Monday, December 16, 2019

No Quarter

Two real choices, Jackboots:
1) Change sides.
2) Stand down, and refuse to obey unlawful orders.

Any other options?
3) Expect early activation of your Servicemen's Group Life Insurance benefit plan.
4) Become a posthumous supply point for domestic partisans.

And bear well in mind that the "Just following orders" Defense lost any cachet or effectiveness it had right around 1946, in Nuremburg.
The sentence for war crimes in failed subjugation attempts usually begins and ends with rump trials up against a wall, and the finer points of law tend to get lost in the gunsmoke.

Are the summer soldiers of the Notional Guard and the wannabee sturmtruppen of the state police really willing to establish VA as the first banana republic north of the Rio Grande, and put the rest of their lives on the line for people who can't figure out how many genders there are?

Call that toss in the air, geniusii.


Okanogan Offgrid said...

I'm not so sure that the "following orders" defense still doesn't work. Its modern equivalent of "following procedure" sure seems to work quite well for the Polizei.

Anonymous said...

Well said. I know people all over Virginia - and I can tell you that no one is scared of the state police and their "tactical teams". No one is scared of the Guard. No one is scared of the commies. Virginians are extremely angry and ready to fight. I think it's going to come to blows. Once it starts all bets are off. We are headed for a big showdown.
Think IRA Active Service Units x 1000.
We appreciate the attention you are giving Virginia on your blog. Sincere thanks.
"There stands Jackson like a stone wall - rally around the Virginians."

Red in OleVirginny

S18-1000 said...

If I am understanding this linked post correctly, Virginia lawmakers might be trying to/are thinking about, making the LEOs of Virginia choose between not enforcing the gun laws, or their jobs and pensions. There have to be a lot of VA State Troopers doing a some serious soul-searching right now. I have seen money make people do strange things. Here's hoping they choose wisely.

Anonymous said...

I would expect the Guard to exercise #1 and 2 in large numbers, especially the meat-eating Infantry. The hewers of wood and haulers of water may require exposure to understand the stakes. I'd expect state po-po to hear their master's voice, dunno how much good gear would be salvaged from them.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team is no longer to be referred to by the racist hetero-normative patriarchal nickname "The Stonewall Brigade" The governor is calling you to active duty, please remove all blue and gray patches and turn them in for our new rainbow colored distinctive unit insignia. All Stony on a Pony patches, mugs and commemorative lighters are to be destroyed. We expect you to report no later than January 1st to oppress your neighbors.

Ever Forward!

Anonymous said...

For a good illustration of the movement to contact; look to Chris Hernandez' third book where the Texas Guard drives into a border town

Dan said...

So what happens to the scumbags in Virginia's statehouse and the traitor Governor, if the order is given to the Troopers and the Guard to confiscate and or fight the Virginian people, but the Troopers and the Guard do not follow orders? What of the traitorous state senators and state Congress critters? At that point, they are untrustable elected people. And they cannot remain in office. This whole thing is a powder keg. But, listening to idiots tell their constituents that illegals have a right to be here, that you can use any bathroom you want, that all confederate statues need to be removed, and etc, etc, etc, has pissed a lot of Americans off to the point where many see that this is the only viable fight. And I agree.

Wes said...

Goes with this...

T-Rav said...


What we need is a good computer hacker on our side, someone who can get in and out of government systems.

That way, if the idiots follow through on that particular threat, our boy could just take the pension money out of the Treasurer's office directly, and distribute it to the patriotic sheriffs and LEOs.

Behind Enemy Lines said...

It is fair enough to remind front-line law enforcement and the National Guard that they aren't exempt from the consequences of an attempted anti-Constitutional confiscation. But in strategic terms, the target for persuasion needs to be the political decision-makers, the senior bureaucrats who will give the orders, and the mid-grade people most responsible for carrying them out.

If things get frisky then the Governor and AG will almost certainly go into hiding. It will be less easy for their families to hide. It will be even less easy for the Virginia State Police Superintendent to hide, given that he'll have to order his people to go face the guns. And what about the Bureau of Field Operations' commander in Division III (Appomatox)? That's the level where the government starts sacrificing people rather than protecting them. That person is about to face some very, very difficult professional and personal decisions. THAT is the person our guys need to get a message to.

The message being, 'people who work with us will ultimately keep their jobs and pensions; people who work against us won't need to worry about jobs and pensions; people who stand aside and do nothing will have to cross their fingers and take their chances'. Lead, follow or get out of the way! Show them the choice and Let THEM make it. DON'T assume they're against us and force a bad decision on them.

From my experience, a small percent will refuse to do the wrong thing no matter what threats the government makes. Another small percent will be very open to positive persuasion. A small percent will gladly follow illegal orders no matter what we explain to them -- many of whom will the soft-handed careerists in the higher grades. And the great middle 80% (+) will prefer to do nothing . . . but will reluctantly follow Iron Mike, whoever Iron Mike may happen to be on the day.

We need to move all of these people one step to the right on this spectrum. Sideline the political class types by getting them to do nothing. Encourage the natural good guy leaders to lead. Encourage the great majority to either step up to glory, or stay home.

Throughout, we have to discourage friendly hotheads from accidentally alienating the great majority of law enforcement and National Guard.

To me, a good tactical victory would be the state government resigning in frightened disgrace, a fresh election, and the reversal of unconstitutional laws by a new citizen government -- all without a shot fired. I like 1989 better than 1789, at least as a starting point.

I trust there are some qualified psyops types and propagandists on our side who can craft a simple, clear message that the people can rally behind. Please stand up now, while the talking is still continuing and Raging 20s haven't quite begun.

15Fixer said...

Sun-Tzu: Do not be where the enemy is (Charlottesville, Richmond), be where the enemy is NOT. Also, think Michael Collins. Midnight letters, voter registration rolls with names and addresses; local, county, state politician accountability files with ALL pertinent personal information. I "Really Like" the computer operations idea.... it will be a 360-degree AO.

Fred ∆ said...

I'm at a loss here.

Mike_C said...

racist hetero-normative patriarchal nickname "The Stonewall Brigade"
Nah. They'll just re-interpret the nickname to stand for the Stonewall Riots (c. 1969)

the Governor and AG will almost certainly go into hiding. It will be less easy for their families to hide
Regardless of where they go, their property will stay at the same fixed address. Not that I am suggesting anything.

Anonymous said...

I hope that a lot of people are listening to BEL. What he is saying is what in other times would be called "smart". For the record, smart is a good thing if anyone is wondering.

Pineland smells a lot different when things go sideways.

Angantyr said...

National Guard involvement is so yesterday:

A bill to immediately and automatically terminate law enforcement officers who refuse to enforce gun control (and other) laws.

"/B./Any/public safety/employeeof the Commonwealth, or of any county, city, town or other political subdivision thereof, or of any agency of any one of them,who, in concert with two or more other such employees, for the purpose of obstructing, impeding or suspending any activity or operation of his employing agency or any other governmental agency, strikes or willfully refuses to perform the duties of his employment shall, by such action, be deemed to have terminated his employment and shall thereafter be ineligible for employment in any position or capacity during the nexttwelve/12/months by the Commonwealth, or any county, city, town or other political subdivision of the Commonwealth, or by any department or agency of any of them."

Fred ∆ said...

Plan for Rwanda x Bosnia.

I'm revising my legal documents with an attorney next month, including Directive to Physicians in case my carcass actually survives the sportin.' Not expecting my life insurance to pay off, Act of War and all. Dependents are getting travel planned unbeknownst to them, escaping to safety and leaving me unencumbered with leverage and hesitation.

Anyone made the blockchain transnational wealth transfer successfully?

JWM in SD said...

And if they all fail to act then what?

Anonymous said...

I heard rumors of a petition to recall Virginia's Governor (We're gonna recall that mo------cker :^). That would send a message without any one getting hurt.

Anonymous said...

I have to think there are some very nervous and unhappy folks in the VA Statae Police right now. I doubt the majority appreciate the position that the Gov and AT have put them in.

Anonymous said...

The Virginia National Guard Will Not Turn Their Rifles Against the People
written by Guest Contributor Sen. Dick Black

Liberals do not understand the National Guard. These are citizen soldiers, and there are few effective tools for enforcing mass discipline. Democrats want the Virginia National Guard to enforce anti-gun laws by turning their rifles against the people. The Guard will not do so.

Do Democrats really expect guardsmen to arrest recalcitrant deputy sheriffs and police officers? Do they expect guardsmen to smash down doors and confiscate citizens’ guns? Fat chance.

Remember, the Virginia National Guard is sworn to uphold the U.S. and Virginia Constitutions. And it is a complete defense if a soldier refuses to obey an unlawful or unconstitutional order. Democrats are delusional if they think these guys will turn against their neighbors and violate their oaths.

Michael Bloomberg thinks he has crowned Ralph Northam the new King George. But Northam lacks the practical power to employ military force against Virginia. The Guard is sensitive to the backlash they faced after firing on students at Kent State during the Vietnam War. They won’t go through that ordeal again.

Here’s the way it works. As long as the guard has the affection and public support of the people, they will follow orders. But if Governor Northam turns armed troops against our citizens, the Guard will simply dissolve.

If Virginia’s citizen soldiers are ordered to turn their rifles on the people, they will refuse to do so. The National Guard will not report for duty in order to march on the People. They will never turn their guns on law-abiding Virginians, no matter how much the Democrats want them to.

[Senator Black served as Chief of the Criminal Law Division, Office of the Judge Advocate General at the Pentagon from 1992-94.]

Richard H. Black is a Republican member of the Virginia State Senate, representing parts of Loudoun and Prince Williams Counties in the 13th Senate District. Sen. Black has been a stalwart fighter for conservatives, and conservative values, throughout his service in the General Assembly.

Anonymous said...

Angantyr said: "/B./Any/public safety/employee ... who, in concert with two or more other such employees ...strikes or willfully refuses to perform the duties of his employment shall, by such action, be deemed to have terminated his employment ..."

So to get fired, an employee has to act in concert with two or more others. My math says that's three minimum. So if everyone is dispatched in buddy pairs, and the pairs decide to give this law the Salmon Arm Salute, well, IANAL and all that , but by my thinking this new reg is useless.

(What dipstick drafted the dang thing?...)

Aesop said...

The state has no say nor jurisdiction in employment matters between subordinate agencies and their employees. Other than actual state employees, their powers to say who is employed and who is trerminated are nil.

They cannot hire and fire people in lesser municipal units merely on the whim of their idiot legislature, something they'll find out in court in about 0.2 seconds. That idiot law is moot before it's even voted on.

These are fucktards, trying to invent legal powers by pulling them out of their ass.
Power comes out of the barrel of a gun. They're going to find that out, up close and personal, if somebody doesn't explain it to them sooner, before the nooses start getting flung over handy light poles.

Desert Rat said...

Isn't the Virginia National Guard composed of the very people the leftists propose to declare felons once they pass and sign off on their incredibly foolish "laws"? Or is the Guard manned by urban blacks, homosexuals, feminists, illegals, college students, "journalists" and university professors?

Anonymous said...

There is already talk in Richmond among the traitors that perhaps "we will need our own enforcement arm." Even chatter that they may recruit from out of state for a new brand of law enforcement.
We will be watching budget items for "new hires." And expenditures for new uniforms and transportation.
It's been done here before - lincoln hired foreigners to kill Southerners.

Red in OleVirginny

McChuck said...

@Behind Enemy Lines -
You haven't paid attention to anything in the news over the last 40 years, have you?
Leftists never stop. They don't care what we think. They don't care what we say. They are more terrified of each other than they are of us.

1989 happened because the choice was to slaughter their own people in the millions, or stand down and let it all fall apart. And the decision was }{ this close to going the other way. The East Germans knew that if they attacked their own people, the West Germans would have invaded, and WWIII would have begun. And they still debated doing it.

Virginia Granny said...

The pot continues to bubble. Tazewell County has activated its militia, and Richmond responds by threatening to make that a felony, even though the Virginia Constitution couldn't be more clear about the legality of militias:

Anonymous said...

I grew up in VA.

One of the cool things they have is Governors cannot run consecutive terms. So in two years, he's out. If he lasts that long.

He'll stir shit and lost his majority, or outright get recalled.

I have a lot of friends and acquaintances there, that have collections of guns, and know how to use them. Matter of fact, the lions share of the counties there are full of them.

Can't see this getting to the point where guns are drawn.

RandyGC said...

Aesop already posted about the stupidity of threatening to fire LEOs that don't enforce the laws.

Then there's the practical part of proving anything even if they find a judge to rule it legal:

"well we swept the who neighborhood and didn't find nothing. Didn't have to kick any doors, usually we were invited in and had a cup of coffee while we interrogated the homeowner sitting around the kitchen table. Most were prudently locking away family jewelry, photo albums and important papers in large fire proof safes, but we didn't find any guns.

Our assembly point was at the gas station down the street out in the open. We had some mechanical and radio issues so it took us 4 hours to assemble and then move down the street.

We even swept the area with dogs. We forgot to call the State Police to request one of their bomb dogs, but Earl brought along his coon dogs and we used them. Scared up a bunch of critters but no guns.

Sure we set up check points on the streets leading in to the neighborhood. 'Course the street department were using all of their barricades for construction on the interstate so we just had to park in the 7-11 and ask folks as they were driving through (when stopped at the red light. don't want to cause any traffic problems)if they knew of any guns in the area. The closest we got to finding any was when one kid pointed at our holsters.

Why no, we didn't check the U-Haul trailers parked in the Walmart parking lot. Why should we? The were at least a 1/2 block outside of our search area."

That's not even including some more, ah, vigorous enforcement actions in the neighborhoods of certain politicians and high party officials. never know what you might come up with when sweeping their residences for "illegal" guns

And somehow, I doubt that any of the VA legislature has ever heard of the term "White Mutiny".

Anonymous said...

Well placed connection to VSP:
Commissioner says to Guv Blackface, "not our problem. You want them, go get them."
2020 Va budget contains $45 million cut to VSP budget.
Draw your own conclusions.

MTHead said...

Just turn off Richmond's light switch and watch.(stock up on popcorn). And don't forget Bill Clinton's law that sympathetic media are fair game. Antifa generally gets bussed in. Make'em walk home.

The Freeholder said...

My one quibble with MTHead's proposal...Walk home? Make 2/3 of them carry the other 1/3.

The one thing I would counsel is to stay hands off on the staties and the Guard. My suspicion is that if they're left out they'll stay out.

Watching my Virginia brothers and sisters with great interest from the Ol' North State.

Anonymous said...

So. At what point, or what event, triggers the Unintended Consequences?

Anonymous said...

My Christmas present to myself is to revisit that old book. :) It's been a while. Did Aesop ever review it?

Behind Enemy Lines said...

McChuck said...
@Behind Enemy Lines -
You haven't paid attention to anything in the news over the last 40 years, have you?


If only you knew, McChuck. If only you knew. ;-)

No one can be sure how and when this will end. But we have a certain degree of control over how and when it begins.

Successful revolutions start with organisation, not gunfire. Some successful revolutions end that way too. Plan A is to get the pointy end of government to either help us or stay out of the way. Plan B can wait until Plan B's unavoidable. We're not there - not yet.

Have another look at what I'm suggesting. Key concepts: 'as a starting point' and 'don't accidentally alienat[e] the great majority of law enforcement and National Guard' and '[seek] a good tactical victory'.

It would be a fine thing if angry, patriotic Virginians could peaceably 'impose' a citizen government (with law enforcement and National Guard either on-side or on sick leave) to fix these issues. That would be a good tactical victory. Rolling it out to the other 49 and DC would be a good strategic victory.

Genuine people power is an amazing thing. Virginia may be the moment it finally turns into a strategic tool within our reach. Put a few hundred thousand people around the State Capitol building, demand resignation or else, and watch what happens.

You are right in pointing out there are a lot of lefties to deal with. Me, I would prefer to deal with them from the perspective of overwhelming government power. There's nothing stopping us from eventually having a good hard Truth And Reconciliation Commission when things settle a bit, and it'll need doing while memories are fresh.

Anonymous said...

Interesting times indeed. Apparently dear ol Guv and his like minded Quislings seem to forget CWI was only going to last 6 months and ladies and gentlemen went to picnic and watch the first battle. My God in heaven these people are stupid. Do they not know who makes up the NG? Do they not realize Statie has to go home in a neighborhood. Maybe they'll have a Green Zone up in N Va for the families, friends, and extended families of all the Staties? The ways this would go 'not as intended' are too manifold to count.
I also wonder, if festivities kick off will other blue states try to pull the same stuff to try to keep people from outside Va joining in the fun?
This could get real ugly real fast and not just in Va.

Anonymous said...

Won't work. They'll demonize any militia or citizens government groups as racist fanatics.

MTHead said...

Your inner Sun Tzu should also tell you that Nothing likes to walk. Especially those trying to enforce their will on you. NG see's police and stasi on foot. It takes the fire out of their boiler. I mean, just how fast can they make and SHIP tires anyway? So many weak points. Start with those. Then work up from there.
It's not like they can just run out into the woods and arrest everyone. If your in a fight with a giant cyclops, go for the eye!

red 3215 said...

I recommend the advice Mel's father gave his boys before ambushing the Redcoats holding his older son in the movie "The Patriot"; "Start with the officers and work your way down. Can you tell the difference?"..

Just saying, and I would amend it to read "Start with the Politicians and work your way down." Most of the LEO's I've known and worked with were OK guys.

Not advocating any action at all of course for those listening.

Trumpeter said...

Sauce for the goose...

Anonymous said...

Late to this. However "Following Orders" WAS a lawful excuse prior to Nuremberg. They were tortured and hung anyway. That's the real lesson. Don't lose because you don't want to be the one being tried