Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Not A Warning Order; Just A Guesstimate

We will not be replaying the naked voter fraud of the 1960 federal election, under Marquess of Queensbury Rules, and stand by as good sports while an entire election is stolen in plain sight.

Fort Sumter v2.0, however, is very much in play.

Pray that the federal judiciary pulls its head out before they are overtaken by events.


Stealth Spaniel said...

From your lips to God's ears. The outright bastardness of the fraud of an election is out front for all to see. Was hoping to hear more about your new Camp Snoopy but I guess that will wait until after the shooting stops. Stay safe.

curious said...

so all the tough guys slamming covid numbers around here now got nothing to say as our duly elected president is getting ass reamed by the deep state and it gets pointed out here. All talk no action I guess

Michael said...

Well, well curious in the house eh?

So what are YOU gonna Do hero? I find the LOUD talkers are generally government trolls looking for a promotion or BS artists who have never seen the bloody end of the war spear.

Yes, the Deep State has done a successful Color Revolution against a sitting President and our Republic. The useful idiots in the CONgress (spelling intentional) think they are grabbing the golden ring of POWER. THEY are but sacrificial FACE People to the Deep State to "Calm" the "Woke Mob". The Deep State POWER behind the Throne matters...

The even MOAR useful idiots of the street armies are either going to be shut down by their paymasters OR even WORSE used as deniable Street Warlords to control areas deemed too "Difficult" to control by normal state efforts. Look to Venezuela about this warlord thing.

Trouble isn't coming buddy, it's HERE. We need to start by not fighting FOR the Deep State by bickering at each other.

Say nothing ON the Open Internet you'd not say to a Judge with the power of Madam Guillotine awaiting your Hate Crimes "Trial".

execute (someone) by guillotine.
put to death · carry out a sentence of death on · kill · hang · send to the gibbet ·

For the historically literate: French Revolution reference as the "Woke" Mobs demanded surrender, abused people and enslaved the French people under threat of the warm embrace of Madam Guillotine. UNDER RULE OF BAD LAWS.

Remember the folks that hid Annie Frank were breaking the law, the folks that betrayed her and her family to the Nazis death camps were OBEYING the LAW.

Phillip said...

The tough guys are busy, curious.