Wednesday, December 11, 2019

BFYTW, State Level

h/t Free North Carolina

Famous Coin Tosses In History
"Captain Custer, meet Captain Sitting Bull.
Captain Sitting Bull, meet Captain Custer.

Captain Custer, call the toss in the air.

Captain Custer calls heads... it's TAILS.

Captain Sitting Bull elects to kick off.
Captain Custer, you and your men set up down in that hollow, while Captain Sitting Bull and all the Indians in the world ride right down on you."

If this sort of thing catches on, it's a statistical inevitability that one of the annual Pineland Games in Appalachia is going to be conducted for keeps, with live ammo.

I would short any stock you may have in the statist Powers That Be in such a contest. Bet on the G-Forces of Pineland. Bigly.
And go long on ammo and rope company stocks, while laying in epic quantities of popcorn and suitable beverages.

If they push things a little harder, VA Gov. "We're Grabbing Your AR-15s" Northam may only serve 1/2 a term. With a sharp drop at the end.

"For the record, we did not hang Gov. Northam. On the contrary, after we applied hot tar and chicken feathers to his naked body, we simply attempted to see if he could fly. One of our more safety-minded members suggested tying a safety tether to his neck in case it worked. We did so, but unfortunately, his airworthiness was not what he had hoped when he attempted his aerial endeavors. Though we note he did try to kick and propel himself mightily for some minutes after his first launch."

And as noted by John Wilder, this is the beginning steps of organizing an alternative government alongside existing structures, which is classic preparation for a schism turning kinetic.

In "the birthplace of presidents"? How delightfully apropos.

This information should guide your future planning, kids.

Now, if only Lindsey Graham, or someone younger, will kindly do us the courtesy of caning some Democrat worthy near to death in the Senate well during impeachment proceedings, our joy may be made complete. The home version has been tried the other way several times, but both Rep. Steve Scalise and Sen. Rand Paul proved to be made of sterner stuff than their Special Snowflake assailants.

No one in the moribund NRA could be found with a pulse rate, nor reached for comment.


Linda Fox said...

Aesop, I'd like to ask that you spread this meme around. Time is critical.

Matt Bracken said...

I was going to post the "2nd Amd County Target Guide" here, but I see it was already posted yesterday on its own thread. Nice! So here is another:

Anonymous said...

As Mencken said "Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats." I think we're there. The next few weeks will decide whether we have Rule of Law or men. I pity the "men" (I use that term loosely) who have shown themselves on the wrong side, both in VA, FL and the rest of these states that are setting up for confiscation and the idiots in the U. S. House of Representatives. Never, have I seen a more feckless bunch making poor choices.


The Old Sarge said...


Anonymous said...

Because Fuck You That's Why.

Night driver said...

Ah Sarge? 12/11/19 0706

BFYTW=="Because, FU, that's why"

Aesop said...

Linky no workee.

Aesop said...

@Linda Fox

Two observations:


The networks co-opted blue for the Dems after 1992, contrary to about 50 years of history, but red has always been the color of the Left.

2) This smacks a bit like pinning your own yellow star on yourself.
Just saying.

The general idea may be on the right track, but I think it wants a bit more fine tuning before it's ready for prime time.

horsewithnonick said...

Same link, with html tags:

Desert Rat said...

I read that this governor is now backing off confiscation of mean, black rifles and instead offering to grandfather in ownership but ban any new sales of these weapons. He is also apparently saying that all existing "bad" rifles be registered. So the rats won't grab them now but be sure and let them know you have one so as to make future efforts that much easier.

Aesop said...

OP updated with the second pic. Thx for the working link.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, i will not self identify out of "solidarity". If i wanted to be a target, i would carry my AR wherever i went. i don't want people in my community to know where i stand until it's too late (for them). i WILL be happy to cover your ass when things get spicy.

Anonymous said...

If folks want to help, donations to VCDL which is and has been leading this charge would be good. Joining VCDL (absurdly inexpensive) would be even better. Can't wait for "Lobby Day" in Richmond. Wish I could be there.
Boat Guy

1chota said...

Aesop said...

I think you meant

TwoDogs said...

I'd pay money to see a good caning in the Senate.

Jim Scrummy said...

Yes, the two way range... Don't want it, but... The Second Bacon's Rebellion. Should be fun here next month? Racist governor, rapist lt. gov., and a racist AG, all here in virginny! Not to mention a convicted pedophile and a tranny in the legislature. And no, I am not a native virginian, originally from the wilds of PENNSYLTUCKY! I will NEVER be a "virgininian", EVAH.

Anonymous said...

Prince William, Spotsylvania and Caroline Counties Joined the Party last night...

Grog said...

The original recording.

Rollory said...

Rockingham just passed 2A Sanctuary. It was AWESOME. Easily 2000 people present, based on standing/show of hands easily 95-99% support for the 2ASanc bill. 4 speakers opposing it - one a woman saying "we need to fight in the courts because courts know what's best", one a woman saying "but women are abused and we need red flag laws" (who got overwhelmingly booed to the point she could hardly finish her talk), one retired law professor who sperged out and alienated the crowd as hard as he possibly could (also booed), and his friend, who had a bit more sense.

The rest of the speakers were awesome. People from all walks of life including two local high school students (one of whom quoted Patrick Henry, and talked about how "In 1776 the redcoats were marching on Concord; now the Northern Virginians are marching on Richmond" - that got him a standing ovation). Too many good lines to remember - basically everything I would've said got said at some point. There was one woman who was a Republican party district chair of some sort; started off very staid and plodding and built up and built up until she had people giving her repeated standing ovations by the end (the line "we can become history, or we can make it" is what I particularly remember from hers; I hope it's on youtube somewhere. I don't make a habit of carrying a smartphone around but for a thing like this I should've).

The guy speaking right after the "but wimminz r victims" one started off with "look, I wanna answer the argument about let the courts decide - no! the courts don't decide what's constitutional, WE DO! We, the people! Government derives its legitimacy from the consent of the PEOPLE! That's us!" Lots of clapping and cheering. He made a couple more comments along those lines then said "look, how many people in this auditorium support the version of the resolution without 2ASanc?" One or two hands. "And how many support the version with?" Practically everybody stood up, hands up, clapping and cheering. "I had a two minute speech prepared but I think that says it all." Board of supervisors guy agrees, says "How do we feel about just going to a vote right now?" There was a bit more talking (the lawyer guy and his friend) and then they passed it.

I noticed a couple things. First, some cops standing around, but no metal detectors or anything like that. I thought to myself: "who'd be silly enough to bet there's zero concealed weapons in here? And nobody's worried about it. Because these are responsible adults who trust each other. And Richmond DOESN'T trust them. And that's the problem." Second, that I really wasn't expecting this level of STRONG support, or the level of rhetoric I heard tonight. The left is noisy, the right is not. The left has no idea what it's walking into.

Robin Datta said...

When I came to America, I did not come to live in a country where firearms are restricted. I have never owned a firearm, but I carried an Army issue one for the better part of six months during BushDaddy's war. I would much rather live in a neighborhood where everyone around me has firearms. People should be free to carry their firearms aboard commercial passenger aircraft, as they did when I first came to the country.

Any restrictions should be for problem people, not for firearms. Such people should not be allowed to mingle in society. And the best defense against a shooter is an armed and able citizen: "When seconds count, the cops are just minutes away" - John Steinbeck

Unknown said...

And I can hear Bill Cosby narrating the coin toss in my head 😂😉👍

Aesop said...