Monday, September 12, 2022

Point Of Order


Some information is good to know, purely as such, but if it really affects you, you've been doing it wrong for literally decades. So if anyone out there as an adult in the big wide world is seriously concerned for more than 0.2 seconds that bank and credit companies can and are now tracking firearms and ammunition purchases made with bank cards (which name kind of gives the answer away), including ATM/debit cards, I have something you really need to hear:

WTF is wrong with you, you mouth-breathing paint-chip-eating inbred retarded moron fucktard? Have you never heard of using CASH?!?

If that sentence requires any further explanation or elucidation, or you feel honor-bound to try and respond in defense of Chicken Little, you're not tall enough for the entire internet, let alone this blog. DLTDHYITAOYWO.

Those of you looking on at all this in bemusement, and wholly unaffected by events, continue to MYOB, and carry on as before. You are not the target audience.


Anonymous said...

Agree with Cash is King. I have a few coworkers who carry less than $10 in cash on person. Debit cards - credit cards are their method of payments. These are grown-ups at least in legal definition.

And the mask mandates actually help if you decide to wear one while purchasing those cash purchased items.

Bigus Macus said...

Paying CASH is all fine and well, but if you shop online at Brownell's and MIDWAY it makes that a tad difficult. Ammo same thing you're going to pay a premium at most gun shops, and Bass Pro isn't cheap either. Between UPS and now credit cards they are slowly strangling us. I was just at a gun show yesterday, there are some deals to be found but that's a once a quarter visit from them.

Battles Stealthily Being Fought
On Friday, another shot was fired - quietly- at the gun industry. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), voted to create a “special code” for gun stores to use when processing credit and debit card transactions. Proponents of the move are quick to point out that other business categories already have these categories.

C said...

Fuck'em. I don't care that they know. I'm not hoarding cases of ammo in one place to wank over telling everybody "Look at muh ammo fort!" When they're going to door to door I'm not going to try to hide and try to carry on with a normal life. Freedom is more important than muh home equity, muh F250, and muh Sportsball. Silk sheets can be tied into nooses to hang you. Unless you've been a ghost from day one you're already lumped into a group of dissidents. It's no secret on my part. I've been quite vocal about my support and member of several 2A groups since the age of 15. I'm practically a neon light that says partisan. So there is no hiding. Only option I've got is to fight.

Aesop said...

@Bigus Macus,

Try using gift cards for those transactions.
The non-reloadable ones aren't registered to anyone.

Bigus Macus said...

Thanks, I had not thought of the gift card route since I normaly don't buy or use them.

pyrrhus said...

Always use cash for anything you don't want made public...and take cash in minor amounts frequently from the bank so that won't stand out either....

JustinR said...

Visa gift cards require registration before use. Mastercard ones do not. 24 hours after purchase, funds are available.

Wyowanderer said...

Cash is king...until it isn't.
pResident Gropey Dopey Poopypants signed an EO mandating the use of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC's) effective 1 Jan 2023. Retailers will still TAKE cash, but the banks will no doubt make it more difficult to do so day by day.
Of course, people MIGHT complain enough to make a change...but I doubt it.

Termite said...

For those of us with Academy stores, keep an eye of their sale flyers, either snail mail or online. Subscribe to their emails if you want first dibs notice.

And drop by the stores a couple of times a week, just perusing their merch.

I picked up a couple of 200 rnd boxes of Federal 9mm 115gr FMJ for $79/box.

Something else: When Academy decides to clearance something, they mark it down drastically.
I have bought $49 camo fleece jackets for $19. If nothing else, great Xmas presents.

John Fisher said...

We should really think about how get the gun owners in this country to stop using their credit cards for everything for a month or two. The credit card companies would be hurt by the lack of funds flow in their network.

tweell said...

These purchases have been tracked for years, they're just admitting it now. It's part of the plan to make buying ammunition more difficult. Buying reloading components and equipment has become much harder, as few shops have any selection. I do like the gift card idea, thanks Aesop!

An issue with cash is the chance it will get confiscated en-route (small, but there). I recall taking my uncle to a large gun store 90 minutes away, and getting stopped by police on a BS pretext. When asked where I was going, I was a dumbass and told him. Luckily I still worked for the prison, when he found that out he decided not to rob us. So plan it out, and don't be like me - STFU!

Anonymous said...

Good suggestion on the gift cards.

A couple of other points for discussion;
1. If you're just now stocking ammo; you have NOT been paying attention
2. If they're really looking, they most likely already become interested in you. If asked, most banksters will gladly find those purchases made a decade ago from from LuckyGunner, Palmetto Armory et al.
3. To paraphrase a former "SecState" - "At this point, what does it matter?"

Welcome to USSA, comrades!

Boat Guy

Heywood5150 said...

My son used to order things online on a regular basis starting at around age 10.
Of course, no 10 year old has a credit card so how did he do it?
He would take his cash, put it on a prepaid Visa that he got at the local Dollar Store

Anonymous said...

Amen good Sir!
Fuck’em all in the neck, with a Fairbain.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could do gift cards but here in NY they are now requiring name, age and occupation to buy ammo.

Anonymous said...

Aesop, thanks for the tip! I didn't think of gift cards. I presume those can be used online?
Some will be tough. I'm not sure all online retailers offer gift cards (PSA, Primary, Midway, Brownell's, and about a dozen others I buy from).
--Tennessee Budd

John A. Fleming said...

Gift cards don't help. You have to use a credit card to buy them at Brownells for instance. And you have to give the gift card ID when purchasing.

It will be interesting to see if any of the large online sellers bring back checks. Will purchases paid for with checks also be merchandise and identity tagged? If not and that becomes a not-insignificant amount of purchases, the tyrants will quickly modify their rules to cover it.

Special orders from your favorite stores and pay with cash will become more prevalent.

Anonymous said...

I find you can get some reasonable deals at estate sales. Saw one in Sun City AZ over the weekend that had thousands of rounds of a variety of calibers. Also had reloading equipment and supplies. Lots of brass and projos.

Anonymous said...

Wow, man, you're dumb.

1 + 1 = 2

Any global organizations you know of been talking about banning cash and moving to purely digital currency any time soon?

I know these 2 issues are COMPLETELY unrelated, but imagine if you will, a scenario where they are not.

Aesop said...

Wow, man, you're dumber.

Most people get that a cashless society is a prison society, and the move to squeeze off cash has been well-documented everywhere for decades.

It will also set off worldwide revolution in about 0.2 seconds, and the blood-letting would be biblical.
"Freedom's just another word for nothing less to lose..."

BTW, how's the worldwide ban on drugs going these days?
What about the worldwide ban on murder?

Since a ban on cash hasn't happened anywhere yet, acting like cash doesn't exist is asinine.
Kind of like your comment.

Anonymous said...

don't want to alarm anyone, however at this point every move you make simply adds to the information "they" have already compiled about you. The monitoring of "us" didn't start last week, it likely began when the magic kenyan was Kang 'n sheeit of hereabouts. If you think simply visiting this here blog, or WRSA, hell, even survivalblog... puts you on the list, you are correct. Once on the list, you are being surveilled. All. The. Time. Whatever we do to fuck them up, is good. But not a single one of us is "unknown" to the Stasi/Chekists.
Push back, wear camo, open carry always in defiance to their shit. But please know "they" already know us.
Original Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Respectfully, you miss the point.

It’s obviously a massive infringement on our rights, it will absolutely be weaponized against all of us in the very near future, and even worse; it will dissuade lots of noobs from buying guns, ammo, and otherwise exercising their God Given Second Amendment rights.

Work-arounds are the problem; we need to fight this; make them feel real pain however we can. Literally and figuratively.

Rolling over and taking it non-stop is what got us here in this mess.

We need to go on offense and fight.

Aesop said...

1) Name the right being violated, and by whom.
2) Cite the source of that right.
3) Explain upon whom you would make war over this imagined offense.

When you discover, as you must, that you agreed to this sort of thing when you signed the card-user agreement, do come back and offer a personal mea culpa, because you never read the fine print.

Not using cash is what got you into this mess.
That error is fixable with minimal distress.

C said...

I'm not too worried about gun purchases being flagged as I am about bank accounts getting frozen because you didn't turn your guns in. When it comes to that ... The ending of Fight Club was a great scene ...

Steven59 said...

Credit cards ALWAYS leave a trail, so if you don't want "someone" to track what you buy with credit then you should be using cash.

When I went TDY on orders with a Military Travel Card there were often things I wanted to purchase and places I wanted to go that I did not want to show up on the card statement. There is this useful concept known as a CASH ADVANCE which allowed me to enjoy myself like a grown-up without being called on the carpet when I got back to my duty station.

Why else do you suppose that Totalitarian Socialist Governments all over the world are trying to get rid of physical money?

John A. Fleming said...

Some people above have suggested using pre-paid credit cards, purchased with cash. If that works, the CCCs don't need your identity, they will honor the card, so the online retailers won't be giving your identity to the CCCs.

I thought of a further obfuscation. The CCCs might have point of sale information for these cards. That point-of-sale information can be correlated with other economic indicators and a sophisticated program can start zeroing in on you. So buy a card, and then swap it the same amount with somebody else.

I can imagine somebody setting up a card exchange business. You send them a card you purchased, say for $100. They subtract a handling fee, say $5, and send you back somebody else's $95 card. They might have to buy a bunch of cards to get the exchange started. I can't see where that would break any laws