Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Appeasement Isn't In Our Nature...

Election theft = war. 

No compromise. But we'll accept your unconditional surrender.

The secret is out. 
If you'll steal an election now, and get away with it, you'll steal them forever.
We're not going to spend 4 years - or forever - learning to like the taste of sh*t sandwich.

But you will.

You called that tune.
Time to pay the piper.


be603 said...

Illinois 1960, Statesmanlike Nixon says "Let it stand, there will be no challenge -- for the good of the nation."

Sorry Dick.
Now we know for certain, that which gets rewarded gets repeated.

In spades.

Borepatch said...

This post is unimprovable.

Unknown said...

Yep. They called that toss. The line been crossed. There are several million mfers about to do a mash up of Henry Bowman, Red dawn, and deliverance if grievances aren't redressed. This ain't about Trump, it's about the WILL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND IT WILL NOT BE FUCKING ABRIDGED.

And please to god Canada, Germany, New Zealand cash that check your mouth been writing. I hated China but we fucking bled for all you mfers. Fuck Off. Skin that smoke wagon and you'll fucking learn what Kings mountain, cowpens and red stick war is. You gone learn what kinda fear a motivated man with an 800 yard pinpoint stick of death can do. We will stack blue helmets higher than Curahee and go "UN Delenda Est".

A good culling never hurt anyone.

Trumpeter said...

"Hey Democrats:

There, fify

stormsailor1981 said...

Just like the Minutemen, and my ancestors that fought at Hanging Rock, Kings Mountain, Cowpens, and took long range shots at dozens of supply parties.

Molan Labe

Slick said...

Amen! Enough is enough!

Steady Steve said...

I think Trump is going to pull this one off at the last minute. Giving the other side "enough rope to hang themselves". Then the commies will lose it, giving us justification to defend the Republic from these domestic enemies. They have no idea of the fury about to be unleashed upon them. That's what happens when you hate Western culture. You miss out on clues like Kipling's "Wrath of the Awakened Saxon".

John said...

A stolen election is the end of the Republic.

skybill said...

Hi Aesop,
Rhetoric is Cheap!!.... 'Comes a time when babaling words only gives your opponent the needed nanosecond to lock, load and kill you...... Saying Molon Labe and such is history...
"TUCO!!!!!" said it so well... after the fact!!!
check it out!!!!...

Oh, BTW... "Sorry about the mess!!...."

Audentes, fortuna, Ivat,