Sunday, November 1, 2020

Sunday Music: New York State Of Mind

As promised in comments to last Sunday's piece. And not just any old version. Like last week, this one is Fan Participation, from a Q and A session at Vanderbilt U. in 2013.
Not a concert per se, but nonetheless, major props to musical legend Billy Joel for giving a newb a shot, and risking the faceplant that could have happened all too easily.

Calling Your Shot Over The Centerfield Bleachers Moment:

Billy Joel: "What key to you do it in?"

Michael Pollack: "What key do you want it in?"

In case that's not enough for today, here's another cut, a personal fave from the Turnstiles album which we selected last September, and one that could become altogether too close to reality in coming days.


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Here is one link

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The videos arent showing up on cell phone version.

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Nice to have these back.