Friday, November 7, 2014

Ebola Odds and Ends

Israel has apparently opted for quiet common sense, and just said no to Ebolaville:

Israel secretly bans citizens of Ebola-stricken West Africa from visiting country

In extremely irregular move, Foreign Ministry sends classified telegram instructing Israeli missions not to issue visas for citizens of Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea; missions warned to keep instructions secret.
Pity that President Obola isn't as bright as Bibi.

And now the first military false alarm let them practice all the procedures:
CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A pilot with the 437th Airlift Wing who flew a mission to West Africa on Oct. 23 and began experiencing "flu-like symptoms" this week has been downgraded from being "low risk" to "no risk," according to MUSC. "In consultation with DHEC, CDC and the Department of Defense, it has been confirmed the patient had no contact with anyone in Liberia, and based on this information, he has been determined to have no risk for Ebola. The patient will be removed from Ebola precautions, and no quarantine will be required," MUSC spokesman Tony Ciuffo said.

The serviceman, who lives off-base, began experiencing the symptoms on Wednesday, and was transported to MUSC Friday morning after Joint Base Charleston coordinated with the state's Department of Health and Environmental Control to exercise "the appropriate protocols and an abundance of caution," according to Staff Sgt. Anthony Hyatt.

The patient recently returned from a three hour stay in Liberia during which time he did not leave the plane, according to Mark Plowden, Communications Director for DHEC. The hospital activated their Ebola protocols after it was contacted Thursday night by DHEC.

"Late yesterday evening, we got a patient who required an Ebola medical screening," MUSC spokesperson Heather Woolwine said.

MUSC brought the patient to the hospital using what they call an "isolation pod" to keep the risk of spreading any possible infection between the patient and attending medical staff to a minimum.
Note that what the military did not do was immediately begin issuing a bunch of carefully parsed statements trying to convince anyone this could not possibly be Ebola, and that the USAF officer involved did not wet his pants, scrape poo out of his diaper, begin flinging it about the area, and call his congressman over all these outrageous violations of his civil rights, unlike certain jackassical alleged nursing professionals who are employed by the CDC.

There may be a lesson or twelve there.

Not all government employees are unredeemed jackholes, and surprising no one, that would the ones who draw their paychecks from the military active duty budget.

And lastly, 40 days (funny how that number keeps cropping up with regard to contagious outbreaks) after Thomas Duncan was admitted with the first domestic Ebola case, the TX Department of State health Services has tweeted:
It's official. This evening's final monitoring check is done. No symptoms. We are happy to close this Ebola chapter with Dallas tonight.

According to Doc Grouch, the current patient census for THP-Dallas, a 968-bed hospital, is running in the single digits, which is to say they're going to financially crash and burn long before they have a chance to be sued out of existence. So thank heavens one unemployed Liberian box-tosser will only cost Dallas a multi-million dollar medical center. But it's a good thing he was able to get $500K worth of free medical care, courtesy of the fine taxpayers of the state of TX, after contributing the sort of thing to the American experience that in sane countries would result in air strikes.

This is from one patient.
So tell me again how this Ebola thing is "no big deal", or just some sort of tinfoil-propeller hat ruse.


Anonymous said...

Guinea: "...the number of unreported cases is likely to be 10 times higher than the number recorded by the WHO."

KC said...

I understand your reaction to Obama, but seriously do you think the president runs the country. Powers behind the curtain run the country and they are neither democrat or republican, left or right. They play us for fools by letting the left bash Bush and the right bash Obama. That keeps us all busy and ignorant while they run the world. Presidents are for show, have been ever since the CIA took out Kennedy. Every president knows he can be eliminated. So play golf, or cut brush in TX, do what you are told, enjoy the perks....

Coolie said...

This is a test.....This is only a test....

A Texan said...

"Pity that President Obola isn't as bright as Bibi."

Pity that Obola isn't as bright as a box of rocks. The guy is so arrogantly certain that he is smarter than everyone else in the world that he doesn't even consider that there are things that he doesn't know that he doesn't know, or that some FACTS may not comport with the fantasy world that he has constructed in his drug-addled mind.

God save us from his idiocy during the remainder of this outbreak...if it ends, no thanks to his continued insist as n center on bringing in West Africans.

Aesop said...

Elect in haste, repent at leisure.

Anonymous said...

Why is there a sudden dearth of news. I was talking to a white hat hacker awhile back, and he was telling me how the alphabet agencies pulled out all the stops to remove the Iraq terrorist videos. He was a little surprised to see it working in real time and they had a capability greater than what he knew before.

Could the same be happening here?

Aesop said...

Over the last couple of days, apparently Liberia and Sierra Leone have quietly put back all the previously erased death cases.

On the US side, things here are tapering off until we get Duncan v2.0 to import a fresh outbreak; the media, not being actually in Liberia, Guinea, or Sierra Leone, because it's full of icky sick black people, has lost the sense of novelty of reporting "Another 100 Africans Infected With Ebola Today", as they could have done every day for the last few weeks or months.

I suspect we'll get some more flare-ups, and it'll become "news" again.

Otherwise, my main fascination is seeing whether it vaults the containment of those borders before one or more governments there completely fail, or the other way around. The distant chance that they get the contagion under control is a slimmer chance, but we live in hope.

A Texan said...

FYI, new Ebola hotspot in Liberia:

Anonymous said...

From the UK Daily Mail

'Every one of these children is a ticking Ebola timebomb': Brutal truth of epidemic in Liberian slum where footballer George Weah grew up as number of orphans 'hits 12,000'

Epidemic can't be controlled in 80pc of Liberia despite claims it has peaked

Children who lived in 'Ebola house' run free in slum without monitoring

Manager of Ebola response admits sufferers are disappearing without trace

He claims number of orphans is three times current estimate of 3,600

Read more:


Southern AZ said...

Key line is "Pity that President Obola isn't as bright as Bibi"

This sentiment could be applied to border security, any aspect of the mid-east, relations with the Arab world, ebola, or insert your favorite issue.

Any wonder why fearless leader has such disdain for the Man? I'd trade our pres and 2 future draft choices for one Bibi any time, preferably sooner than later. Call me crazy, but I prefer a C in C with a spine.