Friday, December 13, 2019

This Ain't Gonna Work Out Like You Thought

They weren't "Californians" when they landed here, nor when they left here.
They won't magically become such when they get to where you are either.
But you're welcome to all you want.

"You all can go to Hell; I'm going to Texas!" - Rep. David Crockett

According to an article by Tyler Durden linked at RLGore's Straight Line Logic, Crockett's sentiment is shared by a growing number of companies seeking refuge from Califrutopia's confiscatory taxation. Which, make no mistake, is as bad as you've heard. You should RTWT, at either place. But as we've pointed out WRT Durden's prognostications before, what he covers is rarely as important as what he unknowingly overlooks. So stealing a line from the late great Paul Harvey, let's tell you The Rest Of The Story you won't get in the OP either place, in a fitting cautionary tale for Friday the 13th.

One quote in it has 70,000 "Californians" (the vast majority of whom are not, and never were, but we'll leave that point momentarily); the awkward paragraph's next quote has 12,900 (15% of 86,000), unless it was aiming at stating that ex-Californians were 15% of all new Texas arrivals, a number shrouded in vagueness.

So Point One, the minor one, would be to figure out WTF number we're aiming at, if you're seeking some precision beyond vague statements that "a lotta people are going to Texas from Califrutopia", which conveys close to zero actual and useable information.

Point Two, the far greater one, is that most of the people leaving CA are geographical gypsies, and have been their entire adult lives. Having no investment in where they came from they plundered and moved on to greener pastures, exactly as they'll do at their next point of alighting.
That prospect, far more than where they landed and plundered last, should scare hell out of anyone in Texas.

They weren't native Californians, people who carved an oasis out of a desert, built the ships and planes of WWII, entertained the world with world-class stories and music, or feed the world annually from their surplus. And, incidentally, voted solid Republican for most of a century, since the territory was founded as a state.

Texans aren't getting them for neighbors.

They're getting the detritus from everywhere from Pigknuckle to NYFC, the second- and third-raters who couldn't survive in the corrupt scumopolii of the East and Midwest, the ne'er-do-wells whose parents stuck it out in the dustbowl or Appalachia or the deep South until long after all the good jobs were gone, and then only moved to Californy after the welfare hammock there made the trip worthwhile, have now sucked it dry, and have chosen a new clueless rube to rob and loot before the husk here collapses from its own weight.

One might be forgiven for having thought Texas would have learned its lesson in Houston after Katrina, but there's always one bozo who has to grab the hot stove two times to catch on.

Tag, Texas; you're it.

You'll be getting the illegal aliens too shiftless to work here, the ones not quite bright enough to climb the cartel hierarchy, the white trash and Diversity Beans who've timed out their welfare benefits, and the proud younger diplomates from the 49th-ranking educational system in the country.

The ones who voted in Gov. Gray Davis, who bankrupted the state by buying its own power back from Enron at 4 times the market price, then became the first CA governor to get recalled in 100 years; the ones who thought Moonbeam Brown hadn't done enough damage to CA in his first two horrible terms back in the '80s, and gave him two more, those who voted for Clinton and Obozo and Shrillary, and then gave us Gabbin' Nuisance as a follow-up to Moonbeam, now finally termed out in his dottage, all while saddling the entire country with Barbara Boxer, the stupidest senator in the country for pretty much her entire term of service, gun-grabbing Sen. Fineswine, and Speaker Nancy Alzheimers, not once, but now twice, because the first time didn't screw the country up hard enough.
Sen. Kamala Klowncar Kneepads, beside this rogue's gallery, is just a latter-day asterisk.

You're getting their voters. To him who has ears to hear, let him listen.

Look real hard at where Davis, and Pelosi, and Boxer are from (Google it, I triple dog-dare you); that's who voted for them here, too, and that's who's moving to Texas, by demographic inevitability. And hey, Texicans, check out your southern counties, and note how your entire state is purpling up nicely, and due to flip (D) forever inside of 20 years, and then tell yourselves you'll be different, and "it can't happen here".

Don't believe me; ask around in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona. They think they got inundated with "Californians", but mathematics is a rare gift, and they never had the wit to figure out that if all their problem came from here, this state would be as barren  and de-populated as North Dakota or Alaska, even if we threw in half of Mexico here illegally for free.
It simply isn't possible, and never was; those states were inundated not by "Californians", but by people who couldn't ruin Califrutopia fast enough, and just kept moving. We were just the last place they despoiled before moving along. License plates aren't birth certificates, a fact they learned too little, and too slow, if they even know now.

Now it's Texas' turn.

I forward Texas my sincere best wishes dealing with that locust storm, but no matter how I say it, it still comes over as the English translation of a Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times." You're going to do just that; no doubt. And you're going to get what your governors have been recruiting for, good and hard. Based purely on a lifetime's eyewitness observation, let me assure you it will not be anything like what you'd hoped for.

Oh, and you other folks? Substitute the name of your state patch for Texas, as necessary.
Lather, rinse, repeat.

The next uprising will not be North vs. South.
It will not be Coast vs. Hinterland.
It will not be City vs. Country.
It will not be Everywhere Else vs. Califrutopian Hordes.

It's going to be street to street, and house to house.
Wrap your heads around that, and stop bullsh*tting yourselves.
The biggest threat to your existence for the next 40 years is not coming from Califrutopia, NYFC, or the District of Mordor.
It's coming from within 5 miles of your front door, right effing NOW.
And it always was.


June J said...

Living the reality in Texas. Not just governors but officials at all levels eagerly inviting companies, immigrants and groups here. Suburban cities of all sizes turning purple and blue resulting in county level changes.
Unfortunately for California, not enough of those people who voted in mass socialism and stupidity will leave allowing the sane population to restore the state, just enough to ruin Texas. Who, after making the Lone Star state like the place they left, will pack up and spread their disease to another formerly nice state to live in.

McChuck said...

Anyone who voluntarily moves to California, and resides there for more than 36 months, should be banned for life from ever leaving the state.

Aesop said...

@ McChuck

Take back your toothless banjo-playing kinfolk first, and give us carte blanche to execute the worthless ones on sight without penalty, and you've got a deal.

Anonymous said...

Whether the folks moving from CA to TX are ACTUAL Californians (by whatever definition you choose), the point is that they're the people who made California what it is today (complete with the inability to walk around San Francisco without hip boots).

So while they may not have been Californians, born and bred, they DID get their taste of milk from the public teat from there, and the politicians were more than happy to bankrupt the productive members of society on their behalf, in return for their votes. It remains to be seen if Texan politicians will show more restraint, given the number of firearms in Texan hands, I'd imagine they may be a BIT more careful.

Mark D

AaMcavoy said...

The Californians ruining their new homes aren't true Scotsman, you say? A true Californian isn't like that? Haha, I couldn't resist that jab. Great post, as always.

I do have a counterpoint. My great grandfather moved to CA from North Dakota during ww2 to work the night shift as a welder. He stayed there until my grandfather was ten and gtfo. According to them, even back then, Californians were fruity and nutty. When I described to my grandfather the Californians I knew when I lived in the bay area a few years ago, he said it sounded like when he lived there. The Californians who have overrun my state were conservative by their standards, but far left by ours. They also were born there and have grandparents still there.

On the other hand, the majority of our Hispanics were born in California and are raising their kids here. So maybe my perspective is all off without accounting for that demographic.

Anyway, thanks for the perspective and fighting the fight.

Anonymous said...

update on someone who took the advice given...

They got him because they'd banned him from campus during his suspension, which was allegedly because he'd prefer not to date girls who date blacks.

"the student revealed that he had been suspended earlier this year over the content of his Tinder profile.

His bio on the dating site read: 'I want a girl who doesnt apply makeup by the pound, doesnt have bigger muscles than me, takes care of her body and has self respect, doesnt care about sports and hasnt been with a black guy, doesnt have kids and doesnt feel the need to dress like a hooker and go out drinking all the time.' "

Someone in the new stazi turned him in for badthink and the school suspended him. No one seems to be disputing any of that.

In a brilliant piece of self parody, the dean explains that they kicked him out because they're full of love and inclusion and openness. "it’s okay to be EVERYBODY,' Roth said in a statement. 'Exclusion and hate will not be tolerated here. You are accepted at OCU Law no matter how you pray, what you look like, or who you love. And you always will be.'


(and the interracial sex thing seems to be following the prog continuum -- forced tolerance, forced acceptance, mandatory participation.)

Aesop said...


"We're kicking you out because we hate people who are exclusionary".
They don't know it, but they just bought his law degree, and his first house.
Another case of Full Progtard.
You never go Full Progtard.

War is Peace.
Freedom is Slavery.
Ignorance is Strength.

- Big Brother

Aesop said...

@Mark D,

The point is, if you don't know what you're dealing with, and you mislabel them, you've already booted identifying the problem, so you'll fuck up the solution as well.

Like demographics, taxonomy is destiny.

So, how's having lotsa guns thing working out for the people who've been purpled out of power in VA?
How's it going in FL?

What does that bode for TX?
Same thing, just a bit slower coming down the pipe.

TechieDude said...

"Same thing, just a bit slower coming down the pipe."

Maybe, maybe not.

Texas is a big state, and if they are coming to Houston or Austin, I'd agree somewhat.

A friend of mine once said (soon after I moved here) that Dallas (where I live) is pretty cruel if you aren't earning a living. Seemed that way to me when I was unemployed.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

I have been looking down on Texas all my life. What you say is true and it disgusts me that nearly half the countries population has no common sense. Son moved to Austin this year so have been visiting. I think your a little long on your time line by about double. I have been predicting D in ten years for a couple of years now. Austin has already been displaying san fran activity for a few years.

Survovormann99 said...

I first came to California when I was in the Marine Corps when Ronald Reagan was governor. California was the land of opportunity: well-paying defense industry jobs, Corvettes, surfing, and the Beach Boys. In Orange County, I found that it bordered on rare to find a young woman at a night spot who was a native Californian. "Hey, look! We got one!"

Orange County was the bastion of conservative California "back in the day." No more. After the 2018 election, not one congressman is a Republican.

Eric Hoffer, a longshoreman turned philosopher, once said that the country was on a tilt, and that all of the loose nuts rolled to California. For decades, California served as a magnet for those who wanted a "fresh start." For decades, it became the new home for people from the Far West, Midwest and Northwest who were dissatisfied with the circumstances in which they found themselves. It was a place to start over.

For the Eastern half of the country, Florida served and still serves that same role--cheap homes, plentiful jobs, and good weather for at least 8 months of the year. Florida still attracts the nuttier types from other states in the same way that California used to do. (A couple of radio hosts on KABC used to find a bizarre news story, e.g., "restaurant serves baby seal entrées) and play "Florida or Not Florida." Smug California listeners could then call in and choose whether the incident happened in Florida, or not, and get a prize if they were correct.)

What has really changed in California since the 70s is massive immigration. While some of it is immigration from liberal states, most of it is foreign immigration. One-third of all foreign immigrants choose California. (Wouldn't you if you were one? Why be the only Chinese face in a Bumtruck, Nebraska, or the only Somalian in Jesus Mission, Utah?) A large percentage of these immigrants come from socialist countries whose population has a very different view of how government should work.

A huge percent of Hispanics are illegal, but their adult children who are born here can vote, and they vote for Democrats because Democrats promise free benefits for which they pay nothing. If a person doesn't pay taxes except at the cash register, everything that person gets from government is free. And what California gets in the process is an unlimited supply of hotel maids and gardeners, as well as others who have strong backs and weak minds and who are willing to work at lower wages.

The tipping point for California came around 1995 when an appellate court overturned the results of Proposition 187, a ballot proposition that Californians approved and which would have denied any state or local benefits to illegals. Now, California is beyond redemption. Every statewide officeholder is a Democrat, and Democrats have a super majority in the legislature which means that they do not have to obtain bipartisan support for any bill.

While for many California Republicans, "hope springs eternal," this notion is almost delusional, and it is a pipedream without a happy ending.

Aesop said...

You're wrong about that, unless you have Stage IV cancer.

"Eventually and inevitably with socialism, you always run out of other people's money."

True in the Soviet Union.
True in Cuba.
True in Venezuela.
True in Califrutopia.

What cannot continue, won't.
Then the torches and pitchforks come out, the statues of Marx and Lenin come down, and certain people take a trip to the bullet pock-marked wall.

Every. Last. Time. It's. Tried.

Survivormann99 said...

Many smug non-Californians happily point out that they don't have gun restrictions like Californians do. They ignore the fact that almost every new trend begins in California. The rest of the states, to one degree or another, then pick it up, often simply changing the jurisdictional names involved.

A clear example of this is the current effort by Democrats in Virginia who, with the financial help of Michael Bloomberg, have taken over the legislature. Every new "assault rifle" restriction that is being considered by Democrats has been the law in California for quite some time.

Your state could be next. Sleep well. Not.

james said...

Support VCDL by buying a lower from Palmetto State Armory. Everyone should have a few extras around for the spicy times to come.

be603 said...

/Blackeagle603 sends/

Ayup. Spot on Aesop.

1. Politics is downstream of culture.
Fix your Universities and schools Texas, starting in Austin! While you still can.

2. Protect your voter rolls and ballot box integrity.
The Left will stop at nothing. Get that Voter ID in place and bulletproof it.

be603 said...

Your post begs the question...

How best to prepare and response to approaching clouds of locust?

Anonymous said...

The cities of Austin are already infested with Kaliforn - I- A. I fear its pretty much lost. Any day the feces will appear on the sidewalks and there you go. The cities of Houston / DFW / San Antonio likewise are blue strongholds, have been for quite a while, but they were the Old Yellow Dog Dems. Not the Progressives - Communists that are taking over that party. I wonder if any of the older Dems are deciding another Dem party is needed? Split the vote, but I don't see them voting Communist either.

Coupled with the huge upswell of illegal aliens making their homes in those cities - hard to see much hope.

James M Dakin said...

be603-you cannot stop it:
"It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear! And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead!"
Get out of the city, and don't invest all your savings into that new home. You'll be moving again, soon. Bury guns, buy more ammo than you think you need, and stock the heck out of food, as that will be the #1 weapon used against you

Borepatch said...

Word. When the Boogaloo starts it will look like Sarajevo, everywhere.

Aesop said...

@Anonymous 11:05A,

Maybe I wasn't clear enough?
Texas' problem isn't with Califrutopia, it's with Marx and Lenin.

They aren't a California problem. They're an everywhere problem.

You'll grasp this reality when you start shooting them in the face.
But probably not until you have no other choice.

Anonymous said...

And, I bet the odds are quite good that the majority of those who have posted plaintively on here have dutifully sent their children to the government for their education. Every day a countless number of yellow Commutubes (school buses) disgorge the junior fellow travelers.

"Oh, but our schools are different."


Desert Rat said...

I lived the first 50 years of my life in California. I have lived in both the southern and northern portions, in cities and small towns and in rural settings. When I was a kid homosexuality was a crime and people were arrested if they were caught going at it in a public setting. Adultery was also a crime though I don't know of anyone actually prosecuted for it. The only ground for divorce were adultery and abuse ("mental cruelty" got added in to this sometime in mid-century).

In California, when I was a kid, forcible rape under certain circumstances was a capital crime (see Caryl Chessman). The gas chamber at San Quentin was in use and murderers wound up there quite often.

In California, when I was a kid living in Santa Rosa, the town shut down on Sunday. All businesses but those deemed necessary for public health and safety closed for the sabbath.

I lived across the street from a plum orchard when I was a kid. At harvest time whole families of Mexicans suddenly showed up and picked the fruit. Once the fruit had been harvested the Mexicans left and once the harvest season was over all across the state they went back to Mexico and stayed there until planting and harvesting started up again next year.

Queers congregated in the cities and San Francisco was notorious for its homosexual "community". They paraded once a year, as I recall, on Halloween when the local drag queens came out in force and strutted their stuff (this was treated as an amusing side show by most). But they did not parade around at any other time and there were no "pride" parades.

Millions of service men trained and were stationed there during WW2. War industries drew workers from all over the nation (blacks came up from the south to take good paying jobs in the shipyards and factories and then settled permanently after the war - my dad, born in California in 1918 - could remember when Oakland and Richmond were white bedroom cities across from San Francisco). A lot of these people saw the nice climate, readily available and affordable real estate and good jobs available and moved in after the war. California used to have one of the best public school systems in the country and its state college system was a model for other states.

California used to be a reliable win for the GOP. The first dimrat governor I can recall was Pat Brown (Moonbeam's daddy). San Francisco had Republican mayors.

When I finally entered the work force after completing school, especially in L.A. area, I ran into many, many people who immigrated from out of state. It seemed that half the people I worked with were from New York or New Jersey or Philadelphia or Boston (and foreign immigrants were showing up in ever increasing numbers as well). Easterners brought their voting habits with them. But it was the opening of the southern border that brought a complete end to anything resembling an all-American, conservative California. I moved out in 1998 because it was becoming obvious that leftists were dominating and there was nothing to stop them or reverse the trend.

Those easterners who, in my opinion, were the spearhead for the left into the state are the people Aesop is writing about here. They were always yakking about how "great" New York City was and how there was so much more to see, do, buy or otherwise consume back "home" than in the state they were actually living in. I can see them moving out in a heartbeat if they think the grass is greener elsewhere. It is these carpet baggers that give "Californians" a bad name when they move to Colorado or Texas.

soapweed said...

Aesop: your contemporary analysis may hold water, but back in the nineties, attended a party and there was five [5] former metro-type Calif. firefighters in attendance and they each had cashed out in Calif. and bought places in Colo Spgs. [none of us hayseeds could believe what they said their wages were at the time]
The punch line was what a $ would buy here vs there. All were gov-gimee attitudes and undoubtedly voted for the free udder. They thought it funny that many more headed this way.
Yeah, the original Californicate Colorado bitchin' started here in the early seventies. Then some out-of-stater made up a bunch of said bumper stickers, and it became all but standard equipment.

Aesop said...

I see.
Five retired firefighters turned your whole state around.

Got it.

BTW, when CalPers goes bankrupt in a coupla years, as is inevitable, who's picking up the tab for their new-found poverty?
Just asking for every CA state retiree in 49 other states who'll be in the same boat, in 3, 2...

Socialism: Running out of other people's money since...ever.

MMinLamesa said...

10,000 people a month move into the DFW area alone. Dallas is solid blue and Ft Worth, thought not too fookin' long ago to be unassailable, is trending that way. Austin, Houston and San Antonio are also solid blue.

There's a state wide ad campaign underway extolling newcomers about out great economy, electrical grid, low regulatory restrictions...and to leave their former voting patterns at the door.

yeah, me too.

Texas is huge but like CO, which I left 5 years ago where the laws spew out of Denver & Boulder County, Travis County is a magnet for REgressives. Last on the scene report I got from there was a huge influx of street people, always a precursor. You can bet your last donut REgressives will fuck it up here too.

My off the rails REgressive, Chicago sister and her retired creepy academic husband are wintering it in Austin with their eye on you know what. Multiply that by 10s of 1,000s and tell me what you pull out of the hat.

Jack said...

Only way to prevent it is a dose of high velocity lead. I warned everyone I knew of what is going to. Everyone said it can't happen here. In 10-20 years we'll be where California is now. Barring the possibility of Civil War 2.0 sparking off. I don't get the obsession of burying guns. If it's that bad it's time to use them. A weapon a mile away and six feet under instead of in your hand does you no good. Just make it a whole lot easier to get you on the cattle car.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a post on another blog about Texas going blue about ten years ago, although not with the depth of knowledge and expression of this essay. Mine was more based on assimilation/non-assimilation of the invaders from across the border and the push from the Obama administration to let them come. I was roundly criticized by several Texas residents to the effect that it wouldn't happen there because Texas. Looks like, by whatever avenue, they were wrong.


bogbeagle said...


You 'bury guns' so that you can pretend to yourself that you really do intend to use them.

Glacialhills said...

I dont think they are suggesting burying all of your guns, just one or two, in case you get burgled,a fire burns your house down or uncle suger shows up and orders them over.
So as to not have all your eggs in one basket, it makes sense not to have them all in your dwelling, safe. You can buy a foodsaver bag roll and actually vacuum seal your rifle. Also in your buried safe keep a case of ammo,mags, a cleaning kit, a five pound bag of rice as desiccant/food a few silver coins mis gear and a backpack to put it in.

Gives real peace of mind knowing no matter what happens you at least have one rifle and a bit of gear left.

Anonymous said...

Fear the monied economic gypsies. They will buy enough pols to turn TX or anywhere into the crapholes they've departed. And they will do it faster than the Katinians turned Harris County.

Scruff said...

This has been going on up here in Maine for a couple generations now. As it has in many other places as well. The people from 'away' move in and change happens.
If you think it's time to bury a gun it's to late. You should be planning how to best use a gun.

WestDivide said...

To Anonymous:
"Any day the feces will appear on the sidewalks and there you go."
It already is. Spent a week in Austin in '18. Walking wife's dog in the lake park, watched the same woman, on two different occasions, taking a dump over a garden wall, broad daylight,
lots of people walking about. She spent 3-4 days on the same corner of the park. People would come by and give her handouts. They get what they pay for...….

Wyomarine said...

My 1st grade school photo from Van Nuys (1960) is composed of almost all white class with 1 Japanese (my best friend Howie) and myself, a German.
My sister stopped by about a decade ago and took some pics of Cohassett Elementary School, today it's painted in pink and turquoise with wall murals, somewhat like a revolutionary Cuban flamingo farm.
We left for north Idaho in 1965, can't imagine what life would be like if we'd stayed in that cesspool.

Here in NW Wyoming we have the Texan's invading, most of them summer residents and flying their flags everywhere, like it's the Alamo all over again, and trying their damnest to tell us how great things are back home. Well, then go back home and stay there. We even have a bumper sticker here "Frankly, we don't give a fuck how you did things back home".

Tucanae Services said...


One thing not in your missive that IS a factor is weather. All them Calitoons coming here are in for a surprise. Texas is not the balmy blue strip weather of Cali. Its fierce, especially in the summer. So a transplant here from there has two choices:

* Adjust which probably is more likely for a inner Cali than a blue stripper from San Fran. They will just wilt.
* Enjoy a $1000 electric bill. I kid you not. They take that 2br condo home sale and like fools plop it down on a 6000sqft McMansion here. Critical error.

Most can't hack the weather and a generally gone in 3 years.

Berglander said...

Yeah, stripped lowers will be rill handy when you can‘t buy uppers and parts anymore. Some leftoid will figure out that it‘s okay to ban uppers, since they‘re not firearms...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, turns out that less than 1/5, around 18 percent, of the homeless in california are "our banjo playing kinfolk" and the the vast majority of imports to california, around 64% are college educated professionals... The problem isn't those coming, it's those from there, still a huge majority voting.

Aesop said...

1) No one said the homeless were the entire problem.
2) Bullshit. We have 30-40% of the homeless nationally with only 10% of the country's population, and I see the SSNs when they sign in; they ain't from Cali-fucking-anywhere, they're from East Cackalackey, Bumfuck, and Greased Pighsit. They drift west and south to get away from cold and snow, until they smack into the Pacific Ocean, and then we're stuck with them, because they can't swim, and won't work.
3) Those still here are the exact toothless banjo-playing kinfolk, unless you want to posit that Californians had 7.3 kids apiece from 1933-present. Nice try, now show your work.
The state's population has doubled in a generation, from <20M to >40M, and only about 8M of those are illegals. And if CA was sending so many people to all the other states that now they're all effed up, there'd be no one here. You can't have it both ways, claiming there's too many Califrutopians in your state(s), and simultaneously trying to say there's too many of them here.

The reality is you sent your toothless banjo-playing kinfolk here, in droves, for decades, and now that they've FUBARed this state, they're moving back home, with their kids and relations, and bringing their illegal alien nannies and janitors and their kids too.

Enjoy your chickens coming home to roost.
Best wishes with your new problem populations.

Brian said...

They don't call it Californication for nothing. As a native born Oregonian, I remember specifically when they come and destroyed the state. Around 1970-74. And the state now may as well be part of Cali now.

Aesop said...

Really? And your governor is from where, exactly?
How about your senators?
And your congressweasels?
And your state reps?
Was it those phantom Californicators who elected them all?
Oregon hasn't elected Republicans since Reagan was president, and it wasn't "Californicated". It was Oregonated. The tree-huggers all flowed down here, not the other way around.

Thanks for playing, and we have some lovely parting gifts for you.