Monday, December 16, 2019

The Truth Hurts

Especially if you freeze it with some lug nuts inside a heavy sock before you wield it.


Anonymous said...

Their progeny will usually turn on them for insufficient wokeness; unless M&D continue to go butt-up and pay tribute.
Any parent paying for a kid to go to college (except for Hillsdale) is a sucker - and their kids are gonna be debt-ridden underemployables. Those who send kids to trade schools ala Mike Rowe will be doing them -and us - a favor.
Boat Guy

enn ess said...

Sad part is, unless we the present in charge can return this to what principles it was supposedly founded upon, the sorry fucs are gonna outlive us. Which ain't saying a lot for our posterity.....

Anonymous said...

My posterity understand the Principles and the Founding Documents quite well, thank you. They are trained and equipped to defend such and themselves. I fully expect progeny unborn to do the same.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

The Cabal of Pseudo Intellectuals has finally priced their product out of proportion to its true value. Our son went to community college and got an associate degree in welding. He has been employed at the same place since completing the program and has no debt for his education. People are waking up to the fact that an advanced degree in Early Polyphony for the Medieval Nose Flute isn't worth what it costs, and that an associate degree in something useful actually can get you a good job. If you can't live without a bachelor's degree most employers will help with expenses after you get hired with your A.A.