Sunday, November 15, 2020

The Great Backstab Continues - Beware the Ides Of November

We note the media now waving the latest eructation by Ohio's Quisling-In-Chief, Mike DeWhine (we're not sure when his family dropped the missing "h", but never was a politician more aptly named), who has evidently amended the federal Constitution, and decided that his opinion, and not the electoral college, should now be consulted to determine the presidential election outcome.

This sort of behavior from a nominal Republican, now-obvious RINO, and revealed closet never-Trumper, is now being added to the din of boos and catcalls from people salivating in the wings at the prospect of the Democommunists stealing an election in broad daylight, and using any means necessary to push the elected president out of the White House.

If you reside in the Buckeye State, I suggest none too gently that he belongs on your local accountability list, to be dealt with, of course, at the next election. With "friends" like DeWhine in high office, who needs enemas?

In the military, we called backstabbing fair-weather friends something that starts with the word "buddy" and rhymes with "muddy suckers".
DeWhine qualifies.

It was always going to be Trump vs. all comers.
So now the Ohio governor has evidently decided his best interests lie in joining the likes of Utah's carpetbagger Mittens, the frothingly mad Media, and the Democommunist Party (but I repeat myself).
He is now one of the 42 guys to pile on stabbing Caesar, after Brutus kicked off the party.

DeWhine has made his political bed.
Now let him lie in it.


jen said...

He's a former neighbor, actually, and has been a Democrat running as a Republican for years. It's the only way for him to get ahead. After many local and state offices, he went to Congress, and Senate. When we term limited him, he just played musical chairs with other politicians. Now hes come back as governor. He despises Trump bc he doesnt play by their rules. Tomorrow, it is expected that he will again lock us down. Last time, it was to 'flatten the curve.' Now hes claiming hospitals are about to be overwhelmed. Which is weird; ours is a ghost town, and I'm laid off again.
-ER Nurse

Commander Culture said...

The wife's first thought was to comment darkly that they had something on this governor. I do so anticipate the rise of a nationalist party that has the stomach to purge these types immediately and cast them over to the socialist side where they belong.

RandyGC said...

Yeah, he puts the "INO" in RINO

Back in the 90s when he was Lt Gov, he opposed the original CCW proposal in the state. He said he couldn't see a need for it. Never replied to my letter that I wouldn't see a need to carry a gun either if I had tax payer funded goons to follow me around 24/7.

However, whatever you have to say about him and his actions during the CHICOM FLU crisis, I think he is really trying to do what he thinks is best for the public, Arrogant smug self-righteous nanny stater that he is. It's not to boost his career

I am thankful that we no longer have a governor that bases all of his actions on how it will play in the East Coast media and affect his next fantasy run for president (cough- Kasich- cough)

Noveske's Rock said...

No they have nothing on him - he’s just garden variety scum. He canceled the primary the evening before. If he really was concerned he’d have given folks a few days heads up. Whenever he was in a parade my dad would walk up before his caddy convertible started to roll and give him a piece of his mind for 20 minutes when he had no choice but to take it and be polite in public

ArthurinCali said...

In the Navy, this was also referred to as a Blue Falcon. You never wanted to earn the reputation as a Blue Falcon.

Wayne said...

In the Army they were called feather merchants. Or REMFs.

uninformed said...

In Ohio there has been a long line of politicians of questionable worth. When this guy started his run I thought he was a democrat maybe slightly not as bad as the guy before him but still. You recall the guy before him. He was the guy that the leftist media thought was the adult in the room of the Republican party. That really says all you need to know. I've seen claims that the problem in California is what's in the water, in Ohio it's having the seat of state government in the same city as the major university it just rubs off I guess. And now there is a 10 pm till 5 am curfew.I guess the same science that says the virus is more dangerous at night is the same one that says magical surgical masks on the nursing staff keep them safe(wife keeps getting calls to say how many times she was exposed in the last 10 days{more than 5 less than 10 and mostly by staff}). When you "suit up" is your mask just a surgical one?

Landroll said...

It isn't over until the Fat Lady (Electoral College) sings. I think the MSM and others are trying to get Trump to quit because then it doesn't matter how many electoral votes he has. Dems tried that once in Baldwin County in Alabama during a gubernatorial election. A 13 yo girl caught the displayed miscounted numbers and kept the Repub candidate from throwing in the towel. He took the county and thus the state.

Charlie said...

None of us here are happy with kasich's protege.
Says he is pro-life, puts an abortion advocate as health director.
Too soon to shoot em, too late to stop em

Jonathan H said...

I've heard him called DeSwine, and it fits - as others have said, he is very much a RINO. I think our biggest problem is that he genuinely thinks he is doing the right thing... of course, egged on by his Democrat health assistant/ former state health director...
He is intensifying his health order, claiming that health departments and cops can shut down stores when people aren't wearing masks, but he doesn't mention any legal basis or jurisdiction for it... I know some stores that laugh about it and have said they won't close if ordered to.

edutcher said...

DeWidiot may be lying in his bed, but I doubt for long. The I word has already been floated, so he backed off.

I suggest he be hit with it good and hard.