Friday, November 28, 2014

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

(WaPo) EBOLAVILLE - The doctor who treated Martin Salia, the Sierra Leonean physician who died of Ebola last week after being transported to Omaha, has contracted the disease himself.
Komba Songu M’Briwa cared for Salia, his colleague and former professor, at Freetown’s Hastings Ebola Treatment Center before Salia, whose family lives in New Carrollton, was transported to the United States.
After Salia’s initial Ebola test came back negative, M’Briwa said employees “were celebrating” by embracing him. Salia’s subsequent test came back positive, meaning they had been unknowingly exposed to the virus.
It’s not certain that was how M’Briwa contracted Ebola.
M’Briwa is the ninth Sierra Leonean doctor to be diagnosed with the disease. He was a top physician at Hastings, one of the country’s largest Ebola treatment centers, with 120 beds.
In an interview with the Post earlier this month, he expressed frustration at Salia’s first negative test, which he said might have endangered his colleagues, who then assumed it was safe to touch him.
“If the test says you are Ebola-free, we assume you are Ebola-free,” he said.
In many cases, a negative test at that stage means nothing because “there aren’t enough copies of the virus in the blood for the test to pick up,” said Ermias Belay, the head of the CDC’s Ebola response team in Sierra Leone.
This is what happens when you ASSUME.
I'ma go out on a limb, and opine that he contracted Ebola from the infected doctor. Call me reckless.

Speaking of reckless, Nurse Crybaby Strippername, call your office immediately!

This is why your initial "negative" tests meant two things to people who didn't sleep through their nursing schools: Jack, and Shit. It's also why your lying ignorant ass should have been thrown right back into an unheated Ebola quarantine tent, and held there at gunpoint behind barbed wire for the full 21 days, you selfish jackass.

Please, kill yourself - really, I mean this, go actually do it - before you do any more harm to either the profession you allegedly practice, or the community you disserve and endanger, both here, where we pay you, and over there, where your selfish ignorance and personal example, or both, may have directly led to people dying.
If that's too much to ask of such a flaming narcissist sociopath, burn your license, quit the profession, and go back to whatever you did before someone clearly incompetent to evaluate you foolishly told you that you could do nursing.

In a just universe, they'd be tying you to a stake and piling up bundles of straw at your feet already, preparatory to a good incineration, not only for your own crimes, but pour encourager les autres.


Ex-Dissident said...

I have no objections to dumb-asses dying from infections. My main problem is that I am forced to work and live in such close proximity to these idiots, that their recklessness endangers my life. If only there was a way for them to play jackass without involving me.

Jennifer said...

Any news on where NurseCrybaby and boytoy went, or of her roommate in Africa who supposedly *had* ebola?

Also, just an update, hosp has forbidden us to discuss any 'media' reports of ebola; we're only allowed to discuss the official CDC policies posted on bulletin board. Also, any dissent over the crappy paper gowns and guaranteed-to-give-you-ebola precautions will result in disciplinary action and/or termination.

And, regarding an earlier post of yours regarding preparedness, there was a photo of a bunch of knapsacks around the perimeter of a room with the contents of each arrayed out in front of them. I can't for the life of me figure out what the cobalt blue discs are. Any hints?

Aesop said...

The hospital has now decided they have the right to censor what you TALK about?!? Presumably including during your meal breaks?

I wish them a lot of luck enforcing that.
This is why neither of my blogs are known at work, nor identifiable to me directly. What a draconian bunch of f**ktards nannies.

If they pulled that on me, I'd light them up on the Internet for days on end, just for the sport.

Re: Nurse Crybaby - IIRC, her current paid CDC fellowship was out of Vegas or Denver. And friend-boy will have to find some college of nursing that didn't get cable. I suspect he's going to be waiting awhile to get into an (impacted) nursing school program anywhere in the lower 48 anytime soon.

Maybe he'll decide he'd make a better vet tech or something, and eff off. There are already enough knuckleheads at work without adding him.

Any roommate news has disappeared into the US media's Cone Of Silence on Ebola.

And the pic was from this post:
The "blue discs" are a cobalt blue splatterware enamel bowl and coffee cup in front of each B.O.B. daypack.

Jennifer said...

Not a nursing blog, but Oh yeah. They even memo'd us not to discuss work at the bar the morning after or face termination. They actually fired people for posting on facebook that they'd had a bad night. Gotta control the brand. And no, we don't get meal or potty breaks. Just twelve hours of frenetic activity and hoping you don't get reprimanded for something stupid. Get rid of a nurse? No problem, there's plenty more where that came from. Boat rockers are quickly weeded out for 'not being team players.' I'm just trying to survive.
Are all the extra backpacks for your kids, or do you keep extras? I only keep one (with me), and a bunch of extra stuff in my car.

Tucanae Services said...

Well there is one safe assumption to follow -- deem infectious till time and testing proves otherwise. 40 days.

Anonymous said...

The outbreak has got this far because of the failure to take the appropriate actions by world leaders. In my opinion it goes way beyond incompetence. The US government has been studying ebola since it first appeared. The first casualty of war is the truth. The actions of the US government are way outside of what would be considered ethical. The clues we have point to massive involvement by the US government from the very beginning. All we are left with is a clusterF of disinformation. We have the right to be very very pissed off. I except ebola to take one of the worst case scenarios because that is way it was planned. Ebola will likely evolve to spread easier and all of Africa is going down.

Hilbillygirl, I learned long ago to never voice any opinions on the internet under my real name. My short appearance on facebook was a mistake even though I never really posted hardly anything.

Rob Crawford said...

Anon, there's no evidence the US has ever spread Ebola in Africa; that's just coming from Third Worlders "too sophisticated" to blame witchcraft.

Things do happen in the world without deep conspiracies behind them, and the African governments are incompetent enough to have failed on their own.

geoffb said...

The new improved WHO reports, now with extra added deaths.

Anonymous said...

Rob, despite "without deep conspiracies" - Grandpa wants to remind you that there is precious little integrity in our leadership. And there hasn't been for a long, long time. After having fought for two tours in southeast Asia in a couple of countries we "weren't in"... let's just say that is don't put anything past them. And I sure as hell don't trust them. At all. As an aside I can give you a sure fire way to know when "they" are lying...
their lips are moving....