Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mali Ebola Free - For The Moment

Nov 29 (Reuters) - Mali has no more confirmed cases of Ebola after the last patient known to be suffering from the virus was cured, President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita said on Saturday.Mali has registered eight cases of Ebola - seven of them confirmed and one probable - after the virus spread from neighbouring Guinea, the World Health Organization (WHO) said this week.
Six of these people infected have died, the WHO said. A further 285 people who came into contact with them are being monitored but have shown no sign of the disease.
"At this moment, there are no cases of infection (in Mali)," Keita told a summit of francophone nations in Senegal.
"The suspected case turned out to be negative and the day before yesterday we had the good news of the first cured case of Ebola so I can now say zero cases in Mali," he said.

...except for those 285 people still under surveillance for the next week or two.

And the next infected carrier from across the border who plops a case there.

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Ex-Dissident said...

The only reason anyone found out about these cases was because a nurse and a doctor died. Mali lost 2 people that are in very short supply in that shit-pile of a country. No one knows about someone who dies in a 3 wall shack within Mali, or what that person died from. I bet there is a low level infection starting to develop in Mali, Ivory Coast and other nearby shit-holes, and that we will only find out about them once the outbreak reaches a level seen in the 3 countries currently best known for Ebola. The local guberment in Liberia also tried to claim than Ebola was coming under control within their shitty jungle, but they couldn't sell the lie because it was so obvious.