Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Laughs Sovietly


Texson said...

Mr. Aesop- I enjoy watching how your mind works. Please be advised- you've got to get off this "Putler bad" bs. Bury your prejudice.

Aesop said...

1) Putin has been evil since he joined the KGB. When last I looked, that was in 1975, some 47 years ago. If you disagree, kindly list all the KGB officers from 1975-1991 who were not evil. Show all work.
2) That such is his nature, and a factual description of reality makes it therefore not bs.
3) I describe his nature from a frank and ruthless appreciation of the truth, not prejudice.
If you cannot tell the difference, re-think your premises.

Anonymous said...

I too have grown a little weary of pointing out the blatant Gell-Mann amnesia of so many today, and the simple fact that:

"The enemy of my enemy is ... my enemies enemy, not my friend".

I'm not sure if it's wishful thinking, or they really are aligned with Moscow (a bit of each I suspect - interesting on how, on the recent 'slow-down' of a Russian internet hub, so many sites lost a major part of their hits, and 'all' the pro-Putin trolls).

It's like the blind acceptance that the 'establishment' and 'media', who have been cheerleading Moscow and marxism for decades, have suddenly done a 180 and now hate them and ... it's purely a coincidence that every story they spread just happens to 'accidentally' portray anyone against rasPutin as a corrupt, incompetent, evil fascist.

I mean, how hard of thinking must someone be to 'not' see they're doing exactly what they've always done, just now pretending to be on the other side instead?

John Wilder said...

We all know that Jeb! won in the Ukraine.