Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Next New Normal

When you don't swear in counsel or witnesses, and your early witness joins the inquisition panel after testifying, this isn't a trial, it's simply a witch hunt.

From comments to yesterday's musing hereabouts,

"This will now be the new normal - using the full power of the state after every non-Leftist president.

(sigh) "- John Wilder 

It'll be the new normal for about 0.2 seconds.

If the Left tries this again in living memory, the answer will be a slaughter of the Left.

Tchaikovsky used cannon as special percussion.
In the next political conversation with the Left, gunfire will be the punctuation.

The tolerance for their games has ended, and the next spark is the one that will ignite the rage that has burned unrequited for decades.

It's frankly quite a miracle that they haven't already been targeted and taken out this time, and only an overoptimistic fool would expect this forbearance to last much longer.

The Democrat Party, top to bottom, is about to re-learn the historical lesson the Leftards always forget: that they are not bulletproof.

And when you relentlessly take away all other options for legitimate debate, things will be settled not Hatfield-McCoy style, but more on the order of Rome-Carthage style, i.e. with historic finality and zero restraint.

We have nothing to lose except 160M of those friends and neighbors who aren't working for a living anyways, but still think they're entitled to your cake.

This won't be Chicago Rules.

It's going to be Serengeti Rules.

Meaning, just like with Randy Weaver, their kids and family are on the menu as well. Turnabout is always fair play.


McChuck said...

If we have 120 million patriotic Americans left after Civil War 2.0, it will be a miracle. That's the population we fought WWII with, by the way.

CW2 will not be pleasant, merely necessary. Demography is destiny. The future belongs to those who show up.

Wes Rhinier said...



Anonymous said...

Looks like that's how it's gonna have to be. A very much resistable force is gonna meet a nearly immovable object soon. It's gonna be ugly, necessary and brutal. We must, and I believe will, prevail.
Boat Guy

Aesop said...

Nothing less will avail.
If they think they can ever try this again, they're going to have to spanked over the head with clubs and maces to disabuse them of the delusion.

Anonymous said...

Your Carthage solution should make that unnecessary.

Linda Fox said...

I made a meme that seems to be spreading quite well.


RHT447 said...

"The tolerance for their games has ended, and the next spark is the one that will ignite the rage that has burned unrequited for decades."


CPB said...

Pull the band-aid off lets get this over. I want some peace and quiet and to be left the hell alone!!

MTHead said...

CPB, not in our lifetime.
And don't forget, Bill Clinton added supportive media to the ROE.

Matt Bracken said...

I wonder if the VA state popo know they are being signed up for this?

"Improved 2nd Amd Sanctuary County Target Guide"


Desert Rat said...

Yeah, I wonder about this 2nd Amendment movement as well. It appears to be flaring up pretty strongly in Virginia and there have been stirrings in Washington, California, Illinois and Colorado that I know of. Of the potential flash points for real violence this 2A movement may be more on point than Trump. Though the blatant attempt to overturn the last election is certainly notice that "democracy" in America is a joke and the left will stop at nothing to seize power. They aren't up for open warfare - yet - or I suspect they would have made at least one serious assassination attempt on Trump by now but when this current impeachment farce fails and if Trump is reelected whatever restraint the left has will almost certainly vanish.

Anonymous said...

If we have to have a jerry nadler, I want big fat jerry nadler back. Formerly fat jerry nadler is just fucking creepy.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of agents provocateur, who let this dipshit in?

John Wilder said...

Virginia may indeed be our ground zero. And the defiance at the county level by county governments is the first sign of development of an opposition governing structure - a required step for that delenda est moment we seem to be headed towards.

Spicy times . . . indeed.

Anonymous said...

Seen the 2020 census form???

Wait until you do.

It is already being distributed in CA.

Behind Enemy Lines said...

Both Chile and Argentina had to deal with armed, highly-motivated and foreign-supported seditionists -- that is, people who were a lot more dangerous on an individual level than the Pelosis and Schiffs of the present constitutional crisis.

The following back-of-envelope figures derive from the lefty press, which was openly biased in favour of the seditionists, and therefore certain to dramatically over-report actual numbers.

Out of a population of c. 10m, Pinochet allegedly killed 3-4,000 people (.0003-.0004) and ‘victimised’ 40k (.004). That would be equivalent in US terms to 90-120k killed and 1.2m given a taste of what they have in mind for us.

During the Argentinian ‘dirty war’ (1976-83, pop. 28m) 10k-30k were allegedly killed. Argentina's post-war commission put it at 13k (.0005). There were also something like 9k (.0003) imprisoned for long sentences, and another 21k (.0008) for shorter sentences. In proportion to the US official population, that’s 150k shot, 90k long sentences, 240k short sentences.

Therefore, by my admittedly rough calculation, a sufficiently determined and unified federal government could arguably put an end to the Democrat Party's sedition at an investment of 150,000 righteous bullets in 150,000 deserving heads, hard time for another 90,000 dedicated seditionists, and a couple of years digging potatoes by hand and sleeping through North Dakota or Wyoming winters in tents for perhaps 500k people who could learn from the experience (not necessarily all at once).

I believe that the country which put a man on the moon would be more than capable of doing this.

It would be celebrated by normal people everywhere for centuries to come.

Anonymous said...

Decapitation of Washington DC and the local area bureaucracy would probably save a lot of lives, on both sides.

If a medium sized nuke detonated over the Reflecting Pool while POTUS was at Mar a Lago, the Swamp would be "drained" so to speak.

Maybe Lil' Kim could do it? The Chinese would likely stomp him flat to keep US from doing that, and we would have 2 issues taken care of.

Aesop said...


"Mischief managed."

McChuck said...

I prefer to do the job right the first time, so my children don't have to do it over again.