Saturday, November 14, 2020

Pincer Movement

The battle continues. On two fronts, it appears.

On one side Grifter-in-chief Palpatine, and his sidekick Jar Jar Kneepads, abetted in the fraud by their spokesholes at the local versions of Pravda and Isvestia, which is just about every newspaper and broadcast radio and TV station, in every market, coat to coast, save a token opposition and a few stragglers, is amping up their perpetual gaslighting of the challenges to this election, and cranking up the volume and tempo of their relentless drumbeat that the Hidin'/Kneepads ticket was victorious, and that therefore President Trump ought to get it over with and commit political seppuku.

This with zero electoral votes awarded anywhere, and about 90 such in total doubt, with fraud so widespread and rampant it's visible from satellites in space.

Natzsofast, Guido.

There's at least two problems with that: first, it ain't just about President Trump anymore. It's personal now, because the Leftards have already openly called for enemies lists, re-education camps, and worse. The only way for them to walk that back with any good faith is to apologize, and kill themselves. Lest it be in any way misunderstood, that was not a merely rhetorical suggestion. You asked for a fight to the death, you got it. Win, lose, or draw, that goes away only when those who called for it are dead, dead, dead.

Secondly, what's the rush?

If Palpatine and Jar Jar won, the Leftards should welcome honest audits and recounts, the better to take another victory lap, while rubbing the Right's noses in the Left's inevitable march to the throne room of power. People who've actually scored a touchdown don't bitch about re-watching the video that proves it. It's that simple.

You can run the tape back and forth, and if the feet are inbounds, and the ball is in control, it's a touchdown time after time after time.

So when one team's coaches, and half the fans in the stadium, boo and catcall the replay, and start agitating loudly to ignore it and just call the touchdown without looking at that pesky video replay, you know they didn't score, and you know they know they didn't score, so all their histrionics and hissyfits beforehand and afterwards is just them being pissed that they lost, refusing to admit it, even to themselves, and terror at having their noses rubbed in you seeing it with your own lying eyes, on a 50' tall jumbotron, in front of millions of eyewitnesses.

They'll be left losers, with egg on their faces, and be thwarted at achieving what they wanted so badly they could not only taste it, but were willing to lie, cheat, and steal to get.

That's the only and most crystal-clear obvious explanation for their frothing insistence that everybody stop looking, and see things their way. Time lets people come forward, swear affidavits, document vote harvesting, forensically dissect software "glitches" (which miraculously only ever go one way), prove ballot stuffing, find dead people voting in the thousands, and prove beyond any doubt countless other stock-in-trade tricks of the Democommunists, not just in this election, but pretty much since we started voting for leaders on this continent.

But that's not enough for them. We're being flanked by people pretending to be on our side.

We've got the quisling RINO contingent cheering them on, and the old-school lose-gracefully weak-tea pseudo-cons pre-conceding the recounts, the court challenges, and everything else, on our behalf, and wargaming how we do our best to slow walk to the boxcars, and resolve to taste bad when thrown to lions.

Better do a re-think on that on, Fuckwheat, because I don't remember conceding my rights or reality to some half-witted process with somebody's fat ass on the scales, nor electing some lily-livered chickenshit punditry to speak on my behalf, giving first consideration to their own cushy rice bowls rather than the republic.

Obvious fraud is obvious fraud, and it doesn't become magically blessed and sacrosanct just because some committee, or some judge, nor even all of them combined, decides that their own myopia prevents them from seeing it.

Steal this election, and it's war.

I'm sorry, let me be clearer about that:

Steal this election, and it's war. 

War to the knife, knife to the hilt, then gouging eyes and biting off ears.

There won't be any mythical "unity" with people who've called for our shaming, rounding up, re-education, and our deaths. Nor any  "let's-let-bygones-be-bygones" bullshit. There isn't going to be any kowtowing to a horrendously corrupt process that even let anyone get this close to pulling it off, as though the Marquess of Queensbury Rules would remain in full effect, just because someone got away with it.

We aren't gong to regroup, and hope the Senate, or SCOTUS, or the fucking Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny, come to our rescue to keep frothing communists from enacting the Soviet/Cuban/Venezuelan Worker's Paradise they've been salivating over for 80 years.

The minute someone violates democracy, and all due process, the social contract is broken, the Rule of Law is out the window, and any and all allegiance anyone owed or might claim from us to the former republic is null and void, in perpetuity.

Because from that moment forward, that republic has died, and ceases to exist.
I henceforth owe it nothing.

Not nostalgia, not love, not treasure, not true faith nor allegiance, because the party to whom all that was owed is no longer extant.

I will agitate, protest, strike, undermine, monkeywrench, sabotage, and if necessary, kill people and break things to destroy whatever hologram of the former republic anyone tries to prop up, and I won't rest at that until I'm either dead, or I win.

We're not going to hope for miraculous salvation, we're going to shoot m#####f#####s in the face. Those are the stakes, and you said you wanted to play for blood. Game on, girl scouts.

I get only a 1/330,000,000th say in that outcome, but I vote for liberty and freedom, even if I spend my time under bridges and on the run, and anyone opposed to that can go to Hell. The only peaceful transition, at that point, will be transitioning communists into soil supplements. And I'll do it with a smile on my face, and sleep like a baby afterwards.


If this is news to anyone: at DNC HQ, the NYFTimes, Fox News, or anyone inside the Washington DC beltway, bookmark this spot, because I told you so.

You want the allegiance of people, there's but one way to get it: 
uphold the rule of law, get your elbows off the scales of justice, throw out the bogus votes, and stop the cheating at elections once and for all time.

Anyone on the other side of that question has entered into a blood feud, and with half of the country.

Ask Fletcher how that worked out.

"Wounds my heart with a monotonous languor..."


Robin Datta said...

What the Progressive Socialist Liberals have in store for Conservatives (part 1)

Banned Videos

idahohunter said...

Fuckin'a Bubba

Wolfeman said...

I'm all in!

Unknown said...

I agree, wholeheartedly. But, the outlaw was a murder, who deserved death for him, his fellow bandits and just 'cuz Hollywood makes him the Hero, doesn’t make it so...

Aesop said...


You're a little short on the uptake, aren't you?
Even in the title, "outlaw" should have been in quotes to show the dubious nature of the appellation.
If something that obvious got by you, you weren't paying very close attention.
When you're slated for ambush under false pretenses, that's the murder.
Killing the people sent to kill you isn't murder, it's self defense.

In the context of a war waged on uninvolved women and children, it's justifiable homicide.
Go watch the actual movie from start to finish (which will evidently be a first-time experience for you), then get back to us.

If you haven't figured out how you'll be treated if you refuse to haul water for a fraudulently obtained presidency, a quote I posted recently by Sam Adams will cover things, come the day.

John said...

This, or some variant, is probably gonna end up in my post for tomorrow:

Joe Biden may not know it, but he has a profound stake in making sure that the election is viewed as valid. It's one thing to have a few people upset about the outcome. It's another to have 60,000,000 Americans convinced that he stole the presidency.

He should join Trump in trying to legitimize the election, even at the cost of his own presidency.

He won't.

corona virus said...

I agree. So at least 2/330,000,000

Stealth Spaniel said...

Welcome back to that sweet and dulcet speech we missed when the computer died. This insanity keeps morphing into real life. A new neighbor couldn't wait to tell everyone he is retired from Homeland Security. We should all evidently walk around with devices to film things that don't "look right". That way, "the authorities" can decipher the act, the license number, use face recognition, etc to identify all parties. I was not nice: "Are we in a crime wave? Is this now a requirement or just local snooping? Can I deduct my "video device" from my taxes as a write off? How many films must we turn in every week? If I get a restraining order for stalking, can I say that YOU sent me?" WTF is wrong with people? Did some alien drop from space and abscound with common sense, decency, and clear thinking? The new interloper backed off but not before telling me that I don't care about my neighbors. This moron thinks that because he got a badge-he is now thinks that he is a General in the Imperial Legate of Rome. And people wonder why I adore my dogs so much!! Cocker spaniels live at the top of the Pinnacle: food, fun, and being happy. We are in for some tough times.

Robin Datta said...

Bandit or otherwise is a matter of perspctive. One side's freedom fighter is another side's terrorist. Mr. J. Christ was a seditionist to the Romans, but a lot of folks thought and think otherwise. Even the language of the killers of Christ was inherited and is to this day still used by the Catholic Church.

Aesop said...


If Veep Palpatine wasn't a senile lying grifter, he could come out and admit "Hey, some of my people obviously went overboard, and tried to steal this election, and I won't win by cheating", and disavow their actions.

But he cannot do that, because
a) his only religion is power for himself, and
b) self-evidently, to the extent he's capable in his diminished mental capacity, he's in on the con, and finally
c) he'd lose.

So it's not happening, ever.

Someone who thinks the way to get themself a TV is by coming through my bedroom window at 3AM is going to get a 12 Gauge Enema Surprise.
So what should anyone expect who does the same thing to gain the presidency?

If they take the oath of office, it will be in exile, and Palpatine and Jar Jar are both going to, one fine day, wind up like the Causcescus or Mussolini.

The open question is going to be at what point the Secret Service realizes they've signed on to guard the wrong people, and what they do about it when that realization dawns.
Palpatine is going to go through food tasters like Pres. Trump has gone through SecDefs.

T said...

Funniest comment I've seen so far on the election

Election 2020: The Establishment Strikes Back!
"Well, you can't blame them for being so blatant. We did blow up their Death Star.....err, Hillary..., in 2016."

Paul W said...

What they want...and what only a few of the more stupid are willing to say (for now):

Turd burglar said...


beachfront69 said...

When the removal time happens the MSM liars should be the first in line to receive their well deserved dirt naps.

Anonymous Contractor said...

Snake's in.