Saturday, November 28, 2020

Leftards Start Losing Their Collective $#!^ in 3, 2, ...

Robert Barnes of Barnes Law was first to break the news with a link to the opinion of Judge Patricia McCullough via Mark Levin. Now, in another surprising move, the PA Trial Court has ruled the 2020 election was likely unconstitutional in PA and that gives the state legislators the power to choose electors.

That's one governmental power they'd darned sure better exercise. 


Rick said...

Friday December 4th 1300 EST, Robert Barnes will join a virtual discussion on the constitutionality of the lockdowns. The event is free although registration is required.

Night driver said...

Does LA county have any effect on you where you are?

Night Driver

Aesop said...

Home for most of my life.

Moved out for good pre-2K, because it had become an unliveable Tijuana-clone sh*thole.

If it burns to the ground tomorrow, I'll bring hot dogs and marshmallows.
If the Chinese or Norks ever nuked it, the outpouring of thanks from the rest of the state (nevermind most of the U.S.) would crush the Post Office and package delivery services.

And when you issue proclamations that your own sheriffs and police have said they won't enforce, it's gotten epicly bad and stupid.

The only thing for it is pray for salvation via San Andreas.
The fault line, not the Catholic saint.

Unknownsailor said...

Robert Barnes does a weekly live stream on the Viva Frei channel at 4 PM Sundays.

I guarantee there will be discussion about the various legal cases related to the election. Also Flynn pardon this time. The Flynn case has been a subject for discussion for months.

Usually goes a tad over 2 hours. Must watch.

Link to the stream:

Robin Datta said...

This Pennsylvania thing: maybe a rescue of "A Republic, if you (we) can keep it."



LA and SF both.