Thursday, November 20, 2014

Walls and F**kheads

So, apparently, according to this enormous jackass, putting up a border wall, and telling people they can't just come here any effing time they want, is bad.

No, not just bad, it's the exact moral equivalent - he says this - of the East German VoPos putting up a wall to keep people in and shooting people for trying to leave communist East Germany and get to free West Germany.

Really, he says this in public, on the Internet. It beggars belief in literacy and common sense, if not history.

But I'll play along, arguendo:

1) How much pot, heroin, meth, and cocaine were the good people of East Germany humping into West Germany daily across that wall, by the 20-Fritz human mule train, back in the day?

How many of them were a plague on West German hospitals, schools, courts, prisons, and the social safety net?
How many times did they hold rallies and wave the East German flag, and demand to be given full rights, beyond what even the West Germans enjoyed?
Anyone? Beuller? Beuller...?
I ask because apparently, this news has yet to reach pundit Marko, or at last far enough up his back end to get to his head.

2) So explain to me when Mexico, and the rest of the goddam teeming Third World who would merrily come here, was partitioned off from the USA like East Germany was from West Germany in 1961? I'll wait while you explain that one.

3) Exactly where in the Constitution did we give the right to come here, flout our laws, bilk our treasury, destroy our educational system, and rob, rape, and kill our citizens to anyone who manages to hop, skip, jump, or tunnel their way here? Take your time looking it up; I've got a copy of the whole thing right here if you need help finding that section.

4) What's your home address, Marko?
It's only fair, because about 8:02 PM EST tonight, I want to publish it on the Internet, and invite the first 1000 swinging Ricardos to come camp on your lawn in perpetuity, sit on your couch, and drink your beer. Because if you want to stop them, you're the effing SS. (Not so funny when the armband is on the other bicep, is it, dickweed?)

I'm sure it feels nice to bootstrap yourself some unearned moral superiority about being so free with everything else in this country that you didn't build (but which you don't seem too shy to have adopted) but it kind of pales into insignificance when we note that you have a front door, with a locking latch, a deadbolt,  maybe a dog, and no doubt the desire to defend the same with a weapon (and if not that then certainly the hair-trigger response to scream for the local constables to do for you what you're probably too chickenshit to do for yourself).

And if you aren't willing to cough up your sustenance, and give until it bleeds, you're just another socialist in sheep's clothing, loudly proclaiming about "the rule of law for thee, but not for me."
"I’ll never be a fan of walls and fences, no matter which way the barbed wire on top is pointed."
I'm calling bullshit on all of that festering pile of self-righteous dung.

Prove me wrong:
Take your front door off its hinges.
Leave the keys in your car.
Open your business' front door, and leave it open and unattended all night while you sleep. Go down to the local constabulary and demand that the cops empty the jail and let your people go.
Take a bulldozer and tear a new gate at the local prison.
How about it, there, you hypocritical lying bastard? I'll bet you're a big fan of those walls and fences, aren't you, you sniveling socialist scum?
Anything else you've said or would say on the subject from now until Hell froze over is belied by your two-faced, four-flushing, mealy-mouthed crap-spewing on this topic.
(Ask Marco Rubio how that ploy works; or maybe Sen. McCain. They could tell you stories...)

I'll wager any amount you could name that none of that will happen, because you're so full of shit on this your eyes must be brown.

I live in a state where, because of precisely your sentiments, 33% of the prison inmates, 40-50% of the court cases, 66% of the babies, the loss of 100 hospitals, and the entire collapse of the educational system from 1st to 49th place has been because of the unrestrained influx of the tsunami of illiterate peasants and criminals you'd happily make not just legal, but mandatory. One would think that reality might have given you pause, long before wages stalled, unemployment skyrocketed, and the average family's purchasing power has slipped backwards for going on two generations now, ever since Teddy Kennedy opened the gates in 1965.

But all that's news to you, Baby Duck. Because while you were staring mesmerized at the Berlin Wall coming down, you were too bumfuzzled to draw intelligent conclusions from the event. Like the one, for instance, where you note that people were fleeing the side of the fence where all their shit belonged to the government to give away to everyone else. And since it's evidently escaped your hawk-like gaze and manifest perspicacity, that's exactly the result you'd like to see inflicted upon us HERE by your brainless position NOW. So hey, thanks, because there was somehow a pressing shortage of liberal asstardian socialism on the Intarwebz. So thanks for pitching in to help us out!

You could crap stupid non-stop for a year of Sundays, and still not boost your IQ to the point where you'd be worth pissing on you to save if you were on fire.
So please, pull your NIMBY head out of your ass, suck in some oxygen, and come back to this when you can figure out which way is up.
In the meantime, either start your charity at home, with your house, and your money, out of your wallet, or STFU.
Who is going to machine-gun unarmed men, women, and children trying to cross that river and climb those fences?
That'd be me. I'll even work week-ends at straight-time rate.
You want to see an ammo shortage, give me one Ma Deuce, and I'll stop all illegal immigration to the limit of range and traverse.
You put 2000 of them on the southern border, and there won't be any illegal immigration north of Brownsville.

But there's no need to go that far. 
I'm all for easy and bloodless: what say we start by rounding up the first 20M we catch here, and shipping them the fuck back to wherever? 
Tell them not shooting them this time is what we call "Amnesty".
Next time, the gloves are off.
(If you want to first have them helpfully shovel snow for six months in the winter, and spread hot asphalt for six months in the summer, while living in tents - just like Ebola quarnatinees, and US serving troops! - while wearing pink boxers, and feeding them nothing but green bologna sandwiches, just to drive the point home, we can talk.)

Try it my way for six months, (which would be the first six months it'd have been tried since the 1950's) and let's see how it works out down the road. You start raiding the business that start with "A" on Monday, "B" on Tuesday, and by Wednesday noon, you wouldn't be able to get on I-5 southbound south of Seattle or I-35 southbound south of St. Paul, and the delay to cross the Mexico border would be measured in days, for a month.
Unemployment here would drop to functionally zero, wages would rise, the US economy would be booming, and Mexico would be in revolution by the end of the month: I call that a grand slam.

If 80M Mexicans (or anyone anywhere else) loves America so much they want it too, here's a nifty idea: they kick their own bastards out, adopt the U.S. Constitution's provision in their country, and rock on with their bad selves! I'm spit-balling here, but I'm pretty sure even John Effing Kerry would leave skid marks to the Western Union office to congratulate and welcome any such country to the ranks of freedom in about 0.2 seconds, and we'd probably set records in granting them the best trading terms and defense treaties in existence for as long as they lived like that. We love the idea so much, we didn't even copyright the Constitution. I'm pretty sure there are enough people who could translate who ALREADY live in those countries, if that's what they wanted. Anybody could copy it and adopt it, anywhere, anytime! (As a matter of fact, from time to time there's occasionally even some chance of some of it breaking out in this country, when TPTB aren't looking!)

But throw open the borders?? That's ludicrous and asinine.

Maybe they didn't explain this clearly enough at your mail-order immigration green card school, but being left alone starts with leaving them on their side of the fence, unless they want to get a visa, visit, and then go back before it expires, like people do in hundreds of other countries going back to time out of mind.

Not letting everyone come rummage around here, loot the place, and ship it home, like they'd do in your fantasy from time out-of-your-mind.

I am reminded of nothing so much as this apropos benediction from Martin Luther:
Your words are so foolishly and ignorantly composed I cannot believe that you understand them.


Shrugger said...

Hilarious burn-down of Marki Klueless and the Internet's dumbest post this year.

Anonymous said...

All the work that USED to give kids their intro to the working world, now filled with adults, mostly hispanic immigrants.

Lawn care, fast food/food service, construction labor, auto mechanic, etc.

Instead of doorways to the world of work and a gateway to better jobs, they've become the full time occupation of adults, who then have the nerve to bitch that they can't make a living on minimum wage.

Want to solve unemployment in the US? Take 20 MILLION out of the labor force. And that is a 20 million that, by and large, EXPORTS their earnings, spends as little here as possible, and by doing so, props up violent and repressive regimes in their home countries.

Want to solve freeway congestion? Send 20 million home. Next time you are stuck in traffic see how many white vans and beat up pickups are around you. There was a dramatic reduction in traffic and travel times during the "labor strike" when hispanics stayed home to show the 'man' how important they were. It was fan-f'in-tastic to have my commute time cut in half.

I'm NOT moved by them having a kid here either. Send the kid with them, and when the kid is of legal age and able to show self support, let them back in and begin the traditional legal process of bringing family members into this country.

I've spent most of the last 30 years in border states and it is VERY clear the damage that has been done. Our border cities look like third world shitholes, and every year it encroaches further and further from the border.

Close the border, make them self-deport, send them home.

Anonymous said...

I understand justified rage. i don't understand your clear statement of eager willingness to slaughter children.

Would you really do that?

If so, then I suppose what's been written will stand. If not, you might consider removing that text.

I've given it a lot of thought, and much evidence points to ends justifying the means as one main route by which evil enters this world.

Anonymous said...


That's the only constitution the elites want to enforce. Double slavery. Slave to the boss man, and slave to the government control freaks. They want to pay labor virtually nothing, so that the workers still have to kiss government butt to get food, shelter, and health care. Immigration whether legal or not is WINNING for keeping the people in virtual slavery. Wages can not be allowed to rise.

Y. said...

He is a libertarian - what did you expect?

It's an article of faith for them that states and borders and are barbaric practices that'd be superfluous in a libertarian world.

Aesop said...

@Anonymous 01:13
I've spent close to a decade working the area along the border.
So let's start simple:
define "children".

I've seen teenagers toting weapons there, and wearing gang tatts, who both guide groups and mule drugs because we simply turn them loose.
Eff that. Old enough to play the game, old enough to buy a bullet; the same rules you'd use if they were crawling in your children's window at 3AM. Google child soldiers anywhere in the world and tell me what your cut-off is for self-preservation.
{I had a veteran gunnery sergeant who observed matter-of-factly that if he observed a baby in the trail, he'd drop a grenade on the baby, noting that if the baby blew up twice as a result, then he'd know the baby was booby-trapped. That's only harsh in the Marquis of Queensbury Fantasyland people like to inhabit, but for someone trying to get himself and 30-plus men home from a tour of duty, it was the everyday realities of cruel war.}

What I have never seen is grade-school aged kids self-deploying northwards, nor toting 80# dope bundles.

Do you really imagine human waves of toddlers are hurling themselves at the border, ever, let alone now?
Can you possibly imagine the number of adults who'd do so if even attempting to cross meant denial by bullets?

So let's not get hung up on mythical hypotheticals, like some zombie army of altar boys and tots with dolls.

The dumptruckload of derp in the post which spawned my reply wasn't worth fisking down to the tiniest details, but that's one of them, and why it's yet more imaginary tearjerking hyperbole in service of the original nonsense, that unfortunately has no counterpart in reality.

So please don't get stuck on stupid.

Miles said...

I always wondered why the U.S. is the only nation I've heard of that automatically confers "citizenship" merely for being born within the borders.

Point me to the others where that is their law.

I say, if you're born here to citizens or legal immigrant parents who have declared the intent to become citizens, OK.

To others, even lawful, green card carrying guest workers? NO.

Unfortunately, TPTB are so hungry for cheap labor and political power they're happily willing to cut their own throats, and ours, to get it.

Andrew said...

I'm mostly Libertarian.
However, like Karl Denninger, I don't advocate unrestricted immigration.

We have a Welfare State. Let everyone in and suddenly, the system goes broke. Sorry, its already "broke", it just gets "broken" much faster. With the state its in now, that could be tomorrow without suddenly "legalizing" the who knows how many people who are here illegally.

With no welfare state, unrestricted immigration is somewhat plausible (not a good idea, but somewhat plausible) as people must sink or swim on their food stamps, welfare, Social Security for the "disabled", no "W"-(Bama)Phones, no rent assistance, WIC, or any of the other eleventy "assistance" programs the few who are still employed pay for these days. But we have an unemployment rate of...lots. Do we really need another 5 million in the workforce? Assuming its only 5 million...there could be 10, 20...who counts them in most places anyways?

I also am in favor of property ownership for voting, no property taxes, and nobody getting a check from any level of government for more than 8 years of their entire lifespan, cumulatively.

While I'm dreaming, I'd like the local college women's track team to swing by and show me a good time for a long weekend or a week, a helicopter, and the next half Billion Dollar Powerball prize.

tweell said...

This is what I commented, we'll see if it makes it past his moderation.

Nice words, from a guy living a long way away from that southern border. I moved a widow away from her house in Benson, Arizona after she was repeatedly robbed and abused by those illegal immigrants you espouse. Her dog was clubbed to death, her chickens stolen, her house broken into, and she was held at knifepoint (the last straw). Now she lives in a condo, all she could afford after selling her house at a loss.

How would you feel about your dogs being killed, your chickens stolen and your family terrorized, Marko? Would you shoot someone who is 'simply trying to get to a better life for themselves and their family'?

Say, you just got a new van. How would you like it stolen, and find that the van was driven to Mexico, no chance of recovery? Or get hit by an illegal and watch them walk away - No ID, no insurance, No Habla Engles? Police shrug their shoulders, nothing they can do. I got to pay to fix my truck and the insurance increased as well.

In Arizona, a fifth of the people in prison are illegals. We could shut down two prisons if the border was controlled. Can you send some tax money over here, Marko?

As a teenager, I made spending money cutting lawns and such. A group of Mexicans decided that they wanted the business and beat the crap out of me after I didn't back down. As a large kid, I could take any one of them, but they had four. I came back with my dad, and we dealt with them (Dad was once a Golden Gloves and the 5th fleet heavyweight boxing champion, I watched his back and he did the rest). I was the last teen holdout, and when I went off to the Navy those guys moved back in. Now it's almost impossible for a teenager to get into the lawncare business, those guys are protecting 'their' turf with knives and guns. For that matter, you need Spanish to order fast food here at the local Burger King. Unemployment sucks, why are we importing more of it?

I would end with a quote by Robert Frost: Good fences make good neighbors.

Anonymous said...

People moan about the loss of good middle class jobs. Well, those jobs were primarily ones where you could learn on the job, didn't need a lot of school, and did physical labor.

Guess who has those jobs now? If you doubt it, drive by ANY construction site anywhere outside of New England. Go to the local assembly plant and sit outside the gate. Go to any restaurant, farm, or food processing facility.

Want to talk about poor education in our schools? I live in a city with pretty standard US demographics- 40% white, 40% hispanic, 10% black, 10% asian and mix. My SCHOOLS are 97% non- white, and that is almost all hispanic. The MOST white school in my district is 70% non-white, mostly hispanic in a neighborhood where the average HOME price is 1.2 million$. Of the 7 kindergarten classes at my local elementary school, SIX are some version of ESL. SIX! The vast majority of those kids live in massive apartment complexes. They pay NO property taxes. (Don't even start on the "well the apt owner pays taxes" it doesn't even come close to the tax amount from a similar number of single family homes.) Where is the 'equally represented' demographics for me?

Non-english speaking kids perform poorly in school. Kids that move frequently (as their parents change apts to chase the "first month free, all bills paid" deals) perform poorly in school. This brings down the academic quality of the school to the point where any remaining middle and upper class parents move their kids to private schools in self defense. So I get to accept a poor education for MY child, or pay TWICE- once in taxes and again in tuition. And I'm not even getting into the violence present in these predominantly non-white schools. The gang problem is unbelievable, even in what are 'nice' suburbs because of the high percentages of kids from specific neighborhoods or complexes. Add in the rivalries between their home nations, and the racial aspects and it is a fucking HELL for students that just want to learn.

And there are bigger issues as well that I don't have time for right now, but consider what it does to the character of a nation when 10-20% of the population is NOT steeped in the tradition of freedom, independence, and rule of law. When they don't even have exposure to it during the citizenship process.


Tucanae Services said...

Back when gas prices were marching to the $3.00 mark several years ago I suggested that we kick the illegals out and see the prices drop. I ran the math at the time and the consumption rate of the illegals came very close to the equivalent of a Baytown sized refinery. The response I got you would have thought I had shot Vincente Fox.

A Texan said...

6 of my 8 great grandparents, and 3 of my 4 grandparents, along with lots of aunts, uncles, cousins - and MY WIFE – weren’t born here.

So I am not anti-immigration. In fact, being Jewish of European extraction, I am literally only alive because my family came here. So I'm really pro-immigration…and current law allows for over 1 million legal immigrants per year. That is enough, IMHO.

HOWEVER, all of my family immigrated legally, and all but the oldest became citizens. They worked, paid their taxes and bills, raised kids and grandkids to love this nation AND SPEAK ENGLISH. So I‘m 100% against ILLEGAL immigration.

Do SOME of today's illegals have genuine sob stories, stories that make for a compelling exception to the general rule? Yes, undoubtedly. But that’s not an excuse for massive lawbreaking, nor the forgiveness of the same by our government, which is supposed to represent us and carry out the laws that we elected our representatives to adopt.

I keep hearing the term "prosecutorial discretion" being bandied about, as if that excuses Obola. It doesn't - some is OK, so long as it doesn't apply to entire classes of people, because at that point (which Obola reached last night) you've failed to "faithfully execute the laws" of this country.

Further, I hear that all Obola spoke of last night is permitted. Ah, NO IT ISN'T!!! Obola specifically stated that the illegals he won’t deport will be able to get work permits. However, current U.S. law PROHIBITS anyone here illegally from getting a work permit, no matter what. Obala thus created law out of whole cloth - and, in the process, broke current U.S. law.

This is intolerable. It is, IMHO, an impeachable offense, but I don't believe that to be the best remedy. Defunding the CIS/INS may not work, as it is largely funded by fees (though it must have a budget that has to be approved, and its revenue surely accrues to the federal treasury rather than its own accounts - so that option is on the table).

What to do, what to do...I don't know, how about the Republicans get together an ad campaign with testimony from blacks and Hispanics that are here legally (whether by birth or legal immigration), and let them tell how letting these illegals compete with them drives down their wages? How about let the parents of kids dying from Turd World diseases (due to the mass illegal immigration of every swinging dick who wants a welfare check and free cheese) talk about the effect of this on their family? How about letting someone stuck overseas right now, who's applied for entry and is WAITING, PATIENTLY AND LEGALLY, for a real visa, talk about how they feel about this miscarriage of justice and morality?

How about encouraging EVERY REPUBLICAN-CONTROLLED STATE to pass strict voter ID laws AND clean out their voter rolls EVERY YEAR of both the dead and non-citizens (and jail those violating the law along with revoking their ability to ever vote)?

Oh, sue the bastard. As mentioned, he clearly violated US law - and an Executive Order does not create or destroy law, it only interprets it for Executive Branch employees. Let the Supremes toss it out - and don't forget the TRO to prevent the EO from being implemented before it passes review.

Let’s discuss broader, for instance, why the 1965 immigration act was passed (which provided for 80% of immigrants to come from non-European nations) and, at nearly the same time, the abortion industry got started. So you have a massive influx of pro-Democrat voters, and simultaneously you have the native population being "trimmed back" by abortion (by about 1 MM/year). How's that for a massive Leftist effort to remake America in its image...and screw the people who live here, pay the taxes, do the work, etc., or their fetuses? This isn’t tinfoil hat stuff - think about what this country's politics would look like if that law wasn’t passed and abortion was limited to 1/10 or less of what it’s been since 1973.

Anonymous said...

Nobody desires to kill children, lackwit. Let's do an "Obampromise" - a compromise in the manner of our fearful leader... we will just have the chillllllllldren stay with you! By the way, I'm hiring, for that second job you'll need. I have a 10 stall barn you can start in, at 0500 every day. Please read the Luther quote above, again... and again. Grandpa is so done with the destroyers like you. Do not pass go and collect your EBT on your way to fuck yourself, because you will NOT fuck me and mine any longer with your smarmy bullshit. If all you got out of that was killing children, please stop self deluding yourself into the belief that ANY ONE gives a FUCK what you have to say...

Anonymous said...

Anyone recognize this?
"Under Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) any US citizen that knowingly assists an illegal alien, provides them with employment, food, water or shelter has committed a felony. City, county or State officials that declare their jurisdictions to be "Open Cities, Counties or States are subject to arrest; as are law enforcement agencies who chose not to enforce this law.
"Police officers who ignore officials who violate Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) are committing a Section 274 federal felony. Furthermore, according to Federal Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952, if you live in a city, county or State that refuses to enforce the law for whatever reason, the officials making those rules are financially liable for any crime committed within their jurisdiction by an illegal alien."
Yeah, I know....
Grandpa is curious, as to whether or not anyone in this goatfuck that used to be a Constitutional Republic, is actually 1) aware of the fucking law, and 2) armed and pissed off enough to start standing up? I guaranfuckingtee our founding fathers would be shooting by now. I'm calling you out, I guess. This act of treason AGAIN from your president should have your panties in such a wad that your pussy hurts. Stop posting on the intardweb and go buy rope and ammo or shut the fuck up.