Saturday, December 21, 2019

Red Herring

h/t Weasel Zippers

That's it, man. Keep playing with that grenade until it goes off in your face.


Fred ∆ said...

Galli Informs Virginia (because you already smacked the shit out of his character, this is all I have--comment)

Can we suspect Galli's (Judas) decision was made entirely out of free will and not under pressure? Was he compromised already? Think of James and Tammy Faye Baker et. al., bring their sins forward today vis-a-vis Epstein podestarasty.

There is a reason this author isn't an evangelical Christian, however Funk & Wagnells defines "evangelical." Too emotionally exploitative, thus manipulative.

What the eff does this have to do with Virginia 'sportin?' Imagine GovFor threatening the pensions and Tricare of every veteran that didn't register his/her firearms in a central database.

But you say, "I'll bury my guns, they won't know." That presupposes a ratless, permissive environment to maintain and train with one's cache.

We have the choice of dumping Galli's Gaffezine, think of the pressure CommieFor exerts through the alphabets, banking, insurance, retirements, healthcare.


I would have readers consider that most denominations have been compromised and this is a symptom, a ratcheting in low-intensity conflict. An attempt to cleave off evangelical vote 2020. "Stay home, Orange Man isn't jesusey enough."

Fred ∆ said...

Furthermore, Bismarck The Herrwing is likewise and most likely deep in Cheese ,Pizza futures together with "honorariums", donations, gifts-in-kind, stock options, offshore trusts, and pictures with dead hookers. All thanks to Soros & Bloomborg, Inc.

beau said...

Rule .308

Anonymous said...

Trump may not be your Sunday School teacher or "reverend", but he supports your religious and free speech Liberty which the Left hates and wants to trample upon. "...where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is Liberty" --II Corinthians 3:17 It is "wickedness in high places" which hates Liberty!! Remember that!!' --Ron W

Desert Rat said...

The operative word in his statement is "force".

Jim Scrummy said...

Just returned from my favorite LGS in ol' Virginny. It was PACKED with customers and orders. The background check system is backlogged for 2+ hours. These idiots really don't know how PISSED OFF the people are here. 2+ million legal gun owners (as I've been told), are not happy campers here in Virginny. Keep playing with fire a-hole commies, keep playing. Never wanted this crap, but here we are in VA...

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Anonymous said...

"vis-a-vis Epstein podestarasty."
never mix humor with cheap scotch whiskey; all you get is a nasty hangover

Fred ∆ said...

Sad thing is I wasn't even drinking.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just looking at all the b.s. coming from Federal, State and local government entities, instead of CW 2.0, I Suggest Revolution 1.1.

Our Elected representives ignore us for their own agendas. Our Federal government allows unelected career bureaucrats to make law without representation.

Locally, those we elect to represent us, instead support the Federal agenda

It's a tyranny were fighting against pure n simple

Anonymous said...

The Libtard politicos in Virginia remind me of the brilliant third-world group gathered around an abandoned briefcase, probing the package until... surprise... it explodes...


Anonymous said...

Briefcase bomb video was filmed in Turkey, shown in security classes... example “How Not” (Corrected website)

Merry Christmas

Unknownsailor said...

"But you say, "I'll bury my guns, they won't know." That presupposes a ratless, permissive environment to maintain and train with one's cache."

If it is time to bury guns, it is time to use them. This goes double for "loosing them in a boating accident."

If you are worried about firearms you purchased from a dealer being traced back to you, sell them, and make your own from 80% receiver kits. Polymer80 receivers take standard Glock parts, and are dead easy to make.

ADS said...

Consideration should also be given to counter arguements delivered around 1000 fps in a hefty grain size

grey said...

no better thing to say. WE ARE ALL VIRGINIANS!

B_Rad said...

These people think they are protected and insulated. We need to change their minds.

down but not out said...

what would Henry bowman do?

Desert Rat said...

Hiding your guns effectively bans them. If you cannot train with them or carry them for self defense or keep them in an easily accessed spot for potential use in home defense then why have them at all? Lefty wants you unarmed and burying your firearms in a hole in the ground amounts, effectively, to just that.

Anonymous said...

The Party of Treason, Sedition, Usurpation and Corruption wants our guns.
Nothing new, except that they really are desperate now.
They see the gathering clouds of a Biblical epic level shitstorm headed their way.
If they lose in '20 any remaining stops will be removed.
They don't understand that it won't be tobacco dribbling oafs in overalls massing against the Marines. It will be competent patriots hunting the weasels who instigated the treason. sedition, and corruption.
They should watch what they wish for - they may get it.

stakedprimerpocket said...

Respectfully, you don't hide/bury ALL your guns, just your reserve. You can't train with all of them at one time. You do have arsenal redundancy, right?

Anonymous said...

You sre correct good Sir. I am sorry to say, but 'tis true.

Anonymous said...

While I don't want violence, I find myself rooting for some DC Sniper style retribution to the left coast politicians. At what point is it ok to stand up to the bully and fight back? Where exactly is the line in the sand, if we haven't already crossed it?

Anonymous said...

Go home FBI.

NorthGunner said...

"AnonymousDecember 22, 2019 at 11:01 AM

While I don't want violence, I find myself rooting for some DC Sniper style retribution to the left coast politicians. At what point is it ok to stand up to the bully and fight back? Where exactly is the line in the sand, if we haven't already crossed it?"

This is exactly WHY stories like, Unintended Consequences, Molon Labe! and Neither Predator Nor Prey
were written and read. If you haven't read them before, take the time inbetween range time and PT time
to revisit them again.

Also very much recommend reading "The Bad War" and "Planet Rothschild Vol's 1&2" by M.S.
King; it's critical to understand 'how we got to this point' (and no, it wasn't by
coincidence..not at all!).
Team Globohomo Commie already have their plans and you?

Fwiw, just heard from a younger relative that one of my cousins will be
spending time visiting family here; she mentioned that the cousin's boyfriend
won't be coming to visit as "he can't get a decent reliable signal on his smart
phone in the rural area so there's no reason for him to make the effort" (he's in
his twenties and is staring at it over 90% of the time that we've seen him).

I've already consigned him as one of the 'sheeple walking' casualties in the
upcoming 'boogaloo'...won't shed any tears in his regard..don't be surprised
to find similar NPC's/parasites in your families or very close by.

NorthGunner - The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

beachfront69 said...

Right Answer!

Anonymous said...

Yet so called 'sanctuary cities' though, seem to be A-OK with the AG. Capricious to no enforcement of reasonable and just laws depending upon who you are or what is the political expedient of the day. Then they turn around and propose, in violation of their oaths, un-Constitutional laws and nearly immediately threaten force to impose them. Then they get all surprised when people get PO'd. Sounds to me like N. Va. has become a bunch of Yankees and have become clueless (but I repeat myself).