Friday, December 27, 2019

As I've Pointed Out Many Times

This is your state on libtards and Turd World banana republicans.

For years, which some precision, I've noted here and elsewhere that California's problems are overwhelmingly illegal aliens by the tens of millions, and a similar onslaught from the toothless banjo-playing kinfolk for the Other 49. Now comes official statistical back-up:

(US Census Burea via CNS) Least-Educated State: 2,471,189 California Residents 25 and Older Never Completed 9th Grade; Highest Percentage in Nation

Take your retarded cousins back, and tell your Chamber-of-Commerce captive US senators and congressweasels to fund the entire Border Wall, and things here will reverse as rapidly as they deteriorated (i.e. about a generation).

Fail to do it, and when (not if) we collapse financially, they'll all be going home next whether you like it or not, plus bringing their maids, busboys, dishwashers, and their 14 kids with them.

Ask Virginia how that looks up close, once it happens, as FL and TX purple up nicely over the next 20 years.

Twenty five years after US immigration was thrown wide open, CA flipped from Republican forever, to a wobbler, to a Dem lock.

You lose TX and FL too, and you won't see another [R] president again, ever.
Not even a total RINO squish. That'll be the Whig Party.

Then the most right-wing candidate forever would be someone like Bernie, Nancy Alzheimers, or Evita Guevara-Castro.

Go ahead and try to vote at that.



Anonymous said...

" as FL and TX purple up nicely over the next 20 years." You got to be shittin me. Texas very nearly turned the corner last election. Beatoff O'mick nearly won a big prize. It was entirely too close. It is going to come here sooner than later. My own county was 92% white, 1% Black and 7% Hispanic and solid R. Now in the past 10 years we are 72% white, 1% Black and guess the rest. Most don't speak English. We nearly had the D's win. It's coming. Soon.

Aesop said...

These are still the good old days.

Wait until you're a statistical minority in your home state.
And the Alamo is turned into a taqueria.


Not like it was intentional. Oh, wait...

I remember a few years back when McCain was alive; he and Chuck-E-Cheese Schumer were side by side discussing another "amnesty". Schumer had this huge sh*t-eating grin on his face while McCain discussed the need bring these poor people out of the shadows and onto a track for eventual citizenship.


The Left has a long game. They've been working this game for over a century.

Anonymous said...

Not completing 9th grade would, at first blush, seems problematic. I know that it was for my (deceased) father. He left school at 6th grade to support the family. He worked his way up to becoming a Class A machinist (in a time when that had an objective meaning), took a "break" in 1938 for two tours as a USMC/USN NCO (1 each), then went back to work in his trade.

With the current quality of what is called "public education", I think that there might be some benefit from missing what is provided. Yes, I would still send them back by trebuchet, but those who are remain bereft of the gift of a finalized government indoc might one day be salvageable, if at least in theory.

Aesop said...

Never confuse schooling for education.

Serving in two services from 1938-1946 provided your father with a PhD in world affairs and current events.

We aren't the victims of receiving unschooled people, we're the victims of being inflicted with the uneducated, and ineducatable.

Jack said...

Unfortunately I don't see it happening unless the votes are cast from the rooftops. Too many people are dead set on bringing in the horde for cheap labor and increased rates on their real estate. "It won't be my problem." As I've been told before. I vote, I tell everyone my age how stupid they are for wanting open borders, and I stack ammo/mags.

Cederq said...

Damn Aesop, you tell scary bedtime stories.... the truth hurts.

The Gray Man said...

I’ve been seeing “move to Kalifornia” commercials for over a decade.

Maybe y’all should turn those off first.

tweell said...

My parents didn't go to high school, but both got a GED after WWII, Dad went to college on the GI Bill. Also remember that school has been dumbed down considerably since then. Literature in Dad's eighth grade primer was equal to my advanced senior English course.

agadfly Jr. said...

“Ask Virginia how that looks up close, once it happens, as FL and TX purple up nicely over the next 20 years.”
Texas is there now (and has been for awhile), not twenty years from now.

downeasthillbilly said...

"Never confuse schooling with education."
Quote of the fucking century.
Most people are really, really stupid. Your job is to separate the wheat from the chaff. You can bebe a registered PE with NO formal education. Ask me how I know.

Jack said...

"Never confuse schooling with education."

Too true. I now a number of graduates who can barely read or write. Only one of them had sense to give up dope and learn a trade. After a talking to about knocking a local gal up.

Unknown said...

Being in CA, what do you tell Diane Swine and Heels Up? (all other elected 'representatives', inclusive)
By what means?
How often?
How persuasive are you? (assuming your message was received and understood)

With respect to the reality of how this actually plays out:
Why would you continue to do the same? (insanity defined and all that)

For well more than a decade I had been in regular contact with the aforementioned and the other elected con men. The main characteristic of the few replies I did receive was that they were so fouled up that they acknowledged my position to be 180% opposite of my true position.

I now understand what friends said about my perseverance sometimes being my enemy. As of early 2019, I terminated all further attempts at communications.

Fuck em, whether they got the message, they cannot say they weren't told.

Broadcasting in the blind serves its purpose only for a limited time.