Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ebola Strike Force On Alert

It looks like all that happygas about Ebola being over in Mali was just the media idiots stepping on their tackle again:
BAMAKO Mali (NYTimes) Mali, which was just coming to the end of 21-day quarantines for 108 people linked to its first Ebola case, now has a second, the government announced Tuesday. The new case, in the capital, Bamako, was not linked to the first case, a 2-year-old girl from Guinea who died in the northwestern town of Kayes on Oct. 24, a spokeswoman for the World Health Organization said. The W.H.O. and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have known for at least 24 hours that a new cluster of possible Ebola cases existed in Mali, but did not announce it because they were waiting for laboratory confirmation of at least one case. Information Minister Mahamadou Camara said Tuesday evening on Twitter that a case had been confirmed and that a clinic in Bamako had been quarantined.
The quarantine on the first cases still had 5 more days, when up crops an entirely unrelated cluster, starting with this first confirmed case. And without a known Index Patient, health officials there will have to scramble to try and figure out who snuck the latest dose of disease into Mali's wide-open borders with two different Ebola-inflicted countries (both Guinea and Liberia share extensive borders with Mali.


Bezzle said...

They're not going to be so lucky this time: http://in.reuters.com/article/2014/11/12/health-ebola-mali-idINL6N0T15CN20141112

"...Mali's new Ebola case was a nurse who had been in contact with a man who arrived from Guinea and died in late October at the now locked down Pasteur Clinic.

One medical officer, who asked not to be identified, said the nurse who had Ebola died on Tuesday evening while another doctor was ill and had been quarantined. A government spokesman was not available to comment on the nurse's reported death.

A Reuters reporter said that by nightfall police had deployed heavily in the area around the clinic, which is in the ACI 2000 neighbourhood and is considered among the city's best.

...Officials said the man believed to have brought the second case of Ebola to Mali was an imam from Guinea. He was not tested for Ebola while he was ill in Mali and his body was returned to Guinea without necessary precautions for the disease being taken, raising the prospect of further infections that will now have to be traced."

-- So, the straight skinny here is that some Muslim bigshot's body was spreading the stuff like mushroom spores as it was carted hither and yon, and nobody's known about it for a solid two weeks.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Mali having a little civil war? The northern part was revolting after they got a bunch of arms and armed fanatics from Libya. France sent a few troops to stabilize it (on USAF Transport Planes).

GamegetterII said...

Where's the Ebola czar been?
Haven't heard a damn thing from Flounder since he was appointed to impart the desired spin to any Ebola info released by .gov inc.'s MSM stooges.

Ex-Dissident said...

WHO posted a decent report on this latest case in Mali. The traveler is labelled a grand imam, who was driven near death to a clinic in Mali. It seems that others in the car have died and some of his relatives, too. After his death, he was sent back to Guinea for ritual bathing prior to burial. Of course, prior to yesterday, none of those deaths were counted as Ebola related. This perfectly illustrates that reports of cases and deaths are way UNDER-REPORTED.