Saturday, December 14, 2019


"Let's drop our rifles here, go back home, and write a nice letter politely
asking the British military governor of Massachusetts to pretty please
stop treating us like serfs." - said not one single swinging Richard
one cold April morning.

This comment on yesterday's post, and my reply, are too germane and vital to relegate to ten grafs below the comment bar.

The comment:

"My two cents: 
1 Don't shoot or in any way attack LEO or National guard troops; it is a sure fire way to turn people away from your cause. Refuse to obey unconstitutional laws but don't refuse to obey the police, your fight is in court not with the police. 
2. If you did choose to take someone's life, a politician or other anti-American activist, which I would advise against, do not use a gun. The opposition would use the fact that you used a gun against you. Don't forget they are painting you as rabid killers who are armed. 
3, The fight is political, form groups to bring your cause to the public and fight this at the ballot box. Win the hearts and minds of your fellow citizens. 
4. Tell your people, your followers and supporters that you are a law abiding supporter of the constitution and anyone who breaks the law does not represent you and your beliefs.   

Dear Anonymous,

You clearly haven't put two seconds' considered thought into this.

I have one deadly serious question for you:

At what point do you draw the line, and stop cucking?

The Colonial Militia opened fire in 1775 when TPTB came for their guns, and their leaders.
Maybe I'm sentimental about the principal, but that sounds like a pretty good historical precedent to me.

You want to try fighting that battle after you're disarmed, before the same courts that refused to throw such prima facie unconstitutional laws out, for decades, and you may as well just drive yourself down to the railroad yard and self-load onto a boxcar now.

If not your guns, then over what?
If not right then, when?
If you won't fight when you're armed, how will you do it when you're disarmed?

"THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman." - Thomas Paine
 “If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”  - Sam Adams
It's as if you couldn't wait to run out and say "Any suggestion that someone might actually stand up for their rights in any meaningful way was unintentional" and "Hey, we don't want to, you know, piss off TPTB or make things hard for their dutiful minions, right?"

In short, I cannot see any point of agreement with one word you wrote.
You're twenty years and more behind the times.

For you, the catch-up is going to be a cast-iron bitch.

In the meantime, when the penny drops, and you realize the people "who break the law and do not represent you" are the very government and its organs you won't lift a finger to oppose, will your head explode? Or will you just sit there in stunned shock while smoke exits your ears?

Or in your theory of government, do unjust laws enforced by unjust thugs for unjust ends nonetheless constitute a binding power over you until serendipity and happy accident grant you a magical do-over, and restore your surrendered weapon(s) to you?

8,518,000 Virginians were kind of wondering, just for openers.

And, based on the tenor of the original commentor, Anonymous responds:
My two cents:

I think the difference between your position and mine is I want to win and you want to posture.

"Do not fight the LEOs and national guard" What could [possibly be wrong with that idea??? If the politicians are the ones you want to take out then take them out. A guillotine perhaps or draw and quarter them. I don't recommend that kind of violence but if you must, then direct it at the actual enemy of our constitutional republic and not on the working class.

"The fight is political" It absolutely is. Serious violence will only work against you in the political fight making you look like Dylan Roof.

"Tell your people, your followers and supporters that you are a law abiding supporter of the constitution". Absolutely!!! Make no mistake, over zealous supporters or carpet baggers planted into your movement by the opposition will doom your agenda.

Your choice is simple: To work hard and be effective in getting back our 2nd amendment gun rights or be loud mouthed posers intent on out macho-ing the other loud mouth posers and in the process doom your movement.
No. You don't want to win. You want to virtue-signal, but without putting anything at risk, least of all the hide so precious to no one but you.

You won't win by supplicating from a position of servitude.
You have nothing - NOTHING - you'd fight for.
War is the continuation of politics, by other means.

Politics without war is the United Nations. Name for the class all the victories they've won.
Show your work.

Abide by the constitution all you want.
So tell us, smart guy, when you have your Constitution, but the other side ignores it, and won't play by those rules, what you'll win...?

Here's a hint or two:



Anonymous said...

Anon is drunk on the koolaid. Probably a socialist/communist agent. My advice to anon: Stay anonymous lest you enter my crosshairs. Seriously, Ohio Guy

Anonymous said...

I also disagree with the commenter. I long ago withdrew my consent to be governed by criminals and lunatics. If they import illegals to vote in my Virginia elections then how does "obeying the law" help me or my kin in any way?
Me and mine will be at the Jan. 20th rally in Richmond. We will be filming the feds and/or Virginia state police as they film us. We will be on the lookout for antifa types looking to cause trouble.
I know many serious minded people here in Virginia who have prepared long and hard for this day - they knew it was coming. It's going to get ugly.
I enjoy your blog.
Red in OleVirginny
“I shall not last long; my life is forfeit, but I shall do my best. After I am gone it will be easier for others.” - Michael Collins

Anonymous said...

Matt Bracken said to do a bait and switch. Say you are going to Richmond but then don't show up. Show up at another pre-determined place where the County is full of 2A supporters and all are backed by the Sheriff. (like the one who said he would deputize thousands.) Outsmart them.
Watch out for false flag events.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Anonymous can petition Roland Freisler from his crib in the camp.

Anonymous said...

My two cents:

I think the difference between your position and mine is I want to win and you want to posture.

"Do not fight the LEOs and national guard" What could [possibly be wrong with that idea??? If the politicians are the ones you want to take out then take them out. A guillotine perhaps or draw and quarter them. I don't recommend that kind of violence but if you must, then direct it at the actual enemy of our constitutional republic and not on the working class.

"The fight is political" It absolutely is. Serious violence will only work against you in the political fight making you look like Dylan Roof.

"Tell your people, your followers and supporters that you are a law abiding supporter of the constitution". Absolutely!!! Make no mistake, over zealous supporters or carpet baggers planted into your movement by the opposition will doom your agenda.

Your choice is simple: To work hard and be effective in getting back our 2nd amendment gun rights or be loud mouthed posers intent on out macho-ing the other loud mouth posers and in the process doom your movement.

McChuck said...

Anon -
We tried your tactics for the last 85 years. They don't work.

We will no longer be cowed into compliance for the sake of "being agreeable." We are at war. Our enemies on the Left mean to exterminate us and our culture. Politics is war by other means, and the law is just a stick they craft for us to beat ourselves with.

I will not comply. Molon labe!

Aesop said...


Keep talking.
You're filling the front page by the pantload.

Rollory said...

"Argue it out in the courts all legal-like" and "Protect the institutions of law enforcement" is a self-fulfilling, and self-discrediting, argument. It works as long as the crowd is on board with the idea - as long as the crowd trusts those institutions. When the crowd suddenly doesn't trust the institutions of law anymore, and realizes nobody else in the crowd trusts them either, the argument becomes glaringly obvious and tone-deaf concern trolling by the opposition.

From what I've seen, Virginia is either at that point or very close to it.

Government derives its legitimacy from the consent of the governed. That consent, and legitimacy, can be lost. It takes some effort, but our political class has been working very hard for that result.

T-Rav said...

I understand some of what Anonymous is talking about, and personally, I don't want to see any LEO or Guard troops get hurt. But no one questions the notion that the individual Redcoats in 1775, most of whom were just there to take the King's shilling and not personally invested in oppressing anyone, were nonetheless fair targets.

If you accept the idea that this is war, literally, then you have to further accept the fact that, as Forrest once said, war means fighting and fighting means killing. Ugly things will happen, and people who are fairly decent away from the battlefield are probably going to die.

We shouldn't *want* that outcome, but if people are coming to take your rights away, you're going to have to choose whether you'll accept it or not.

Anonymous said...

Do not forget the lesson from Charlottesville. A legitimate demonstration to protest the removal of Civil War statues. The Mayor and the police chief colluded/conspired to turn it into a violent event intending to discredit the peaceful protestors. In the process numerous interlopers and carpet baggers were placed into the peaceful protest to make sure that the media could paint them all as white supremacist. The police intentionally blocked the exits to the venue to make sure that the protestors had to funnel out into the waiting assembly of left wing violent activists. And sure enough there was plenty of violence to go around. One of those who showed up at the protest was a 20 YO loser who did indeed have some negative baggage. But there is no evidence he came to cause violence or intended violence. He was the victim of the Mayor and police chief’s plan. When he decided to leave the event he found all the roads blocked and as he drove around trying to find a way out he/his car was assaulted by the violent protestors. At some point out of fear or anger he panicked and drove his car into the crowd. The rest is history. The MSM crucified him and ignored the Mayor and police actions. The peaceful protest group is forever tainted by something they did not do.

I sincerely hope smarter and calmer people will lead the effort in Virginia.

beau said...

french saying: constitutions are made of paper, bayonets are of steel.

JFK: those who make peaceful evolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.

there are many among us with 'steel' in our personal possession. there are many who should pay attention to this fact.

Virginia Granny said...

My father, who is 93 and a WWII vet, stated very firmly recently that he sees a coming Civil War. Now Dad is not in the best of health, and mentally isn't the man he used to be, but when he is firing on all cylinders, he can be extremely perceptive. The signs are crystal clear.

Many Virginians have seen the darkening clouds coming and have taken serious steps to prepare for it. Trump's election in the state wasn't seen as a victory (and met with a sigh of relief) so much as a mere "postponement." And now, things are heating up again.

The 2016 election was a real game-changer. Our excellent Republican governor had been hounded from office on lies and deceit. The Democrats came in and took the top three positions. We can only thank the Virginia forefathers for limiting the governorship to a single 4 year term or we'd probably be looking at the same thugs for 4 more years.

Particularly telling was the fact that Virginians had passed a one man/one woman marriage amendment to the state Constitution in the 2016 election. Only DAYS later, the newly installed State Attny General joined the plaintiffs in the Gay-Lesbian equality legislation that was headed toward the Supreme Court, a clear violation of his oath of office. Apparently, no one cared enough to recall or impeach him. A bit of grousing, and shortly over-run by the Supreme Court ruling. Still, makes you wonder...

It looks to me like this situation in Virginia is going to crawl along like the Colonists-vs-The King situation did. It took about 6 years or so to go from simmer to boil. We've been in it for at least three years. Northup is already backing down on the gun confiscation threat, but his supporters are having none of it. They will go full bore on the register your scary black gun theme and then figure out some way to punish the resisters. Folks in Connecticut, Maryland and California have thumbed their noses at the gun legislation and, for the most part, have gotten away with it. Virginians will undoubtedly do the same - until they can't. We're too close to The Swamp.

We all know that. We can't stop it. We are preparing for it. Personally, I'm hoping that the increased support/membership of Virginians in the 2A legal organizations will stem the tide for a while longer. But my family and I are not counting on it.

Two very timely quotes:

Secy of Defense Rumsfeld - You go to war with the (gear) you've got..." and
Patrick Henry - "If this be (war), make the most of it?"

Keep prepping and stacking.

Fred said...

Anon is gut-checking. Anon has pussed out. It's okay man, they're going to need canaries, stooges, CI's, turncoats, traitors, your property and wealth and ultimately, lampshades.

It's a hard thing fighting, killing, losing everything, dying. Hard.

Remember that when Governor Comfortable Abortion speaks in soothing tones as the armor rolls into your county.

Virginia Granny said...

Rush Limbaugh Senior wrote a paper concerning the Signers of the Declaration - that they risked, what they lost. It's a staggering read.

And tremendously inspiring (and thought provoking) for those of us who recognize that we are on "the blade's edge" today. It is a very narrow path with many an opportunity for false steps. And a terrible cost with failure.

I hope Anonymous takes the time to read it.

Anonymous said...

How many of the voters in Kalifornia had there votes nullified by activist judges? How many young women have been murdered buy the scum they were warned to stay away from because they wrongly believed that there liberal snowflake ideology would prevail over known facts. Too many lawless laws have been passed trying to enforce the Ten Commandments and give special consideration to intolerant, spineless and hate filled godless lying hordes who would kill the "deplorables" or anyone who disagrees with them except when they themselves fear for their lives. The intent of the power hungry elitists is no longer a secret. They have made it very clear that we are hated and they intent to get rid of us-if they can-but they need for us to be compliant and play buy the rules while they employ any means to win.

ChuckInBama said...

I pray that the men and women of Virginia show Governor Ralphie that he is not dealing with a helpless fetus. And that they show the rest of the country that the courage to rid us of scum Democrats like him exists, and it is high time to unleash it. DON'T FIRE THE FIRST SHOT ! But make damn sure you fire the last one.
I feel the time is coming soon, my brothers. I'm beginning to feel the calm before the storm.
May God have mercy on us for what we are about to have to do.

Spin said...

"Stand your ground, don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a War, let it begin here." Capt. John Parker. Lexington MA 1775

"If watering the tree of Liberty requires blood from time to time, let it be with those who would usurp your freedom." Spin Drift

There are some who are filled with the quiet rage and have been watching and waiting for the time when stepping off the porch is the only recourse. The country they save will be ours.

Spin Drift
Hold Fast

Anonymous said...

we have been doing that political dance for well over 50 years. I will not count Mr Anon out, he/she just needs to feel the pain and loss.. there will be many like it, millions. who choose to sit it out but will be drawn in.

MTHead said...

Hey Anon. The 2A sez shall not be infringed. SCOTUS sez ANYONE acting outside their jurisdiction is automatically disqualified as an officer. Is Notwithstanding.
The governor infringing my rights to bear arms is no longer governor. A cop, national guard, Anyone. The same law that they say makes them government. Already disavowed them.It's the same as the tweeker down the road trying to steal your guns. No one in government has standing to do that. Power junkies = Tweekers. Get it? The law is clear on both subjects!

MTHead said...

P.S. Didn't this impeachment just disqualify Joe Biden? I mean we have a video of him doing what their accusing Trump of, only worse? Just thinking.

Anonymous said...

Here is a “Bracken Sends.”

I think Richmond stands to be a bigger and much worse “buffalo jump” than Charlottesville. The very predictable downside risks far outweigh the imagined benefits. Attending a buffalo jump is playing to enemy strength.

Best case: national media portrays thousands of dangerous, drooling, unshaven, camo-wearing, racist mouth-breathers out of “Deliverance,” who are drunk on Wild Turkey and brandishing assault weapons while threatening to murder peace-loving Democrat politicians and people of color.

Probable case: pro-RKBA patriots and Antifas are corralled together again by the uber-PC/SJW led Virginia state police (as in C-ville) for a bloody brawl, which will be blamed 100% on the patriots. State, local and federal LEOs will be undercover among the patriots, and some will be provocateurs. Antifas will infiltrate the patriot side and unfurl Nazi and Confederate flags and throw rocks at the police. Another amped up kid will drive into a crowd, or somebody will pull a gun for a self-defense shooting as has happened before. Richmond will be a ten-pin bowling tournament in a nitroglycerin factory, all on enemy terms. A pure buffalo jump.

Worst case: an Antifa climbs up into a parking garage above and behind the patriots, and dumps a mag of 5.56 into the bused-in Bloomberg-funded “Everytown for Gun Safety” counter-demo made up of cat ladies and college kids across the avenue. The shooter drops the rifle and easily escapes in the crowds, and is never found or discovered. The false-flag massacre of the peaceful “Everytowns” will be 100% blamed on the crazy gun-toting rednecks. False flag ops work and are extremely effective. They are a second-level strategy that are successfully employed in a world of mainly first-level thinkers.

Better idea: promote the hell out of the 1-20 rally in order to bait Antifa into a massive masks, shields and truncheons turnout, but then don’t show up. Let them own the subsequent mayhem. Mass patriot demos in enemy cities 100% controlled by enemy forces and closely filmed by enemy media are pure lose-lose-lose.

If you want to hold an RKBA rally, do it on friendly ground, for example, in a rural county where the Sheriff holds a mass militia/deputizing ceremony, and a thousand patriots are issued badges to go with their AR-15s. Force the enemy media onto our terrain, where we can cut their cables, jam their signals, or just keep them out. Culpeper, yes. Richmond, no.

Be the Indian, not the Buffalo.

Behind Enemy Lines said...

Don't shoot or in any way attack LEO or National guard troops; it is a sure fire way to turn people away from your cause.
- Anonymous

This is the correct starting position.

We have a duty to the guys in uniform, as much as they have a duty to us. If we do our part, it will allow the best of them to do their part.

For example, we know who is actually behind the anti-constitutional laws and actions. Those are the same people who will be responsible for giving the illegal orders to impose them. Dealing with those people directly is the correct place to begin. First, because they're responsible and deserve it. Second, because it will give heart, courage and a focus of action to our brothers in uniform (as well as being a clear warning to those who have wrong ideas about their role vis-a-vis the people and the Constitution).

After all, we don't just want the guys in uniform to refuse to obey illegal orders; we want them marching as part of our team when the bosses finally get to face justice. The GOs are all political appointees, and will keep on doing whatever they're told by the political class, because that's what got them their stars in the first place. But the colonels . . . we can give them an opening by striking the head of the snake, and then watch 'em go.

Mike_C said...


VA AG Eric Sanderson was not available for comment.

Anonymous said...

I never read of anyone doing a background check on Jason Kesler the leftist behind the unite the right debacle. If someone had exposed him as a leftist plant then maybe Cville could have been avoided. Point being, who's behind the Shindig this time. Have they been vetted? Fool me once...

Anonymous said...

Ultimately you are correct. It would be prudent to use and fully use all other means first before violence is used as a last resort because things get weird when bullets fly. However when that becomes impossible.... no choice.

It would be preferable if the military and special forces stepped in to remove the top political and 3 letter agency commies, jail, and court martial their asses. Fast, quiet, surprise, and all at once. The big media and those that own and control them must be taken out concurrently. Far less disruptive than a general battle.

But, if they arrive at your house enforce to take your weapons, all bets are off as are the safeties.

Sanders said...

“War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things: the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth a war, is much worse. When a people are used as mere human instruments for firing cannon or thrusting bayonets, in the service and for the selfish purposes of a master, such war degrades a people. A war to protect other human beings against tyrannical injustice; a war to give victory to their own ideas of right and good, and which is their own war, carried on for an honest purpose by their free choice, — is often the means of their regeneration. A man who has nothing which he is willing to fight for, nothing which he cares more about than he does about his personal safety, is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself. As long as justice and injustice have not terminated their ever-renewing fight for ascendancy in the affairs of mankind, human beings must be willing, when need is, to do battle for the one against the other.”

― John Stuart Mill, Principles of Political Economy

Anonymous said...

Author Glen Tate of the "299 Days" series had a very good show on the Virginia situation with some out of the box political ideas for all of us in every state. Scroll down to the Open Forum show and click on the 12/10/19 episode to play. Begins at 6:35. The ideas he has are in the second half of the show and they seem to me to be the most likely to accomplish the goals of 2A folks and bring the undecided middle over to our side. If they don't work, then fight we must and will. I personally think the Richmond rally is a set up. Guarantee we will see a false flag. Follow Mr. Bracken's advice.

Unknown said...

The rightwing needs to realize they'll never get a modern 1776 while preaching that modern Redcoats are heroes. If the police enforce the law, and the law is corrupt, then the police are necessarily corrupt. They're not kn your side.

Sanders said...

I guess someone has to play the part of the Tory. There really is nothing new under the sun.

For 30 years I've been working on fighting gun controllers, even bankrupting myself to fight the '94 ban only to learn that most gun owners just didn't give a damn, back then. I rubbed elbows with the "Lairds of Fairfax", senators, congressmen, and various media personalities - only to realize they were just giving lip service to the issue and didn't really give a damn. I did not, and have not sought to become well known in public, but have always worked behind the scenes where the real deals are made. What I've seen there would sicken any normal man or woman. They do not believe any of you. They think you are a bunch of blowhard morons and will do whatever they pass a law telling you what to do. Why is that? Because they have never been given any reason to believe otherwise!

Letter writing, phone calls, protests, etc. have not been effective. Sure, there is one small "victory" here and there, but they are always short-lived and get stepped on like they never happened.

I have watched the gun grabbers, the commies, the Tories relentlessly march forward, never stopping. Never giving up. Like the Terminator, they do not stop. While our side will go home and rest on their laurels if they achieve a small (yet short-lived) victory, the gun grabbers will keep after it, always wanting more if they win, and refusing to accept defeat.

Like the Terminator, there is really only one way to stop them. Until people get their head out of their ass and quit trying to snipe one another in a circular firing squad, and direct their energy where it belongs, that Terminator will keep moving forward.

Adino said...

Real Americans do NOT disarm Real Americans.

Real Americans don't pass laws that make law abiding people criminals for legally owning the guns, mags, and ammo that they do. Real Americans don't make criminals out of non criminal Real Americans. Especially for the express purpose of disarmament.

Real Americans don't send Real American leo's and flea's and National Guard to disarm real Americans.

Real Americans in said professions would not even infer they would disarm civilian Real Americans.

Gramsci Marxists that happen to 'win' bought elections don't get to take the final unconstitutional step before genocide with Real America, without Real America saying enough is enough.

There has never been a disarmed, or severely under armed people, that did not eventually succumb to genocide.

History has no examples of gun registration that did not end in confiscation.

History has no examples of gun confiscation that did not lead to the victimization and genocide of the disarmed.

History has no example of Marxism that did not end with Marxists slaughtering their own 'citizens'.

Real Americans understand real history.

Marxists.....are NOT Real Americans.

Real Americans owe allegiance to Constitutional America and no one or nothing else.

If government acts Constitutionally, Real Americans are obliged to obey.

If government wants to act unconstitutionally, Real Americans have no obligation to consent or obey. Real Americans are the final judges. Not robed 'gods' on benches.

When Real Americans in government want to start treating Real Americans like Real Americans we can go back to treating government like it is really American.

Until then, consent removed.

And don't cross this last line.

Real Americans aren't a hundredth as dumb as you think we are.

soapweed said...

With Bracken on this one... baiting hogs is vastly superior than being the buffalo.

The Gray Man said...

This is exactly why I always ask what “stand up” means when someone says we need to “stand up” for our rights.

I ask because I know that to most people on “our side”, whatever call ourselves this week, the term “stand up” simply means “vote republican every few years and go home until next time”.

When does that stop? When do they figure out that isn’t working?

Anonymous said...

What would Henry Bowman do?
What would Ranya Bardiwell do?

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that Soros is pushing Americans into a corner with no exit, these tactics, the same that were used to start the last Civil War, are being used to derail Trumps win in less than a year's time. The DNC has gone bat shit crazy and will murder millions of Americans to bring in their Globalist NWO. The prize at stake is not just our guns, nor our property, it is our children, our nation and the very liberty of everyone on the planet. The prize, their prize is global slavery!

riverrider said...

I live in the heart of Virginia, and I have news for some of you. this has already gone past the point of no return. the people have been simmering with righteous anger for decades now. even if govna blackface withdraws all the bills, the die is cast. there will be action. whether it will be bullets or ropes is all that remains undetermined. the dems arrogance won't let them back down now anyway. the people want a cleansing of their souls and only blood can wash the stains away. anyone that gets in their way will be collateral damage. I wish it wasn't this way. I was leo many eons ago and served 30 years with the guard and love them dearly. the dems want to order them to duty to protect the dems butts and that puts the guard in a terrible spot. the threats coming out of the capital are compounding the insult. the latest one is the firing of local leos that don't enforce his illegal laws. he doesn't have that authority. smart move govna...not. either way it goes I lose fellow Virginians and that hurts my heart, but as was said before if there be a fight let it be now and let it begin here. sic semper tyrannis.

OvergrownHobbit said...

I agree with all of these except the Christians and the lions.

So thank you for making something clear enough to be answered by touchscreen in a combox.

The Christians won. And unlike every other group in the history of ever, they won against amoral foes (look up Nero and his human tiki-torches or the Maori vs. the moriori). They. Won.

Not for themselves but for their tribe. Saving our own skin isn't enough. We need to save our Grandchildren's.

So you are leaving something important out.

I don't say your interlocutor has any kind of angle on it (though I'd welcome your thoughts on when/where the disinformation campaign comes in).

But it's there. Christians are stuck with not only the 4th commandment (or rather it's corollaries) but also Jesus'words viz Caesar and (who) we're allowed to fight.

This one's been troubling my mind for about a year and a half now.

Anonymous said...

This coming fight in Virginia should always be directed towards the political class. Virginia LEOs and 29ID men will be unfortunately part of the fight, but they are not the goal of partisan action. They should be natural allies, and very valuable ones at that.

In these kinds of past internecine internal warfare struggles, liquidation of the political class is the starting and end point. The political classes are summarily defined as political members, media, and their staffs.

Once these subversive command elements are removed, the security forces will cease their operations.

Unless they realize they can now be the ones in charge.

These are battles that no one in their right mind should start. It's the sane ones on both sides that finish this fight; read GEN George Washington's 1780s history, another Virginian who won his fight against political tyranny.

We were lucky that time. I hope we Virginians are as lucky in the coming Terrible Twenties.


lineman said...

When does that stop? When do they figure out that isn’t working?
Ahh usually only when they are kneeling in front of a ditch waiting for the bullet but sometimes not even then... Problem is even the ones that know that doesn't work aren't doing anything until they absolutely have too...

Anonymous said...

You could have saved yourself the time and just responded "ok, booomer".


Aesop said...

@Overgrown Hobbit

1) The Christians "won"?
Where and when?
Show your work.

2) The fourth commandment concerns the Sabbath.
It is no hindrance on bloodletting, unless you wanted to argue in favor of six-day-a-week wars...?

Neither is the sixth commandment any hindrance on war. The one says nothing whatsoever about the other.

"Blessed be the LORD my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight..."

3) Nor are Jesus' words on Caesar.
Arms are not the government's, neither ought nor must they be rendered unto anyone on a self-serving whim.

What government has any say about ends on the shores of natural law, because not granted by nor proceeding from the government, it is eternally beyond Caesar's jurisdiction.

And sitting on your hands expecting divine intervention, when you have a serviceable rifle, ammunition, and a good sight picture is putting your God to a foolish test.

Just say "No."

Mark O'Ryan said...

Most of you (all?) have extremely fanciful and highly romanticized notions of conflict stemming from you inability to grasp the realities of domestic conflicts as evidenced by contemporary military history in the Balkans, Northern Ireland and Afghanistan. You shold read extensively the Troubles in Northern Ireland and how the Sinn Féin and the IRA War Council covertly worked together.

Insurgencies, like Northern Ireland, saw little use of conventional small arms. There was heavy and frequent use of locally developed and built indirect fire weapons, like mortars, which the IRA pioneered after British security services made close access to targets difficult to impossible.

In insurgencies, there is heavy and frequent use of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDS) of all types and remotely actuated (for technical and OPSEC reasons).

Your use of a battle rifle will be limited and possibly only in later phases of the conflict.

Insurgencies, necessarily, see frequent use of Reduced Signature Direct Action because urban areas are where the targets live and these are highly secured and cannot be actioned through conventional Small Unit Tactics. Improvised weapons, like zip guns, will be the norm to project force into these secure, urban centers. A reading of David J. Truby’s work is educational as is the Soviet history of dealing with foreign dissidents. This is an interesting and vast field for study and creative application. Spend your time on your latest AR-15 build instead of a police investigations text.

You want a return to Constitutional order, but you have just that. How else did these legislations develop and get passed? You want a democratically elected republic, but again, you have just that. It’s working great. Northham and his Progressive colleagues were elected through those very Constitutional mechanisms your family members died for in
World War II.

You literally worship the laws and Constitution that you no longer control and seek to maintain that very mechanism that will continue your journey to second class citizenship and racial eradication. You will continue to lose ground demographically and thus, continue to lose the government and legal ground.

Domestic conflict can change that demographic ratio, but, you cannot bring yourself to accept that arithmetic solution or its attendant horrors. You’re still think this Person of Color is equal to you under the law, and by golly, you’ll fight for their Constitutional rights. This is America after all. Fair play is an American value.

You should understand, very clearly, that the Second Amendment is a White, middle class matter and demographically, it is only a matter of time before it’s neutralized through legislation supported by an racially diverse electorate. “Free speech” as well.
You cannot bring yourself to the realization that racial homogenous cultures---and the laws to enforce that---would have prevented so much of the problems that Northham is only a small part of. Your jingoistic patriotism and worship of the Constitution has placed you into a trap. On one hand, we beat the Nazi’s, on the other hand, demographic replacement through legislative and economic means is your reality.

You cannot have it both ways. But, you will hem and haw around the racial issue and seek some comforting middle ground composed of logical fallacies and romantic history of a byegone time and try and navigate the matter by promoting various Constitutional remedies through a Constitutional government that is increasing composed of your racial enemies. You don’t see race because racism is bad and you have recourse to various bromides like “We the People.” “We the People” is no longer you. The “People” entering government and corporate leadership do see color and want you gone.

Aesop said...

@Mark O'Ryan

Don't bloviate if you can't do math.

How many were the number of the IRA vs. the British Army and police?
How many Al Qaeda et al numbered vs. U.S coalition forces?
Now, tell the class who will prevail in either place, at current trajectory.

Next, tell the class how many armed Americans there are vs. the number of pro-government forces.

Tell me how, being outnumbered about 100:1 (conservatively), TPTB will make any target "difficult to impossible" to access.
They can hold nothing unless the people wish it.

In an internal conflict, TPTB are Custer; Americans are Sitting Bull.
And the brighter lights on the other side know this, and have for decades, even if that calculus has escaped you.

The biggest problem for the pro-liberty side if things go pear-shaped, is going to be finding enough targets so everybody gets to shoot at least one. The fact is, some of us are going to have to share.

DogMan said...

Is anyone or any group tracking the exact physical location of the governor and Ag at all times? That should be the real focal point. You can’t string up the perpetrators when you don’t know where they are. And if they’re surrounded by LEOs, well you’ll have to crack a few eggs to cook breakfast. I think Bracken is right. Let’s not be emotional, let’s be smart.

Anonymous said...

“People talk about the impatience of the populace; but sound historians know that most tyrannies have been possible because men moved too late. It is often essential to resist a tyranny before it exists. It is no answer to say, with a distant optimism, that the scheme is only in the air. A blow from a hatchet can only be parried while it is in the air.”
― G.K. Chesterton

Jim Scrummy said...

"The biggest problem for the pro-liberty side if things go pear-shaped, is going to be finding enough targets so everybody gets to shoot at least one. The fact is, some of us are going to have to share." When I was a young lad, my kindergarten teacher said I had a problem with sharing... You snooze you lose!

Well it's good we know where the game is going to be played, where I live, Northern VA. Start date on or about 1 July 2020. I'm calling tails, because tails never fails, but, remember the commies always cheat, so do I. For all my fellow Northern Virginian (I'm from Pennsyltucky, hopefully to return soon, should've left a few years ago when I had a better opportunity, 20/20 kicks you in the buttocks everytime) residents on team freedomista, remember, not one po-po in Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax County, Prince William, Loudoun (after supervisors fire the pro-2A sheriff), including the towns and cities are on team freedomistas side. The Virginia State Police are definitely not on team freedomista, they have about 2200 officers. If you live in Fairfax Co., the DA (States Attorney) is a Soros lackey, he will prosecute you if caught. Same goes for Arlington and Alexandria. Understand the rules.

If you need magazines, buy them now. Same goes for the bang bangs. Buy now, and avoid the Christmas rush. Every day is ammo day. Buy spare parts too, while you can. Get more training, but do it outside of Virginia if possible. Out of sight out of mind. If you live near WV, use the some of the ranges there for training. If you feel like making a jump, you can join a gun club in south central PA, and do some practice at those facilities (most are inexpensive and the few I know of are 2.5 hours from NoVA). Again, out of sight out of mind.

Know your neighbors. It's easy for me, about 70% of mine are commies, who will dime me out in a nanosecond. Practice OPSEC NOW! Know everything withing a 1 mile radius of your home. Then push out to two miles. You may need it. Also understand teh po-po have NODS and FLIR.

If you haven't started any PT program, start today. You'll need it.

Lastly, enjoy this last Christmas of Freedom in VA. Spend extra time with your love ones and family.

DAN III said...

Hahahaha on 15 DEC 19 @ 2023,

Well another bloomberg stooge rears his communist head.

Fred said...

Given the amount of swamp in northern VA, it's reasonable to expect IC, mercenary IC and commie stooges to engage a "Six Ways From Sunday" schumeresque provocation. Starting from right now.

Then no amount of blogging, yakking, bloviating, hand wringing, wailing or gnashing of teeth will matter.



Re fighting on Shabbat - speaking as a somewhat authority on that. :)

I remember reading, some years ago, of some concerned Orthodox parents asking their children's commander "But... do you work on Shabbat?" in a horrified tone.

One of the soldiers answered. "Of course we work on Shabbat. OUR ENEMIES WORK ON SHABBAT!"

My family tree is missing too many branches from the Shoah because too many trusted the government. And too f*cking many of my fellow American Jews STILL trust government. My two pieces on guns and Jews:

If you'll forgive the kippa... I'm with you.

Now, as I commented on a post by Bastion of Liberty... yes, these people know PRECISELY what they're unleashing. You need to grasp: these people are MISSIONARIES. They are TRUE BELIEVERS in the idea that they can create heaven on earth: a world without poverty, or hunger, or hatred, or wars, or crime... because they believe this with the same faith I have in Hashem, they have in the past, and are now, willing to sacrifice countless millions. To them, a civil war is not a thing to be avoided, but embraced, as Marxianic Zeal predicts that from said chaos will come the world they envision.

Lastly, after some enterprising group takes down the grid, infiltration to sow mayhem will be a lot easier. A good friend of mine can do a 5" group from 100+ yards. That's far enough to start taking out known "D" targets. Fire on a windy day can take out large neighborhoods too. Let them shiver and starve in the no-food-or-heat-available smoking ruins.

OvergrownHobbit said...

1) The Christians "won"?
Where and when?
Show your work.

All of Christian Europe for a millenia.And the Roman Empire's own language survives today only as a lingua franca of the church. We won.

) The fourth commandment concerns the Sabbath.

Actually it's "Honor thy father and mother, etc." See Luther's small catechism for the details. Hang on...

I agree with you on all parts viz the 2nd and 5th (which you have as 4 and 6: maybe you use a different numbering system?)

3) Nor are Jesus' words on Caesar.
Arms are not the government's, neither ought nor must they be rendered unto anyone on a self-serving whim.

What government has any say about ends on the shores of natural law, because not granted by nor proceeding from the government, it is eternally beyond Caesar's jurisdiction.

This sounds really good. I'll have to run that by my parent's vicar. I hope you are right.

And sitting on your hands expecting divine intervention, when you have a serviceable rifle, ammunition, and a good sight picture is putting your God to a foolish test.

Now that's just a false dichotomy.

Even if one can justify urging your countrymen to civil disobedience; justify threatening to murder public officials, and planning armed insurrection ...

You still have to add Deus Vult. Or you're doomed.

It as some wise man once said, "praise the Lord and pass the ammunition"

The Realist said...

Mark O'Ryan--

Thank you. I lurk in these type of forums from time to time and you are the first person I've seen posting here who lives in objective reality. Demographics is indeed destiny. You won't hear this tribal language spoken by Muh Patriots and Muh Constitutionalists. They are literally marked for death by people who hate their guts with the intensity of a thousand burning suns but they will only name them as 'leftists' when that is only PART of the issue.

You are also 100% correct about the messy nature of asymmetric 4GW / guerilla style which is where all this would end up if the 'Boogaloo' starts. Aesop has this massive blind spot in that he is projecting numbers that dont' reflect objective reality. 100:1 ratio, innit? LOL. Just stop. Men don't want to get off the couch, turn off sportsball, go to the gym, or anything else. You think they are going to live the life of a vilified 'domestic terrorist' which is what the media will spin you as within a nanosecond of any direct action against gubmint enforcers.

100:1 you will be lucky to get 10:1 and will likely be closer to 1:1. As you seem to be fond of saying 'show your work'. Your preps and bunkers in bumfuck nowhere are going to be worth FUCKALL when the actual battle is happening in or near urban centers. You willing to loiter on the periphery of those areas to maintain OPSEC for months at a time? So much mental masturbation takes place here it is absurd.

Aesop said...

You're both so full of shit on this your eyes are brown.
Objective reality? As if.


Successful counterinsurgency doctrinally requires, at minimum, 10:1 superiority.
If things are only 1:1, TPTB have already lost, hopelessly.
And every one they lose takes years to replace. That's an inevitable defeat before it even kicks off.

And you think their side is going to put up 100% turnout?
That half or more of those they count on won't recollect something better to do, or simply switch sides? Let alone actively monkeywrench everything they try?
That a non-zero number won't be actively undermining everything they do, and passing info on to their nominal enemy?

That's objective reality: TPTB will be lucky if 10% of their own side actually suits up. And luckier if half of who does show up isn't there to actively sabotage everything they try to do. One guy in one guard unit could take out a whole motor pool in about twenty minutes' careful work. And it won't be just one guy; it'll be dozens, from the get-go, and every CO and SNCO there knows this in their blood, and probably has plans to see to it themselves, if not actually simply switch sides at the kickoff.

And who's on the Team Oppression side for outside support?
Zip. Nada. Goose-egg.

Whereas an insurgency would only be able to count on outside support of every type in the millions of people, all within distance of a tank of gas. Which would snowball the minute things went pear-shaped. The governments of KY, PA, WV, NC, etc. would disavow the idiots in Richmond, and those populations would become the auxiliary of VA insurgency in about a heartbeat.

And "the media"? Their life expectancy would be measured in minutes, outside NYFC. It wouldn't be much longer inside those city limits. In total peacetime, they're being laid off in droves now, because no one's buying their bullshit. Given half a chance to settle scores, 95% of them would have to decamp across the Atlantic to have a shot at bare survival if things go boogaloo.

Mental masturbation is imagining it would be anything other than a slaughter of statists of biblical proportions. Google the end of Mussolini. Caucescu. Qaddafi. Then square that response, because we're not an unarmed peasantry.

And stop extrapolating your own lack of desire for participation, and trying to turn it into a general apathy. You're telling us about you, not others. You haven't been paying attention if you think the pro-liberty side isn't itching for the chance to level up how things are going, for keeps.

Put the bong down, put away your hand lotion, and go have some coffee.

Aesop said...

@Overgrown Hobbit:

Europe has been post-Christian for over a century, and it was never more than nominally so even on its best days before then. Perhaps you've read about it?
So, how's that "win" working out in Eurostan right now?

Deus Vult is the wish of everyone in every conflict.
So, how did putting Gott Mit Uns on German belt buckles work out for them in two world wars?
How has "Aloha Snackbar" worked out in every conflict vis-à-vis Israel, or the West, for any Arab army since pretty much ever? Vienna ring any bells? Lepanto? Malta? Like the French military, Islam only succeeds over time when it's fighting against itself.

God, it seems, won't be pasted onto conflicts after the fact, but chooses winners and losers according to his own counsel, anyone's fond wishes in the moment be damned.
And as noted by Napoleon, seems to be eternally on the side of the army with the biggest battalions. And as Franklin observed, helps those who help themselves.

Funny how that works out.

streamfortyseven said...

A friend of mine lives in Venezuela. They were subjected to massive gun confiscation raids in 2012 by the police and military. They gave up their guns. If you own so much as an AirSoft pistol, it's ten years in prison, and a fine you'll never, ever be able to pay. Minimum wage is $4 per month. The wage for people with 4 year university degrees in serious fields is $10 per month. All of those fancy grocery stores are full of food because only Maduro and his buddies - and a bunch of dumbass American reporters - can afford to shop there. A pound of hamburger is two week's wages. $10 does not go far. Maduro and his multimillionaire buddies, they're cleaning up. The rest of the population are effectively slave labor. Starving, disarmed people can do only about one thing, and that is to walk tens or hundreds of miles to another country and hope to be allowed in. A refugee visa to Ecuador costs $120 - a year's wages. A lot of those people regret deeply that they did not fight back when the government came for their guns.

Billionaires like Bloomberg do not do things for the public good, they use government force to further enrich themselves. And that's why Bloomberg and his buddies want to confiscate the guns from the people - because starving, disarmed people can't revolt.

Pete said...

"And who's on the Team Oppression side for outside support?
Zip. Nada. Goose-egg."

All the non-whites in the country, actually.