Sunday, November 2, 2014

Thought For The Day

We can pin our hopes on one of three things:
a vaccine,
development of a means of providing care that dramatically reduces the mortality AND COST of Ebola patients, or
the discovery that there really is a Diagon Alley, wherein we can purchase real magic wand[s].
I'm still thinking the latter is most likely. - Grouch MD, from Comments

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GamegetterII said...

I'm not pinning my hopes on any of the above-while I hope a vaccine can be developed and produced soon-everything I've read says it's too little-too late because it's simply not possible to produce enough doses fast enough.

I'm pinning my hopes on having enough food,water,medical supplies,ammo,batteries,firewood,
fuel for my small generator to use to keep freezer running long enough each day for the food to remain frozen until it's used up,and recharge batteries for flashlights and cordless tools,and run any power tools I would need to repair whatever needed repaired.

Once it hits one of the big cities in the U.S. and someone in the hood gets Ebola,and due to the large number of "sketchy" residents,it spreads like soft butter on corn on the cob.

Thanks again for being the voice of reason and sanity during Ebolamania-to both doc Grouch and Aesop.