Friday, November 27, 2020

Dear PTB:

The popping sounds heard after that won't be corn kernels.

When you try to replace a republic with a banana republic, because you thought you could, it becomes an extinction-level event for one side or the other.

I can give you odds on which side that turns out to be.

If anyone is planning to sit that one out indefinitely, "may your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget you were our countrymen." If the theft of a presidential election isn't enough to equal a Fort Sumter moment, the country is already too dead to care about.

Right now, it's quiet enough to hear sphincters tightening from the DC Beltway to Hollywood.

Call that toss in the air, gents.


Tim said...


Glacialhills said...

"You stole an election from the wrong god darned wreckroom!"

Jimmy the Saint said...

"When you try to replace a republic with a banana republic, because you thought you could, it becomes an extinction-level event for one side or the other.

I can give you odds on which side that turns out to be."

The catch, of course, is that they have also done the math, and have determined that they will win. Historically speaking, the odds are probably on their side - revolts by elites usually win; revolts by the peasants usually don't.

In most wars, both sides usually think it will be a quick walk in the park, and both sides usually turn out to be very wrong.

It looks like we're about to see on both counts.

Aesop said...

Castro, Mao, Lenin, Bolivar, Robbespierre, and Jefferson would like to have a chat with you regarding your who wins/loses analysis.

It won't be a quick walk in the park but it will be a satisfying one.

The beauty of existential conflict is that it's a zero-sum game.
As both Carthage and the passenger pigeons would attest, were it possible for the exterminated to speak.

mpm2020 said...

Start with your local yokels

A. J. Pendelton said...

The only way that it's going to go 'weapons free' is that Trump somehow manages to stay in power after a Supreme Court decision. This is a given. A fact. Count upon it should that happen.

If Biden is sworn in as president--nothing will happen other than a lot of usual tough talks, people posting bible verses and mumbling prayers for supernatural deliverance... as usual.

Aesop said...


Feel free to recite for the class the passage in the Constitution where it says that if SCOTUS pees on your head and tells you it's raining, you are duty-bound to adhere to their view of the weather.

Failing that, I'd have to assume you're telling us more about your reaction than anyone else's.

SCOTUS failing to deliver justice in this case negates all claim to rule of law, and such an event wouldn't preclude armed conflict, but rather would guarantee it.

But I'm open to counter-argument. Look up their decision re: Dred Scot and tell me how that one worked out in the long run.

Fred said...

Aesop, if it does come to pass, will we rise up en masse or do you think it will only be one or two who try to start the ball rolling.

Docent said...

Even if "nothing will happen" as you contend, things will never go back to the "usual." The left used to be safe because conservatives thought leftists were merely stupid. That's changed. Now conservatives know that the left is evil.

Normal American said...

FYI, I linked to your post from here (second-to-last paragraph):

Gator McCluskey said...

A.J. , just because you’re a pussy doesn’t mean the rest of us are.

Steady Steve said...

And make sure your local accountability list is up to date.

beachfront69 said...

A list should have some em ess em criminals on it. Jut sayin it would be a good start.

Aesop said...

Just spitballing, but my best SWAGuess is it will be like popcorn. One here, one there, randomly, but gradually increasing in tempo and frequency, until either the heat gets turned down (or up), until everything's popping everywhere.

Stay frosty.
Plan for things being better - or worse - than you suspected.

Any time a range goes hot in both directions, everything's up for grabs, all bets are off, and anything can happen.