Monday, December 9, 2019

Is It Just Me...


...or does the Dumbocrats' insane never-ending impeachment quest remind everyone of the pathologically optimistic kid who found a gigantic pile of horseshit under the tree on Christmas morning, and began digging frantically, because he was positive there had to be a pony under there somewhere?

The last time anyone was this insanely driven, he was a sea captain named Ahab.


George True said...

The Dims have gone full cray-cray, and they do not care what it looks like. Their base is made up of leftist true believers who are just as crazy. And the rest of the Dem voters are the lowest of the Lo-Fo voters out there, who get all their info from the likes of CNN and MSNBC. Orange Man Bad is all they know. And they comprise roughly half of the voting electorate.

Robin Datta said...

Their efforts are directed to boot or shoot, or if that does not work, to distract and detract - distract from duties and detract from reputation. The less effective it gets, the more intense their frenzy.

John Wilder said...

This will now be the new normal - using the full power of the state after every non-Leftist president.



Speaking of Ahab:

There is NO ESCAPING the necessity for the .223 solution at this point.

Aesop said...

@John Wilder

It'll be the new normal for about 0.2 seconds.

If the Left tries this again in living memory, the answer will be a slaughter of the Left.

The tolerance for their games has ended, and the next spark is the one that will ignite the rage that has burned unrequited for decades.

It's frankly quite a miracle that they haven't already been targeted and taken out this time, and only an overoptimistic fool would expect this forbearance to last much longer.

The Democrat Party, top to bottom, is about to re-learn the historical lesson the Leftards always forget: that they are not bulletproof.
And when you relentlessly take away all other options for legitimate debate, things will be settled not Hatfield-McCoy style, but more on the order of Rome-Carthage style, i.e. with historic finality and zero restraint.

We have nothing to lose except 160M of those friends and neighbors who aren't working for a living anyways, but still think they're entitled to your cake.

This won't be Chicago Rules.
It's going to be Serengeti Rules.

Anonymous said...

The best way to count votes is with a chronograph.
5.66mm/55 gr. votes come in @~ 32-3300 fps.
7.62x39 @~ 2400 fps.
As numbers increase, so does voting range.

George True said...

I hope you are right. The Dims are determined to remove the president that 70 million of us elected. If they succeed, by all that is right, it SHOULD result in a literal million man march on DC with AR-15's, pitchforks, torches, and plenty of rope. But my fear is that once again, good men will do nothing.

Anonymous said...

"But my fear is that once again, good men will do nothing."

By definition, Mr. Burke was wrong.

If they do nothing, they are not "good men".