and, good grifters that they are, are feeding said audience what they know the audience will swallow. And pay for.

It's like Nigerian princes: the initial premise is so goddamned stupid, anybody who buys that fits a very specific profile and is guaranteed to stay hooked. So you can keep feeding them the same line and not worry about losing them.

(And as far as being paid by Russia goes, I'm reexamining a lot of assumptions about that. Compare the Daily Stormer with these two sites: and but use Tor to look at them. Note the layout, the types of articles, the editorial line. It's like they're all three variants on a template, targeted to specific audiences, agitating for violence in the best Rwanda style - and no cross-advertising between the audiences either. The third one is French; is there a German-language variant? Spanish? Italian? Britain-focused english? I dunno. The DS is well known but it was only chance I came across the other two. Somebody put a fair amount of money into building these things, and is paying for large amounts of daily content. Who and why? All I can say is, imagining a KGB perspective, this seems right up their line. Divide and conquer, battlespace prep, and all that.)

Joe in PNG said...

Consider: maybe, just maybe Putin isn't a good leader.

Just because someone is opposed to the globalist doesn't automatically grant them bonus points in intelligence, skill, wisdom, morality, morale, or virtue.

Just because the press is opposed to someone doesn't automatically grant them with any bonus points either.

Putin ain't gonna be your Lord and Savior.

Mike-SMO said...

I still am partial to the concept that Putin went into the Ukraine because it had the gas, oil, and coal reserves to Bork Putin's monopoly position on European fuel. The invasion was a defensive play since Putin had no faith in the ability of the Russians to build a new, powerful state while they collected the fuel grift from the creative, industrious Europe. Unfortunately for Putin, the corruptocrats already trashed the military that was needed for the Ukraine operation. Putin may figure that the situation will not get any better in the future so he is doubling down on his operation. He may think that he has no real option left.

Shame that Slo Joe is in the White House. That arrogant, senile fool can't even make it to a funeral on time. I think that President Trump would figure a deal that didn't include Vlad going for broke. At this point even the chaotic Europeans have joined the game. Lots of "players" means lots of opportunities for screw-ups.

The Russians have to have some worries about the ancient claims of their Chinese "friends" on Siberia. With friends like those...........

John Wilder said...

Vlad started the war with the second most powerful army in the world. Now he has the second most powerful army in the Ukraine.

Aesop said...

Stolen, and memed: