Thursday, December 19, 2019

This Is What Happens When Your Party Has No Sane Nor Adult Supervision

Here's to hoping the endless coup attempt retires Nancy Alzheimer's as Speaker for good, come November. Nice to know they couldn't see any other way out of the electoral pickle they got themselves in - like, y'know, running a candidate that had actual voter appeal and a brain, not to mention a personal body count under 100 - when they rejected the election results, and announced this plan within hours of realizing Shrillary was toast in 2016.
The trail of broken careers in the wake of those who've gone head-on with POTUS since 2017 bodes poorly for the whole Dumbocrat clowncar.
The trial in the Senate should also be good for 10-20 indictments once it all rolls out.
Epstein didn't kill himself.
And when Leftards lose their mind next November - like they will - you'd all best be ready for Spicy Time.
Not in a metaphorical way, either.


Anonymous said...

What really scares me is what the Dems and their lackeys will do when they get their predicted ass kicking. We ain't seen nothin' yet.

Aesop said...

I'm a little saddened, but not scared.

And salivating, just a bit.

Sanders said...

Yet, the only ones in jail are Trump aids and advisors.

Anonymous said...

@Sanders... Exactly.

Borepatch said...

No excitement without indictments.

RHT447 said...

Just like Roger Maris, this impeachment will have an * after it.

George True said...

At this point, Trump has little to lose by waging all out war upon the Democrats. Perhaps he will use the Senate impeachment hearings, if they happen, to showcase the many real felonies committed by the Dems over the last 3+ years. Or perhaps he will allow McConnell to dispose of impeachment without hearings or fanfare, and then go after the Dems shortly afterwards.

Either way, the time is long overdue for Trump to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. He should instruct his attorney general to prepare real criminal indictments against all of the principal players in the DNC, the FBI, the DOJ, and in Congress itself who perpetrated and/or were involved in the conspiracy to overthrow the lawfully elected government. This would be a group of at least several dozens of conspirators and participants.

The felonies committed are numerous and in-your-face in their arrogance and brazenness. There is a voluminous amount of evidence that is already in the public domain. There is undoubtedly much more unassailable evidence that would be available from the NSC, which by constitutional law the President is in command of.

President Trump has every right as the Commander in Chief to order 3:00 AM arrests and highly visible perp walks of the perpetrators, with simultaneous raids of their homes and offices to obtain and preserve evidence. Once these MFers are in custody facing real criminal charges, many of them would sing like canaries to save their own sorry asses. Then, the ENTIRE story would be known. And I guarantee that it would emerge that the entire conspiracy was ordered by not only Hillary, but also and especially Obama himself.

It is high time for the gloves to finally come off.

Roger said...

Nothing will happen to any of the dimocrats. As I've stated before, "Things are different when you are a dimocrat"
Rules do not apply to you, nor do laws.
We have all watched the 8 years of obama's malfeasance. 8 years of politically motivated legal action from his atty gen'ls, IRS etc. Sleazy actions from State dept, hillary, etc etc.
The dims parrot that nobody is above the law, but in parenthesis is (unless you vote dimocrat)
We have seen the evidence, the proof, the clear and unmistakable facts. They all walk free and will continue to.

John Wilder said...

If not 2020, then 2024. When the economy heads south or Virginia boils over . . . watch out.

Anonymous said...

This impeachment farce has been about one thing and one thing only, protecting the guilty in the Obama administration; Obama, Biden, Clinton, Brennan, Clapper, Holder, Jarrett, Comey, Strzok, Page, et al.

Here’s what happens if President Trump is convicted. ALL of his cabinet will be replaced, including and especially Bill Barr. Once Barr is replaced, ALL of the investigations around the 2016 election STOP.

Think back over the last three years. Yes, there’s been rumblings about Impeaching President Trump since before the election. But, they were mostly coming from fringe Representatives like Maxine Waters. Who, in their right mind mind and her uninformed voters would believe anything that comes out of that crazed harridans mouth? The rumblings didn’t reach their current crescendo until Sessions was fired and Barr was appointed. The Left and the Deep State know that when Barr was brought in, the jig was up. He’s demonstrated throughout his career that he’s a no bullshit, follow the evidence to its end prosecutor, who will expose every sordid detail.

If Trump and therefore Barr is gone, nothing short of civil war will bring any of the aforementioned felons to justice.

This is the reason that the deep state and the Left is running scared and that they fear Trump’s re-election, a re-election that is now, most probably, assured.


June J said...

Speaking of loony Maxine Waters, she said today that once they are through getting rid of Trump they're going after Pence.

George True said...

Yes, June, they have tipped their hand. Estrogen-man Schiff committed a gaffe yesterday by accidently blurting out the truth - they intend to go after Pence just as soon az they have removed Trump.

If they succeed in removing him, Trump and Pence should jam this whole thing right up the Democrats' ass, hard and deep. If removed, Pence immediately becomes President. Then, after due consideration, President Pence appoints as his Vice-President.....Donald Trump. So then we have President Pence and VP Trump. Then, a few days later, President Pence announces that he is resigning as President effective immediately. His Vice-President, Donald Trump immediately becomes President. Then, the next day, President Trump announces that after much consideration, he has decided to appoint as his Vice-President.....Mike Pence.

I can only salivate over the howling and suffering rage and primal screams of the Democrats that would be heard everywhere. And the media talking heads would be apoplectic. It would be heavenly music to my ears. And the recently re-sworn in President Trump could calmly say to them, "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes". And the just re-sworn in Vice-President Pence could say to them, "How do you like that splintery log that we just jammed up your corrupt, lying asses? Now spin on it, mother******s."

Anonymous said...

Anybody remember the 70’s?
When the Dems were out of power so they mobilized an entire generation to oppose common sense.
When they rioted in the streets and armed the blacks and made them furious.
When they robbed bank after bank and rarely went to prison for it.
Or the cop killings.
Or the kidnappings.
Or the Trojan horse of using political offices to funnel money to the terrorists.
Or the infuriating lawyers that volunteered to help those underprivileged terrorists.
Or the endless bombings.
Bombings and more bombings.
Cause, here it comes again.
You cannot negotiate with the plague.
Or make a deal with the rats eating your grain.
Or the pedo teaching you children.
Spicy time is coming.

Warthog said...

Unfortunately, a Senate trial will be overseen by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court - one John Gordon Roberts Jr. and I don't trust him to not screw us over. Besides let Barr and Durham do their job

Aesop said...

Clearly you don't remember the '70s. The Dems were in charge of Congress non-stop for six decades, from 1932 until 1995 (except for two 2-yr segments in the '50s), they ran Nixon out of office one step ahead of the posse in '74 as the only elected [R] president from 1960-1980, hamstrung caretaker Ford from '74-76, and elected Jimmy Peanut as POTUS from '77-'81.

History: still an actual thing.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen to anyone of importance.

The most that will happen is that any of the expendables will be expended, but the upper levels will remain untouched, or they will retire to "spend more time with the family".

Anonymous said...

Now Pelosi is refusing to forward the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate.

The same articles it was soooo urgent to immediately pass, even if they needed to run roughshod over the minority, due process, and any presumption of innocence.

Do not count on receiving any justice or even enlightenment in any Senate investigation proceedings. They are the Establishment Swamp, Deep State approved. Especially the Senate Intelligence Committee.


Anonymous said...

You nay-sayers may, repeat may, be proven right; I will choose to wait and see. I DO remember the 70's; this is not remotely the same country -for which I am grateful. There is a substantial cohort who "Won't Be Fooled Again" ( one of the very few things better then was the music). That cohort is fit, motivated, trained and very well-armed. Having seen the result of trusting the system, paying for it and allowing it to work without close supervision; I am confident the lessons have been learned. Yes, it took things getting "this bad" for the fury and resolve to build, but build it has. We would Be happy (mostly) not to go kinetic, but do not mistake forbearance for anything else. Many of us know how bad the spice will be, but that in no way means we are unwilling.
Boat Guy

Old NFO said...

Agree 100% with Boat Guy... sigh

Anonymous said...

I gotta say, Brother Aesop, I am reminded of the scene in "the Dirty Dozen" where Major Reismann pushes Posey (played by Clint Walker). The left is pushing and they are by no means as skilled as Reismann; they will find out what happened to that other guy who pushed Posey
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

At Anon December 19, 2019 at 2:36 PM

Maybe this time don't let them get away with it?

Sure, unless you're high tier guy with connections & gear you're not going to get to those at the top. But you *can* get to a loud mouth in your area. You can access one of the journalists easy enough. To a lawyer that's offering free legal representation.

waepnedmann said...

"Think globally, act locally."

Where have I heard that before?

Anonymous said...

No indictments to date, Epstein surveillance tape is lost, Podesta and his brother are still walking around free, Hillary is , Oh forget it. You get the picture. But what is going on in VA plus this BS on impeachment cannot be tolerated. Get ready folks and hold your loved ones near and dear. Just remember everyone is gonna die eventually so make it count towards something worthwhile.

stormsailor1981 said...

well, since the quite transparent attempt to overthrow the sitting president of the united states is a coup attempt all involved conspired and as seen last night are a clear and present danger to the security of the united states i think the president should invoke the patriot act, write their names on the slip of paper, black bag them in the middle of the night with absolutely nothing said,"national security". and take them to gitmo.

an absolute constitutional crisis brought about by the same group.

slam dunk

Anonymous said...

The left has a rheostat, and they believe they can dial up, and down, at will, to get their way.

The right has an on/off switch, which is triggered by putting up with only so much shit from those running the rheostat.

Once the left triggers the right to flip the switch, it stays on until those running the rheostat are dead.

Dead. Not out of power. Dead.

I understand it takes about six weeks for the smell of dead bodies to dissipate. I figure three months or so of smelling death, and then we can compost the remains.

Anonymous said...

I suggest rather than compost... napalm. Burn the bodies to ash, salt the remains. I do not want that rubbish in my compost. Other than that, right on. - Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Trump will be re elected. There will be no HUGE retribution, no dogs of war (unless headed to the sandbox) and libtard heads will continue to explode in woke pain as Drumpty takes victory lap after victory lap.

I'm not holding my breath on Shillary heading off to jail or mass deportations beginning any time now. It's all a farce. WWE banana republic on roids. If Don were to drop the mask and call out for 2 million Americans to man the border, I'd go. Tomorrow. Ain't happened, won't happen. Sad that.

Swamp critters be like "Four more years of partay!"
MAGAtards be like "Now this is some fcking 6D chess he's playing!
"Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am.

Mark Matis said...

What makes you think that the Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill are going to run anyone better than the Dems? There is no shortage of Mittens in their ranks. Just how much good did the House do under Lyin' Ryan?

n1hook said...

The expectation that actually indictments could happen if President Trump remains in office and is reelected is why's designed to engage the government at levels to destroy the 2nd amendment and result in violence..
The corruption on the democraticsideat all levels of government is mask e and overwhelming.

Virginia was picked as that state houses government agencies...CIA, turn on the American people requires ruthless action,singling out individuals and groups to set an example.

Notice the demand and threat to involve the military wether ñational guard or regulars.

Remember Boston..the bombing, national guard brought in with armored vehicles and locked and loaded machine guns demanding residents come out of their houses with hands up so homes and residents could be searched,no warrants,no hot pursuit justification.

When it was over people lined up to clap,never mind the government was no where near the real suspects.

Anonymous said...

NO ONE OF CONSEQUENCE IS ON TRIAL or JAILED with FELONY CHARGES - except those who supported Trump.

BARR is swamp and shows more effort circulating gun control memos than prosecuting these assholes.

Since no one on the left worries about going to jail, there are no limits to their behavior but social boundaries. And they break new ground destroying those with rapid efficiency. They now have birthed the next level in VA like a massive pus filled, festering Zit -which is about to get a metallurgical lancing with (hopefully) tactical and technical efficiency at 3000 ft/sec.

Expect a Constitutional Crisis come November with leftist states bulking their Electoral college votes for the popular vote winner. Expect massive fraud. Voter registration for illegal shitfuck aliens fouling our nest like they do their socialist shitholes they run from. Pure, wanton felony leftist ballot stuffing.

This is kitty litterally an existential crisis for the left. Two forms of geopolitical organizing structures with vastly different sociological jurisprudence binders vie for dominance: some form/hope/movement back towards constitutional republicanism vs leftist socialism, communism with the bonus feature of white privilege genocide to destroy (once and for all) the white patriarchy via the cultural marxist playbook - since it stands in their way.

Ends justify any means to get there. Their massive corruption and illegal acts willfully blinds and binds their actions together with the NSA's dirt on their felonies, corruption or sex "proclivities" acting as the egg/protein binder for Dems in their mutli-genitaled LBTG-QWERTY cake shitshow.

With no one scared of the legal process on the left, they will push all bounds because they have no bounds - only the social cultural ones - and they are all in - at least until they personally or near personally experience scaled deadly force as pushback. For now with no flags on the play they move the chains in large increments towards acceptable totalitarian violence. VA is ground zero right here, right now. Send the VCDL a donation. I did.

And while we're at it, Epstein didnt kill himself. Duh. We can look at this with obvious eyes. But it was way more socially for the left. It was another huge movement of those social violence chains down the field. The pedo-elite got away with it...killing the highest visibility prisoner number 1 in the world. They dont give a fuck. Because fuck you.

And fuck you means consolidating power to persecute and genocide you. Epstein was good for thirty yards well into our half of the emotional/cultural violence field.

I've given to the GOA, supported their email campaigns, and given money for a seat on the VCDL busride to their capital for VA patriots on Jan 20. I intend to persuade my county to become a 2nd amend sanctuary...which is bullshit on the one hand....but it does move the ball forward socially and provides feelz pushback to leftards.

"The above just shows youre a cuck..." I can hear it now from keyboard commandos...where is that impotent rage seagull DMV Gringo....

If you are ultimately willing to employ deadly force in defense of life and principle, you best have your mind right about it. Hard right. Read Delta Force operator Paul Howe's book Leadership and Training for the Fight:

"Each of us needs to find in ourselves that spark that drives us and ensure it is for honorable reasons. For without that belief and spark, the stress and chaos of combat will strip away the shallow armor of the self-serving leader and ensure his failure. The stronger the belief, the stronger the leader. In today’s society, individuals seek leadership positions to enhance their social status, to gain power, or simply to please their parents. These reasons are insufficient to sustain the leader when the bullets are thick and soldiers are dying. One must truly believe in one’s cause.

Leadership and Training for the Fight: Using Special Operations Principles to Succeed in Law Enforcement, Business, and War (p. 38). Skyhorse.

Anonymous said...

#1 It's far worse than you think
#2 The Dim's are in Free-Fall, they have no PLAN, they are mentally unhinged, their only fall-back position is murder; at some point murder becomes impossible to conceal and the igloo happens.
#3 #2 is the best outcome for America.
#4 Expect the Globalists to unleash everything including EMP and even NBC!
#5 Remember, this is the best case scenario

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

No word on the gubernatorial elections in Kentucky or Louisiana. Democraps. Remember Orange county, all blue now. They will cheat as hard as they can go in November. Its who counts the votes.